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Calling to the Jurors in the Bunkerville Standoff

Should Judge Navarro set aside these verdicts?

Calling to the Jurors in the Bunkerville Standoff

Calling to the Jurors in the Bunkerville Standoff

by Shari Dovale

Ammon Bundy has called to the jurors of the Bunkerville Trial to view the hidden evidence in the case.

It has been well documented that the prosecution team, led by Steven Myhre, kept vital information from the jurors, as well as Judge Navarro.

Navarro, in December 2017, declared a mistrial in the case against Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne. She specifically cited several instances of “Brady violations” from the prosecution, evidence that was not turned over to the defense which could have benefited their case.

An example of the hidden information is the knowledge of government snipers overlooking the Bundy house during the days and weeks leading up to the Bunkerville standoff in 2014.

The indictment repeatedly makes the case that the claims of BLM snipers watching the Bundy family were all lies and fabrications, calling them “false, deceitful and deceptive”.

However, this information proved to be a fabrication by the prosecution. Navarro cited the snipers in her dismissal of the case.

Telling the members of the jury that the presence of snipers was a fabrication of the defense was deliberately misleading by the prosecution team. It was a lie. Hiding the evidence of the snipers compounded that lie.

The members of the Grand Jury used this false evidence to indict the defendants, and the Trial Jury used this same false evidence to convict Greg Burleson and Todd Engel during the first trial.

Bundy is asking the members of both the Grand Jury and the first Trial jury if their verdicts would have remained the same if they had been given all of the information.

If the jurors came forward to view the evidence for themselves, we could ask them for a definitive answer as to whether or not the convictions of these two men are, in fact, valid or not. Should Judge Navarro set aside these verdicts?

To the jurors: Will you come forward and view the evidence for yourself?


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3 Comments on Calling to the Jurors in the Bunkerville Standoff

  1. Amazing, isn’t it ? What one honest man can do ? Ammon believes in the decency, good sense and moral conscience of the American people, and his courageous stand has been a clarion call for thousands. A line from Robert Service comes to mind : ” Men with the hearts of Vikings, and the simple faith of a child”. Indeed, Ammon and his family, and those who have kept solidarity with them, have defeated and humiliated a criminal empire. After the terrible ordeal he has been through, it would be understandable if Ammon sought obscurity, time to rebuild his private life and re-unite with his family, but no. Once more we see him following moral imperative, no man left behind. To the author of the screed above : we have no drive by commenters at Redoubt News. So long as you remain anonymous, your ideas carry no weight.

    • Upholding the law is not my “idea”. Not upholding the law is exactly why the tyrants have gotten away with their treason. Whenever I have obtained a valid cause for action and obtained the evidence of their intent I have always taken the information to a grand jury to seek indictments because that is the duty of all law abiding men. If I ever end up on a grand jury then the deeper investigations with the full power of supeonas will begin and the presentments will move forward. If their is no weight in remaining anon for strategic reasons then it is your loss not mine. The law is the law and will be upheld or not by those with valid cause. Choose the weight wisely or you might just lose everything. Valid cause AND evidence is hard to come by in their legal production of plausible deniability. When you have both cause and evidence, the divine source of creation has put the choice in your lap – choose wisely.

      Happy ‘in-dependence’ everyone…

  2. I doubt the grand jury members will come forward. It is obvious that the grand jury didn’t do their duty. If the grand jury did their duty they would have found the information before issuing any indictments. In fact, if the grand jury was doing their duty they would have issued presentments and assigned non-bar members special prosecutors and special judges to bring the bar conspirators calling themselves ‘judges’, ‘us attorney’and ‘law enforcement’to trial for levying war on the United States and US law, breach of duty for using an unlawful tender in their ‘official’ capacities, conspiracy to overthrow the government for making the ‘courts’ a bar members only club, obstruction of justice for eliminating the people’s direct unobstructed access to the grand jury for remedy, jury tampering for making it where grand juries can only hear them, musprision of a felony for protecting their bar co-conspirators from ever being brought to justice for their warfare against the people, fraud and extortion for using violence and threats of violence to force us into corporate personhood, racketeering for the organized criminal violence, perjury to their oath for lying about their intent for establishing and maintaining equal justice, deprivation of rights for their criminal intent to use legal proceedings as a weapon of war to remove the people right to freedom of movement, freedom to commerce with others, freedom from harassment and freedom from colorable ‘contracts’ and colorable ‘law’, destruction of property for destroying your property. If the grand jury members didn’t conduct the proper investigations and make presentments for the bar conspirators then it is obvious they are at minimum unfit for duty. Of course that is exactly one of the greatest tactics in the bar conspirators warfarw against the United States – ensure incomptent jurors, unfit for the duty, whom only decide on issues brought by the bar conspirators are in the grand jury. If a grand jury and trial jury members were competent then the bar conspirators would have been hanging from the gallows within 30 days from the bar conspirators first day on the ‘job’.

    To the Bundy’s: now that you have all elements of a valid cause for action, evidence of the criminal conspiracy it is now YOUR DUTY to make your presentments directly to a real, sitting grand jury to remove the criminal threat from society. If you don’t seek direct, unobstructed access to the grand jury to present the facts for the proper criminal indictments then you are just as incompetent as all the grand jurors who are allowing this nightmare criminal warfare against the United States to continue. If the solution doesn’t come from the people then the solution will come from the US military with military tribunals that is being revealed by the qanon efforts. If the us military has to use martial law to throw the bar conspirators into gitmo and death camps then you can be sure divine justice will soon be rendered thereafter upon We the People for failing to uphold the law.

    If a crime has been committed against you and you have the evidence then why not call a press conference for the day you intend to access the grand jury and show the whole world whom the bar conspirators are and exactly how they have overthrown the government and removed all avenues of peaceful remedy from We the People of the United States??

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