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Fake News is Selling by the Pound in Spokane

Let the truth stand on it’s own, and let the chips fall where they may.

Fake News is Selling by the Pound in Spokane

Fake News is Selling by the Pound in Spokane

by Shari Dovale

Fake News is still fueling the liberal main stream media in Washington State, this week hitting Spokane,

We have seen a rash of articles recently that are – oh so obviously – designed as a coordinated attack on Rep. Matt Shea. The liberal hatemongers are out in force and they are spewing.

The Inlander published an article that was based on a fallacy. I would like to think that the author was duped by Jay Pounder, and did not go along with this willingly, but I will leave it for him to clarify.

The facts are these:

The “source” that they refer to is Jay Pounder, also known as “Fox 519”. Pounder has already been named in multiple other articles and posts, and he is in no danger. Quite the opposite, actually, as he made very violent statements in the discussion, and could be considered to be dangerous himself.

The conversation should clearly be labeled as “Pounder’s Secret Group”, as he initiated it and brought the others into the discussion, not “Shea’s” as the Inlander stated.

The contact information for Kieran Suckling, of the Center for Biological Diversity, was shared by Jay Pounder, not by Anthony Bosworth as the Inlander stated.

The violent rhetoric was initiated by Jay Pounder.

Pounder showed signs of being irrational, including statements like, “Sometimes I feel like I am going to just explode and do something really stupid.”

Jay Pounder also attempted to escalate violence from these men, including saying that he was not happy at the lack of violence by Shea, “I feel the boss is way to [sic] weak and we should take a page or 10 from the IRA handbook.”

Pounder continued suggesting more violence, including, “I just want to strike the match.”

Though the liberal agenda would have you believe that all of the violence should be laid at the feet of Shea and his friends, it JUST ISN’T TRUE.

It does not matter whether you like someone or not. It does not matter if you disagree with them politically. If they have done something wrong, then by all means, hold them accountable. But, if you are in the right, then you do not need to make it up, lie, embellish or twist the facts. Let the truth stand on it’s own, and let the chips fall where they may.

I have seen the texts in question. If the authors of these articles actually saw the UN-redacted texts as they suggest, then they would have seen the same thing. I can only think of two possibilities: They have either been hoodwinked by Jay Pounder, or they are perpetrating a fraud on their readers and cannot be trusted to write for any site beyond The Onion. If I come up with any other options, I will update this article accordingly.

Jay Pounder has used these willing, radical, left-wing extremists to further his own personal grudges against Matt Shea and his friends. How many more of these obviously false “Hit Pieces” and Fake News Narratives will we have to endure before we can get back to the business of informing the public of what really matters in the region?


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  1. As I know several that are close to Matt and one of the others in the conversation, the word came out that it was Pounder’s mental state that worried the others and they separated from him. Also, it is or was speculated he is a CI for the Sheriff.

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