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The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

AUSA Myhre and Judge Navarro are so concerned about jury nullification that they continue to work themselves into a frenzy.

The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

by Shari Dovale

Late night filings by the Bunkerville Prosecution team has shown there will be a repeat performance of an Unconstitutional trial taking place beginning October 10th in Las Vegas.

As in the previous two trials, of which the jury acquitted the defendants of the majority of charges, the prosecution has filed a last minute 26-page motion to exclude any type of defense these men might attempt.

The prosecution has motioned to force the defense, from the beginning of jury selection, into opening/closing arguments, and including all direct and cross examination of witnesses, to NOT bring up anything they deem to not have any foundation in the law, including Self defense.

The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

Judge Gloria Navarro has previously stated in court that there is no time when the average citizen is allowed to defend themselves against any Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). She has even stated that the legal carrying of a holstered sidearm in an open-carry state, such as Nevada, is considered assault on any LEO that happens to see it.

This is obviously a political ploy for this activist judge. No one has achieved the desired gun control, so Navarro has declared it in open court.

Additionally, they are demanding that no one mention the US Constitution, as they believe no citizen is qualified to understand it. This includes the jury members.

The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

If this were true, then how is it legal for the NFL to protest during their games, as they cannot possible understand the First Amendment? How is it legal for AntiFa or Black Lives Matter to protest a Donald Trump event, as they are not legally authorized to interpret the Constitution? Why do we have a legal holiday celebrating the work of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. if the citizens cannot possibly understand the legal doctrine?

Because this court is using the US Constitution as a weapon, and they are setting legal precedent to use it against the citizens in the future. Is the ultimate goal to destroy and rid this country of the documents that gave us Freedom? If allowed to continue, this court will succeed where no one has before.

If the prosecution thought that the BLM was correct in everything they did on April 12, 2014, then why are they so afraid to tell the jury the facts? If they can claim the BLM acted properly, why not explain that to the jury? Why do they believe the jury is not intelligent enough to sort through the hyperbole and come to their conclusions?

They know that the average citizen, of which the jury is comprised, is not going to believe that the BLM was correct in preparing for a war with these ranchers. They are not going to see several hundred fully militarized armed agents as anything but overkill.

They will not see the ‘First Amendment Zone’ as legal under the Constitution. They will not see the manhandling of citizens, such as Margaret Houston, as being appropriate. They will not see the placement of ‘snipers’, and their willingness to shoot civilians holding a protest, as anything but an over reach of their authority.

This entire misleading motion seems to be just another panic-attack by AUSA Myhre and Judge Navarro. They are so concerned about jury nullification, which they know is perfectly legal, that they continue to work themselves into a frenzy.

Maybe they should just take a Xanax and call it a day.

Protesters On Trial

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11 Comments on The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

  1. Look. I love you you folk’s but this corrupt judge and others like her are laughing in themselves whenever you holler the Constitution as a rallying cry. If you are pledged for our national debt payment in a Master/Slave status, THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.
    If you haven’t cast off your sometimes even generational ignorance,and have secured your Corporate name ex.. JOHN Q. PUBLIC the courts will abuse you.
    If you are a Person, Individual, Citizen, or Corporation, you are in a slave status and have no rights especially in this system the Bundy’s are in. Secure that corporate all caps name, become the flesh and blood man on the land and get back to being part of The People.No, I’m not going to reason this out with those who do NOT understand the Bankruptcy status. It just pains me to see this judge gloat.

  2. Oh, and by the way, the necessity defense IS firmly established in the law.

    I am wondering: are Ms. Navarro and Mr. Myhre totally ignorant, having failed to learn elementary things at the law school, or rather they are counting on the ignorance of the average citizens who will be serving on the jury?

    • Titus : Who said it, T E Lawrence? “Never disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake”…Navarro and Co are far from ignorant, and from my observations they are sharp witted and diligent in the courtroom. They are, however, 110% Federal Supremacists, to the point of a worshipful devotion to the “Government Interest”. To them, Anyone who confronts this Fed power head on as we have done is guilty by the mere act of standing up, and if the rules and rights have to be broken to punish them, it’s “Whatever it takes”. It must have sunk home to The Govt team that the jury smelled a rat in the last trials – the bombastic Govt presentations raised more questions than they answered – and the jurors weren’t buying. In fact, Myhre and Co escaped an across the board acquittal by the skin of their teeth. They are between a rock and a hard place now, having exhausted every gambit of the pettifogging hacks that they are and failed. It appears that in this next trial – you will join us, won’t you ? – They will be doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result………….

  3. Pretty please, judge Navarro, grant the prosecution this motion. On the last occasion the country had learned the result: it turned the proceedings into a Stalinist kangaroo court, and (as hard as it may be for you to understand this) it couldn’t resonate with the jury of average Americans. So they nullified.

    Please grant this motion. It will enable competent jurors to vote “not guilty” without even resorting to nullification, and without the need to violate the juror’s oath. How so? Because depriving the jury of an opportunity to learn facts directly relevant to the defendants’ state of the mind makes the jury unable to establish beyond reasonable doubt a necessary element of the crime: the mens rea (the criminal state of the mind). Then the vote, TOTALLY ACCORDING TO THE LAW, must be “not guilty”.

    • Jason : As you may know, I have been all in with this fight since Bundy Ranch..did my bit at Sugar Pine, was a cook at Malhure and am one of the seven acquitted along with Ammon and Ryan in Portland. As part of the courthouse gang I’ve been in Vegas for the first and second trials. By rattling off the above,I’m just trying to establish myself to you as a firsthand observer, and have to say that despite your scholarship and good intentions you have not “Seen the Elephant” in regard to the nature of these trials. Hallowed Principles of jurisprudence and the rights of the accused enshrined in Common Law history and the Constitution are utterly scouted in Navarro’s courtroom, and The “Government Interest” trumps any pretense of a fair trial. The legal team ? We have heard them voice cries of “An exercise in insanity!…..Crazy!!…unbelievable!!!” in protest against Navarro’s rulings. No doubt your rules of evidence contention is legitimate and should be followed by any responsible magistrate, but in Vegas, this evidence defalcation can only be added to a long long list of gross malfeasance. The rubber hits the road on Oct 10.

  4. Agape wonder at the magnitude of this Federal Boondoggle. I can’t help but picture Navarro and Co as suicidal hijackers, cadres of some fanatical sect who have commandeered a courtroom and are playing out their own personal vendetta. Having done their worst in these first trials – and failed – there’s been much speculation about what is left to the Govt hacks to sabotage due process in the next one. Myhre’s alternate reality, as expressed in his motion above, appears the same as the one he and Navarro cooked for the first trials. After all, why change a strategy that has crashed and burned twice before ?

  5. ALTERNATE REALITY ! Can you imagine Myhre talking about an alternate reality ! We step through the looking glass every time we enter Myhre’s courtroom, and the question is, does he actually believe his own phantasmagoria ? And who are these third – party, lay persons so misguided as to think they can defend themselves ? A few days ago, my dog and I surprised a ground squirrel who had strayed too far from his burrow. The little critter got up on his hind legs and was ready to fight for his life. This primordial instinct is OK for ground squirrels, BUT NOT FOR YOU. Where the rubber hits the road….October 10..If you third – party lay persons have been prevaricating, now’s the time. You can’t make history sitting down…you have to stand up.

      • Really though, that quote I used has many applications. I usually use it more to express or support the idea Neil broached…but the full quote is important to understand too:

        “The power of self-defence was essential to the small States. Nature had given it to the smallest insect of the creation. He could never admit that there was no danger of combinations among the large States. They will like individuals find out and avail themselves of the advantage to be gained by it.”

        The institution…the “System”…the “State”…the people whose livelihood depends on the “Government”…will also claim the right to Self-Defense if their world-view is threatened. Make all the reasonable arguments that can be made…but they will still claim they are acting in Self Defense.

        Which is why honest money and accurate accounting is so important…because numbers do not lie.

        If the Statist’s world view is financed by unchecked creation of money and no tie to fiscal responsibility they can babble anything and call it good…even claiming Self Defense if any attempt at holding them accountable to the Common Weal is made…and they still get paid.

        In light of the Common Weal, what propriety is there when called before the court you have to have someone to represent you in the Byzantine justice system? That is like saying a Ground Squirrel does not have the right to Self Defense, contrary to nature, but has to get another Ground Squirrel to represent them. It is unnatural; contrived; imaginary.

        There is a reason the Founders used words like this in the Declaration of Independence, “…, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”

  6. The gov’t has a recent record of overkill: Perpetual Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya with hundreds of thousands of people killed, (many innocents) and criminal acts here in The USA like Waco. American Patriots had no choice but to stand up to prevent another tyrannical attack on the Bundy family by BLM Mercenaries / Agents.

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