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M.O.A.L. : Mother Of All Lies

Anybody who would question the constitutionality of the federal government is an enemy, one on which MOAL must be dropped.


M.O.A.L. : Mother Of All Lies

 by Loren Edward Pearce

The USA military showed their enemies in Syria who was the boss by dropping a MOAB (mother of all bombs) on them. “Mother-of-all” implying that it was big, very big!

Likewise, a big bomb was dropped on the political prisoners in Nevada, at the Las Vegas federal court and in the federal prison. Defendants who Harry Reid considers as enemies of the state and “domestic terrorists”. The bomb consisted of a cluster of lies, deceptions, exaggerations, distorted and partial truths and hypocrisy.

For those who observed the repetitive hung jury trials involving the same defendants, it was more like a M.O.A.L. (mother of all lies), presided over, permitted and even encouraged by federal Chief Justice Gloria Navarro.

One such observer, Deb Jordan, partner of political prisoner Pete Santilli, gave us many Facebook memes listing some of the many lies that surround the Bundy et al case. Her observation, along with my own, give us the following list, although not all inclusive:

Lies, deceptions and ruses:

  1. Political prisoners are entitled to a presumption of innocence – Judge Anna Brown, in a breath taking display of Orwellian double speak, told the prisoners at the first detention hearing in Oregon that they were entitled to a presumption of innocence. One of the prisoners, holding up his chains and shackles said to the Judge, “I don’t feel very innocent wearing these chains.” For judge Anna Brown to say that they were entitled to a presumption of innocence while using federal marshal muscle to force them into prison against their will is the supreme example of a lie and a deception and is number one on my list.
  2. Pretrial imprisonment is not punishment, it is regulation – To get around the constitutional right to a presumption of innocence and to be found guilty of future dangerous behavior without the benefit of a jury trial, congress, in collaboration with the courts, came up with another Orwellian double speak, that treatment of non-convicted, pretrial detainees can be exactly the same as convicts and yet, according to their twisted minds, is not punishment, but is regulation and therefore, since they are not being punished, they are not denied due process under the constitution.
  3. Ryan Bundy told by Oregon prison staff and federal marshals that he had a court hearing and had to go with them. – As reported in other articles, Ryan was lied to by the staff and by the marshals that he had a court hearing but, in reality, it was a ruse to get him to go with them so they could forcibly remove the extremely important piece of forensic evidence lodged in his shoulder, a bullet. When Ryan resisted, he was beat up by prison staff and forced into the marshal vehicle. Once in the vehicle, the marshals admitted that they had lied to him.
  4. Dave Bundy

    Dave Bundy told by BLM thugs he had no constitutional right to film, from the soft, dirt shoulder of a public highway, the illegal actions of the BLM in mistreating cattle and destroying ranch water installations – With no weapons in sight, even though he had a 2nd amendment right to do so, Dave Bundy, armed with a camera, filmed the BLM and their illegal activities. The BLM, using muscle and bully tactics, ordered him to cease and desist. Upon refusing to do so, they tackled him and ground his face in the gravel. They later lied in court documents that Dave had been properly charged when in fact no charges were ever made against him during the incident.

  5. The Bundy ranch owes over a million dollars in grazing fees – One of the colossal lies, Carol Bundy has told me personally and many others, that they have never received any kind of bill or invoice indicating they owe any grazing fees, let alone a million dollars. Like a tornado picking up Dorothy’s farm house, the MSM picked up the story that the Bundys owed over a million dollars and have spread the ruse to the rest of the American public that the Bundys are freeloaders and deadbeats who refuse to pay their fair share.
  6. Talking about 1st & 2nd Ammendment Rights will only further confuse the JuryA particularly egregious lie!
  7. A white van full of soccer girls came into my line of fire 
  8. When I got there all I could see was a bunch of angry white guys pointing weapons at me
  9. I Looked Up On The Hill and Saw That All The Horseman Were Armed
  10. Nobody From The FBI or BLM told me to change my story
  11. There wasn’t anything important in the documents I shredded
  12. There is absolutely nothing illegal or wrong with the BLM erecting a 1st amendment area
  13. I Wasn’t Laughing About killing Protestors – I Was Using Dark Humor
  14. The government will prove that these men conspired with Cliven Bundy
  15. Eric Parker AKA Black Hat – Pointed his weapon at me over the jersey barrier
  16. You cannot question SAC Dan Love just for the purpose of making him look bad
  17. Wearing Camo & Carrying a firearm to a protest = assault on a Federal Officer
  18. It’s a photo of him armed in the wash because I recognize the bush he’s standing behind
  19. I hadn’t slept in over 48 hrs but I was still functioning very well.
  20. When the Sheriff told Cliven Bundy the BLM was leaving – he didn’t mean “Leaving that day”
  21. Liking a FB Meme quoting Founding Father proves intent to use force & violence against LEO’s
  22. The accused have no right to defend themselves
  23. The Law Does Not Recognize the 1st & 2nd Ammendments as legal defenses to the crimes charged
  24. Many guns were being pointed at me – But my dash-cam didn’t record that part.
  25. This trial is not about the misconduct of the BLM
  26. Law enforcement genuinely were in fear of their lives at Bunkerville and any expressions of emotion on the witness stand were sincere – On the web, including Facebook and YouTube, are dozens of photos and videos of law enforcement mingling and joking with the Bundys and the protesters. One famous photo shows a government witness, who expressed such emotion and fear on the witness stand, with his back to Eric Parker and his long rifle hanging from his shoulder. Where they were not with the protesters, they were joking among themselves, dark humor or not, stark evidence that their crocodile tears on the witness stand were an act, and a bad one.
“The Las Vegas Metro Officer standing with his back to Eric Parker testified he was so afraid for his life that he cried — He along with other Metro Police testified that the “ANGRY MILITANT MOB” were throwing things at them and calling them names —
Officer Jenkin’s, who can also be spotted in this photo, testified all he saw “was a bunch of angry white guys pointing weapons at him all day” when he arrived on the scene.” – Deb Jordan


The famous quote, especially during the controversy over the Vietnam war, was derived from Stephen Decatur, in an after-dinner toast of 1816–1820: “Our Country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country!”

This author’s opinion is that it seems “My country” is synonymous with “my government” for most people. The government runs the country so to be loyal to the country means being loyal to the government.

Thus, the government, especially the big, centralized federal government, represents the USA and if I am patriotic to my country, I will be patriotic to my federal government.

Whether my country is always right or not, I must support my country by supporting my government. Otherwise, if my country is not always right and is lying and committing a multitude of injustices, then the foundation of my American dream is shattered.


I sat at the entrance of a popular tourist attraction, one of the natural wonders of the world, and watched as parades of expensive RV’s with their secondary trailers full of expensive toys and 4×4 vehicles in tow. Along with the RV’s were the parade of Harleys, Goldwings, UTV’s and other expensive and late model vehicles.

Nothing could be further from the minds of these people than the injustices happening in Las Vegas and the stream of lies issuing from the federal government.

They are busy living the American dream, one of prosperity, luxury and leisure, unimaginable to the founding pioneers who sacrificed so much to give us this constitutional republic.

The lies listed above, the deceptive behavior of Longbow Productions and government informants are made possible and believable, because the American is busy with the American Dream. The government witnesses telling the lies in courts across the land, justify their lies because they believe, as do most Americans, that their country is usually right and if not right, to be supported anyway. After all, the prosperity, luxury and military might of the country run by the government prove that it is usually right and if lies are necessary to maintain that illusion, then so be it.

MOAL, in the minds of the government witnesses and informants, is a necessary weapon to use to protect the American Dream, a dream founded on a big, federal government. Anybody who would question the constitutionality of the federal government is an enemy, one on which MOAL must be dropped. The end justifies the means.

(Photo: Shannon Bushman, used with permission)

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1 Comment on M.O.A.L. : Mother Of All Lies

  1. Thank you Loren, This picture of towering wrongness has taken shape in my mind as well. As you may know, I can testify to the character of our actions since 2014 as a boots on the ground proactive, and can honestly say that we have always acted in good faith, openly and on the dictates of conscience. What we have seen on the part of The Federals – starting with mercenary thugs like Dan Love and reaching up to the august personages of Judges like Brown and Navarro is a scheming, lying, cabal of conspirators, who have committed every foul deed listed in their accusations against us.

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