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Yes, You Can Defend The First Amendment

Myhre's 'overwhelming' evidence is just what we need for acquittals.

Yes, You Can Defend The First Amendment
Scott Drexler

Yes, You Can Defend The First Amendment

by Shari Dovale

Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre has been hit by the proverbial slap in the face and has begun to take everything surrounding the Bunkerville trials very personally.

You would think that this man could rise above the nastiness and keep his remarks professional, however, he proved himself to be a bit irrational when he made childish accusations towards the Bunkerville Retrial defendants last week.

The surprising verdicts announced last week, allowing the release of four men from custody in Nevada, have shined the light on Myhre’s lack of evidence against the entire group of political prisoners.

After two juries failed to hand him the desired guilty verdicts, Myhre had what can only be considered a tantrum in the courtroom when he called Eric Parker “a coward” for having a weapon on the overpass.

The most recent jury acquitted the four defendants of 34 charges, leaving only 6 charges in a deadlock. There were no guilty verdicts in this trial.

He nearly stomped his foot when he practically demanded Judge Gloria Navarro continue to hold Parker and fellow defendant Scott Drexler in custody. And why not? Navarro has been on-board with the government’s agenda from the beginning.

But, Judge Navarro didn’t take the bait this time. She ordered the immediate release of Steven Stewart and Ricky Lovelein, and authorized pretrial release to Idaho for Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler. But, she has not allowed any of the other defendants to be released pending trial. This includes Pete Santilli, whose motion for release was denied in record time.

AUSA Myhre has stated that the government has “overwhelming” evidence against these two men and he intends to retry them a third time. I think that AUSA Myhre’s ‘overwhelming’ evidence is just what the defense needs for more acquittals.

Myhre is so desperate to get these convictions that he offered a plea deal to Scott Drexler just before the last trial began. Drexler, through his attorney Todd Leventhal, declined to even discuss terms.

I am sure that Acting US Attorney Myhre will not stop there. He is bound to offer more plea deals to anyone and everyone, like throwing stuff against a wall hoping it will stick. This time, however, it just keeps sliding out of his reach.

The defendants, however, are pleased with the verdicts. In talking to Eric Parker the night he was released, all he could say was. “Yes, you can defend the First Amendment!”

Cliven Bundy walks by a first amendment area set up by the Bureau of Land Management near Bunkerville, Nev.

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5 Comments on Yes, You Can Defend The First Amendment

  1. You are exactly right, Loren. The judge is supposed to be “the blind eye of justice”, yet the judge and prosecution are in collusion with each other. There is no effort to find the truth.

  2. Thank you Loren. As Ammon has said, sunlight is the best antiseptic, and your many erudite comments have certainly shown a blazing light on these Miscreants. As I see it, the big difference between we “Bundinistas” and the general run of defendants seen in federal trials is our direct challenge to Federal Authority. We are a most powerful threat to these Govt racketeers. For 110% federal supremacists like Navarro and Myhre, any idea of impartiality is cast aside in protecting the “Government interest”. They will close ranks and give preferential treatment to each other. Finders of Fact? The fact of the matter is that fraud, misconstruction and abuse are now standard operating procedure for the Fed. Navarro and Co. ( I refer to Navarro/Myhre as a team)are scrambling to hide, rather than find, this glaring fact. Due to a courageous stand on principle by the Bundy’s, the Feds are now trapped like the rats they are. They may seek escape by offering plea deals to some token charge.

    • I call them The Federal Party…everyone on the Federal paycheck/pension has more allegiance to that that being a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent. They are members of The Federal Party.

      More ominously, the Communists (e.g. Lenin) writes of a Class Dictatorship…well those entrenched and bestowed with Federal power are a “Class” alright and they, even if it is statistically like the forks of a lightening bolt, can wreck dictatorial death and destruction on innocence.

  3. What people don’t realize and may not be conscious of, is that the government prosecutors are supposed to be neutral, unbiased and impartial finders of fact. They are supposed to discover the truth and go whereever it takes them. Quoting from Klayman in his recent motion against the extreme misconduct of Myhre: “as set forth in the DOJ’s ethics handbook, and codified by statute, DOJ attorneys
    must “act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or
    5 and “…shall not engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or disgraceful
    conduct, or other conduct prejudicial to the government.”

  4. If Myhre has such overwhelming evidence, why didn’t he show it? At any rate, the jury was underwhelmed by his fulminations. Rather than acting like a responsible official Myhre performance at the PTR hearing was more like that of a jackal denied his prey. The hearing was, after all, just a formality – Eric and Scott had already been released the night before – But Myhre was feeling a big dent in his conviction rate, and couldn’t check himself from acting out. He’s one mean spirited SOB.

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