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*UPDATED* Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue

Pounder has proven himself to be the provocateur in every case he has highlighted.

Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue
Jay Pounder aka Fox519 (Photo: Facebook)

Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue

Updated – 8/31/19: Shortly after this article was published, the townhall event that was posted was changed in it’s details, including the date. It was also posted that only ticketed guests will be admitted. Redoubt News attempted to get tickets to the event, and we were denied. The event poster shows no official sponsor.

Updated – 8/31/19: Within 30 minutes of the update posting, Redoubt News was able to obtain tickets.


by Shari Dovale

By their fruits you will know them. ~Matthew 7:16

Spokane Christian conservatives have dealt for months with the biased media attacks against them, guided by Jay Pounder. The baseless attacks have escalated, as well as the obvious attempts to cause serious division within the community.

What must be disappointing to Pounder is that the attacks do not do anything but raise questions about him, and his mental stability. The base of support for Rep. Matt Shea is obviously solid and growing, as is evidenced by the fundraiser earlier this month reaching record levels.

After the substantial downturn across the nation for trust in media, it is no wonder the local MSM has turned to “Enquirer”-like reporting, attempting to grasp at anything that might give them a boost in views, and therefore revenue.

Pounder has proven himself to be the provocateur in every case he has highlighted, to the point that it has now been questioned as to who may be rewarding him to stir up the locals with this controversy?

Could it be the local media? Could they be encouraging the rhetoric just to have a headline? It has been shown that various Spokane media outlets are connected to Socialists groups, so it is conceivable that this would fit their agenda.

How about Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, who has recently announced a new townhall meeting that he will hold with Pounder and fellow provocateur John Smith? Carefully scripted to guide the public to his own personal narrative, this townhall has undoubtedly been designed to keep Knezovich in the spotlight as he plans his rise in politics.

Maybe it could be Tanner Rowe, who helped Pounder leak what they felt was “damaging” material to the Main Stream Media, and only accomplished “outing” themselves as untrustworthy informants? Planning these attacks over the past few years has given them plenty of time to change the ‘facts’ to suit their agenda.

Is it the Antifa member masquerading as a journalist from the Guardian that continues to spew hatred for anything not Socialist/Communist? Has Pounder told the world that he traveled to meet this specific “journalist”, and stayed at his home for several days while spewing as much hate for the people in Spokane as he could muster?

Then again, could it be a branch of the Federal Government, who has their own agenda as pertains to local politics?

What Pounder would like everyone to believe is that Rep. Matt Shea, and all Conservative Christians, are violent and dangerous. However, he does not want you to know the truth of his own violence. He has repeatedly shared screenshots of these private chatroom texts, but carefully kept his own comments out of them. Such as:

Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue

These are all violent comments made by Jay Pounder, either because he is inherently vicious and cruel, or because he is attempting to provoke others into this hothead rhetoric. Which is it? These comments do lend themselves to the conclusion that Pounder could actually be the violent and dangerous individual that he is trying so desperately to deflect onto others.

What we do know, however, is that his attacks towards Christians began with his associations with Atheists and Marxists. A group calling themselves a “moral voice” through diversity even created an award to give Pounder to congratulate him on his newly found conscience.

What we also know, as his hateful tendencies began to surface, people began to disassociate themselves with him. When his seemingly crazy comments escalated, they began to shun him. This appeared to anger him. His last efforts towards gaining information were his repeated attempts on finding the origins of who supplied the “Wooten Memo” to Shea. To my knowledge, that information has never been shared.

He does, however, admit to picking and choosing his material, so it fits within his narrative:

Pounder’s latest attack could lead him to some legal quandaries. He has accused Shea of writing an outline, which is actually from the book “299 Days IX – The Restoration” by Glen Tate.

Tate first published his book in 2014. Pounder has tried to link the book’s outline to Rep. Shea, and has even stated that Shea wrote it.

Pounder seems to be trying to give credit for Tate’s work to Shea, possibly opening up legal issues relating to plagiarism. Attributing someone’s work to another person is a violation of intellectual property rights, I would think. Literary theft is certainly no small matter.

Pounder’s screen shots even show that the document was edited before it was created. This tells me that the document was created on Pounder’s computer when he saved it in 2016, and then he opened it for editing on July 26, 2019, as the “Last Opened” date is usually generated when it is opened for editing. How many times has Pounder edited this document? 

If Pounder didn’t already have credibility issues, this would solidify his lack of integrity, as anyone paying attention will see.

Whatever the ultimate goal might be, whoever is behind Pounder’s hatefulness seems to have no concern for the public in general. They appear to be wanting to start a civil war, not save anyone else from such.

Vitriol Against Spokane Christians Continue


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  1. Interesting how the libs in Seattle haven’t sent the FBI after this guy and his “kids” with Red Flag. I guess when you’re a commie you’re not a problem.

  2. Loud mouth, provoking types filled with anger are tuned out and disregarded in my mind. Absolutely no opportunity at all for such ignorance to be heard or entertained in anyway. If you would like to have an adult mutually respectful discussion about differences that would be fine.

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