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Prosecutor Shows Petulance Over Acquittal

Myhre obviously took this loss way too personally, as he showed his immature response throughout the hearings.

Prosecutor Shows Petulance Over Acquittal
Photo of defendants night of their release. (Facebook)

Prosecutor Shows Petulance Over Acquittal

by Staff

Four defendants in the Bunkerville Retrial were found not guilty of 34 of 40 charges Tuesday in an embarrassing smack-down for the federal government in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Steven Stewart and Rick Lovelein were released after the jury found them not guilty on every charge the government had been holding them on for the past 18 months.

Eric Parker and Scott Drexler appeared before Judge Gloria Navarro on Wednesday morning for her ruling on their current “pre-trial” release

The Acting US Attorney showed his humiliation at the symbolic spanking the jury gave to his case by having his own “Mic-Drop” moments during the detention hearings.

Prosecutor Myhre gave every appearance at trying to stir the spectators, and possibly the defendants, into making a scene in the courtroom, thereby allowing Judge Navarro a reason to continue incarceration of these two men.

First making inflammatory statements, such as calling Eric Parker “a coward”, then pausing for dramatic effect. When no one would rise to his bait, he would continue on with more hateful rhetoric.

The prosecutor even attempted to use photos taken of the defendants outside the halfway house after their release as a reason to keep them incarcerated. Trying for the argument that their “Jury Nullification T-Shirts showed a complete disregard for the court, he instead made it appear that he is so wound up over this case that he has taken to stalking these people every minute of the day.

He claims that the evidence is so overwhelming against these defendants that he is prepared to go back to trial immediately in his third attempt to find a jury that will agree with him.

The jury has acquitted Parker of 6 charges and deadlocked at 11-1 in favor of acquittal on the remaining 4 charges. This was after Judge Navarro gave every assistance to Myhre to further his prosecution and locked down the defense from presenting any case to defend their clients.

But even Judge Navarro seemed to think Myhre was stretching it when she asked him about his statements claiming Parker would just “hide again.” Navarro asked about how Parker was originally arrested.

Myhre had to roll back his misstatements and say that Parker was caught unawares and “did not have the opportunity to hide.” However, when Parker’s attorney addressed the court, he made it very clear that Parker had gone to the authorities on his own to turn himself in.

The prosecutor gave no slack to defendant Scott Drexler during his turn with Judge Navarro. AUSA Myhre stated (in another mic-drop moment) that Drexler lied on the witness stand. Judge Navarro didn’t even bite at that apple.

Navarro seemed only to have a problem with Mr. Drexler’s “Bug Out Bag” also known as a “Go Bag” or a “Get Home Bag”. She seemed highly concerned that he was fully equipped to take care of himself if he was caught in the woods or traveling on foot. Navarro even listed the items, such as “Fire-starter” and “zip ties”.

This concern only highlights the differences between people that live in the big cities (like Las Vegas) and the rural mountains of Idaho. “Get Home Bags” are a near requirement in your vehicle if you live outside the boundaries of Idaho suburbia. I, personally, am more concerned with anyone that does not have one.

Myhre obviously took this loss way too personally, as he showed his immature response throughout the hearings. With all of the pouting of the Acting US Attorney, he could not stop the release of these two men.

By his statements of his intention to retry, and the defense refusing to wave their rights to a speedy trial, Judge Navarro set a trial date for September 25th, with a status hearing for their final decision on August 31st.

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5 Comments on Prosecutor Shows Petulance Over Acquittal

  1. A third attempt? Time for AG Sessios to relieve Myhre and Navarro of their duties. Neither one of them are competent or impartial. They make a mockery of the Judicial System.

  2. Myhre is trying to advance his career and won’t let the personal liberty of these citizens or the US Constitution stand in his way.

  3. “he has taken to stalking these people”, that is really what it takes on the form of…like a rabid predatory wolf. And now they are going for a third trial?

    Calling Parker a coward should result in a defamation lawsuit since it was officially logged in the court records…or a sanction/reprimand by Myhre’s superiors.

    • One point of observation, to keep things in perspective, and bless the hearts of everyone on the outside and Redoubt News for keeping this front and center, and not to lessen the travesty of over a year of Pre-Trial Detention….but it looks like those four guys were tortured with many many trips to the chow hall and commissary.

      “My brother Samuel took me into another room to divest me of my filthy garments, wash and dress me. He having taken off my clothes and seen my bones projecting here and there, he was so astonished that his strength left him. He sat down on the point of fainting, and could render me no further service. I was able to wash myself and put on my clothes. Having indulged my friends with a little conversation, I must retire to bed, and I believe I did not set up again an hour at a time for twenty days.” – “Andrew Sherburn – A Pensioner of the Navy of the Revolution”

      That passage from Sherburn’s memoirs after he was released from the Prison Ship “New Jersey” after the Revolutionary War is just a small sample of what Sherburn wrote. Now, before you call me a hater…let me make a point using Alexis De Tocqueville’s “Democracy In America”:

      “In the Middle Ages, when it was very difficult to overtake offenders, the judges inflicted the most dreadful tortures on the few who were arrested, which by no means diminished the number of crimes. It has since been discovered that when justice is more certain and more mild, it is at the same time more efficacious. The English and the Americans hold that tyranny and oppression are to be treated like any other crime, by lessening the penalty and facilitating conviction.” – Chapter VI: Judicial Power In The United States (Chapter Summary )

      Penal Philosophy has long known that if the conditions of imprisonment are mild (e.g. No Real Torture) the people being detained/imprisoned they will not resist as hard and facilitate their own apprehension/conviction.

      It is a self-evident fact that specifically because the US Justice system DOES NOT torture that there is not more resistance to arrest…and thus more people are arrested and incarcerated than in any other country in the world.

  4. Ha! Myhre did not exactly rest on his laurels at hearing’s end! He swept out of the courtroom like a woman scorned and made a beeline for the elevator. “There is no joy in mudville..mighty Casey has struck out”! Name calling by a fed prosecutor? We are soooo sick of these high paid pettifoggers..

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