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The Liberals are Coming! The Liberals are Coming!

Their loud voices prevail when we are silent.

The Liberals are Coming

The Liberals are Coming!

by Jim Boyer

In areas throughout the American Redoubt people can be heard complaining about new comers from California or other liberal places. While many new comers are moving here to leave the depressing environment of more taxes, crowded roads, sanctuary cities and gender neutral bathrooms to enjoy the freedoms America was founded upon, there are also those that are not.

Those that are not are most likely liberal democrats. Some of them grew uncomfortable in places where the quality of life was degraded by politics they supported. While they may not realize what they helped create, or why they really left, they continue to support democrat candidates out of habit. In so doing, they bring discord to the communities where they move. They can find themselves somewhat isolated in “pretty places” they thought would be fun to live in and may have trouble assimilating with, or relating to seasoned locals.

Others have a deep seated desire to pursue their liberal activist habits and quickly seek out other like minded souls. They organize to influence local governments often bringing about changes that uninvolved long time residents who don’t regularly attend council and board meetings may not notice as they transpire.

For decades liberals have been working their way into all levels of social/civil management from the bottom up. They seek out elected and appointed positions on boards and committees of all types. Their greatest influence has probably come from controlling school boards where they injected their leftist ideals into the agenda while most two wage earner families were too busy to join PTA and take an interest in what was happening at their children’s schools. Whether it’s administration, policy and curriculum design or actually teaching, the power to indelibly shape the mind of a young person, possibly forever, should not be taken lightly.

Another way liberals have been able to influence the quality of life across the land is by finding professional placement in planning and permitting or environmental departments. After being imprinted by educators who often see the ownership of private property as a sin against the environment, many people staffing these departments see private citizens as adversaries. The ability to delay an application, deny a permit, demand more studies or engineering, or possibly declare a wetland or environmentally sensitive area is an intoxicating power that is often accompanied in government by immunity from termination. Driven by their emotional activism, they have bankrupted people and ruined lives.

Intelligence gained from experience

A third category of social and political influence comes from local activist groups. From environmental action to identity politics, they are everywhere and they are involved. They are Antifa, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, Resist, GloCal and many more. They have a symbiotic relationship with the liberal media that both leads and supports them. Like the media, they are disingenuous in explaining their mission and goals. They can spread their focus and can quickly engage in a new issue when the news cycle demands action. Their lives are driven by activism and regardless of the issue; they can mobilize in hours to make themselves heard. Their involvement can lend immediate relevance when the media creates a new issue such as Russian election influence or the destruction of historical monuments.

The roots of liberalism are in Marxism. Its purpose is the denial of self determination and the curtailment of liberty with a goal of total control over the largest population possible. The liberals see themselves at war with constitutional rights and free enterprise. We see this playing out in the fervent opposition to the Trump agenda of making America strong through commercial enterprise and restoring to the people their right to choose and direct their own healthcare. This rabid uptick in activism and outspoken resentment for the American heritage was ignited by the failure of Hillary Clinton’s demand that voters give her what she thought was due to her. In every corner of the nation they are parroting the false media prevarications that President Trump is a racist who hates women and conspired with Russia to steal an election. They are aggressive in their attempts to intimidate anyone who offers them facts in opposition.

Their widely employed strategy at the local level is to confuse politics by attacking from many points at once. At any given time they may be pushing to take property for bike trails or environmental protection, demanding gender neutral bathrooms or safe spaces that serve cocoa, promoting the creation of a sanctuary city, painting rainbow cross walks or proposing resolutions on various international issues. Such rambling and diffused agendas confuse people who are more inclined to be involved in raising a family, making ends meet or controlling the speed limit on their road. Subsequently, people grow tired and don’t take time to understand the issues or involve themselves. Those that do are often frustrated and driven away when they realize that liberals are inflexible and cannot be reasoned with or swayed by civil discussion and debate.

To understand who we are dealing with, bear in mind that in the last election the head of the FBI documented that Hillary Clinton had violated federal law, lied under oath, destroyed evidence that was under subpoena and ignored a subpoena to testify before a grand jury. Additionally it was reported that she and her staff had colluded to rig the election primaries to steal statewide victories from Bernie Sanders and yet over 62 MILLION people voted for her to be President of the United States! Nothing trumps ideology and peer pressure in the liberal world, not even law or morality.

The only argument liberals acknowledge is election defeat and even then, don’t be fooled into thinking they have been defeated. Like Neil Young said in the 70s, “Rust Never Sleeps”. As with rust that degrades the strength and integrity of a structure, liberals have the same effect on a community. They do not rest and are always quick to assemble and march when the next media dog whistle sounds.

The only way to deal with liberal aggression and deception is through political power. In addition to the media, their most powerful weapon is your lack of concern. Though they are less in number than freedom loving people, their loud voices prevail when we are silent, or ignore the power of our vote.


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3 Comments on The Liberals are Coming! The Liberals are Coming!

  1. Very well stated. As a Conservative Californian who escaped because my quality of life was negatively impacted by insane liberal policies, I am deeply concerned that those I escaped FROM will bring the same destruction here to North Idaho.

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