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*** NOT GUILTY *** Bunkerville Retrial

34 of 40 charges were Not Guilty. The remaining 6 charges were deadlocked by the jury.

*** NOT GUILTY *** Bunkerville Retrial

*** NOT GUILTY *** Bunkerville Retrial

by Shari Dovale

Celebrations are dominant throughout the Patriot community tonight. The four men on trial for the second time in Las Vegas, Nevada are being released.

Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Steven Stewart and Ricky Lovelein heard the jury return 34 Not Guilty verdicts today, out of 40 charges.

Each Defendant was charged with 10 separate charges, with 3 possibilities of additional enhancements. They were facing possibilities of spending the rest of their lives in prison.

For the past several weeks, the prosecution painted as damaging a picture as they could, aided by Judge Gloria Navarro. She shut down these men from putting on any kind of a defense.

They were not allowed to call witnesses on their own behalf. They were not allowed to talk about why they went to Nevada. They were not allowed to mention the bad acts from the BLM or FBI agents.

The only witness allowed to testify was a single defendant, Scott Drexler. He was sharply curtailed by Judge Navarro in what he was allowed to say.

Yet, the jury was paying attention. They saw the favoritism from the judge. They saw the defense get frustrated. They even had the judge tell them not to ask certain questions. Navarro specifically told the jurors they did not need to know why the FBI was involved in this protest. She told them not to ask about the Bill of Rights.

The jury came back on Monday with complaints of biased jurors. Yet, the judge made no changes in the jury. They indicated today that they were deadlocked on certain charges. Judge Navarro was open to giving them an “Allen Charge”, or sending them back to try harder to reach an agreement.

The jury was told they could come back with partial verdicts and they jumped on that option.

The most serious charges were Count 1: Conspiracy against the USA. The jury found each defendant Not Guilty, and Count 2: Conspiracy to Impede/Injure, also a Not Guilty across the board.

Steven Stewart and Ricky Lovelein had Not Guilty verdicts on all 10 charges. Scott Drexler was found Not Guilty on 8 of 10 charges. The 2 charges that were deadlocked were Count 5: Assault on a Federal Officer and Count 6: Use and Carry of a Firearm (with Count 5)

Eric Parker was found Not Guilty on 6 of 10 charges. The deadlocked charges for Parker were Counts 5 & 6, as with Drexler, Count 8: Threatening a Federal officer and Count 9: Use and Carry of a Firearm (with Count 8).

Stewart and Lovelein are expected to be released this evening. Parker and Drexler are anticipating being sent to a halfway house in preparation for release. They will be back in court tomorrow morning for a detention release hearing with Judge Navarro.

On April 12, 2014, the Bundy family and their supporters fly the American flag as their cattle is released by the Bureau of Land Management back onto public land outside of Bunkerville, Nev. (photo: AP)

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14 Comments on *** NOT GUILTY *** Bunkerville Retrial

  1. I might add that the Govt hacks escaped an across the board exoneration by the skin of their teeth..The jury was hung 11 – 1 for acquittal for Eric and Scott. Like our old pals Larry,Curly and Moe, Myhre and his harpies will return undaunted – that’s right folks. trial #3! So lets see…we had 11 – 1 for acquittal before, and we’ll need 0 – 12 guilty verdicts in this next trial…only in the federal castle….

  2. Praise the jury for seeing that the judge was corrupt.Navarro has be be removed from the bench she a enemy.

    • Chris : best to allow Eric, Scott, Rick and Steve to tell their own stories, but theirs will be near identical to those of many others, including myself. We had started “Waking up” to an all powerful and all consuming monster – the Federal Govt. Educational sources like Krisanne Hall, Sheriff Mack, Oathkeepers and others had defined the threat. The day came in April of 2014 when we saw a full on police state in action in our country, attacking some ranchers with snarling police dogs,tasers,helecopters and snipers. It was electric ! two hours after seeing this horrifying spectacle, I was packed and on the road to Nevada. Many other Americans did the same. Our coming together at Bundy Ranch was a first ever convention of boots on the ground proactives – the people who get off their butt and into action.Great bonds of camaraderie took root. Our action on the 12th was a textbook application of 2A – armed citizens prevent abuse by the Federal Govt (Read the preamble to the Bill of Rights and you’ll see) All honor and respect is due to these four courageous Americans. They did not fail or falter. They stayed in the fight, under great duress, and fought through to victory.

  3. =Many have watch this travesty from the beginning of the (BLM) over reach to destroy viable ranches and bankrupting then taking possession of their deeded property. The arrests and closed door system to make all that was protesting look like vigilantes. We have a court system that was able to solve difference without the bulling but the BLM knew they would lose their overall objective to capture the range land and water rights. They forest the fight and knew that they could make the rancher look like the bad guys. The media aid and abetted as they arrested some on trumpet up charges; this lead to the murder of a hard working rancher and great American, La Voy Finicum.

  4. And now there needs to be a “special counsel” assigned to look in to this judge, the prosecutor, the FBI and BLM. This was clearly a witch hunt from the start, and openly biased judges should not be allowed to sit on the bench.

  5. Very pleasant surprise! praying for healing for all the families!Now we try for justice and deal with this judge!

  6. Rejoicing for the defendants and their families. This is awesome news; our God is an Awesome God! Sweet freedom!

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