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Rep. Matt Shea Holds Largest Fundraiser To Date

The supporters were from far and wide and showed a vast diversity of people.

Rep. Matt Shea Holds Largest Fundraiser To Date

Rep. Matt Shea Holds Largest Fundraiser To Date

by Shari Dovale

Hundreds of supporters gathered in Spokane this week to show their continued, and growing, support for Rep. Matt Shea. The event was not publicized and relied completely on word of mouth. The tremendous response brought this event the distinction of being the largest fundraiser that Shea has held in over 10 years of elected office.

The ongoing onslaught of attacks in the main stream media by the Socialist left has had the opposite response his opponents expected. Comments throughout the evening underscored the continued growth of Shea’s base of support. Repeat supporters were present as well as first time attendees.

When we get attacked by those who hate us, we don’t respond in kind. We pray for them and we bless them in Jesus name” –Matthew Shea 8/20/19

The Liberty State movement was affirmed during the evening. Shawn Barrett explained that there only needs a simple majority to approve the formation of the “Liberty State” and the current count in the Legislature has it at 9 votes remaining for success.

Puerto Rico has long been waiting for admittance to Statehood as a blue state, however, they have been held off as this would throw off the balance of the United States Senate. With the red state of “Liberty” to counter that lopsided effect, both states have even greater potential to gain statehood quickly. Currently, there are lawmakers in Washington DC working towards that goal.

County Commissioners are also joining the process as they discuss resolutions to present to legislators in Olympia. Residents have spoken up at numerous public meetings asking for this proposal to go to a vote.

The applause was booming throughout as Barrett presented an award to Rep. Shea for “Lighting the Spark” that began the process.

Award presented to Rep. Matt Shea by Shawn Barrett, the 51st State of Liberty.

Pastor Ken Peters talked about the formation of the “Church at Planned Parenthood” which hold monthly worship services on the grounds outside of the abortion facilities in Spokane. Hundreds of worshipers have attended each month, despite the cold weather and snow in winter.

Though less than a year old, this movement has taken hold across the country. Beginning in Spokane, there are now similar services being held throughout the country. Typically, the Socialist Left attends to protest the event. Peters responded that if they knew “That is all we needed to do to get the unsaved to go to church, we would have began this long ago.”

Photo: Erin K. 4th district constituent

The supporters were from far and wide and showed a vast diversity of people. From Pastors to elected officials, and the constituents that are not “silent” yet seemingly a majority, the event was heralded as a huge success.

I have been to a lot of fundraisers in the last 30 years, but that one was the finest. The message was deep, genuine and of Founding Fathers quality I believe that for 300+ people it was a watershed moment,” said Jim Robinson. “Those folks affirmed that they want lower taxes, less government, and more freedom and they are willing to stand with Matt just as he stands for them.”


Video was gifted to Rep. Shea as a surprise during the fundraiser.

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