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Refugee Resettlement in Sandpoint? (with Video)

GloCal is a contraction of "think global, act local". It is the phrase that the social justice movement in the U.S. has adopted.


Refugee Resettlement in Sandpoint?

… meeting goes Awry but exposes intent

By Jim Boyer

The opening gambit for refugee resettlement in Bonner County was met with strong opposition in Sandpoint Wednesday evening. Attendees from all parts of Northern Idaho quickly filled the 150 seat capacity of Community Hall while 50 or more remained on the front lawn and sidewalk waving signs opposing the proposal.

SandpointThe meeting, which was scheduled opposite the final chance for citizen input at the Sandpoint City Annual Budget meeting, may not have gone as planned by organizers from The Sandpoint Human Rights Task Force. Expecting a capacity crowd, the fire department was there to keep a head count as people entered the hall. Law enforcement was also on hand and stepped in to settle boisterous audience members several times.

The format of the meeting followed the standard that progressive activists use to push their agenda in areas like environmental restrictions or gender neutral bathrooms. The meetings are typically explained as being performed for the purpose of sharing information to create a learning environment where everyone can eventually agree on their plan for social or civil change. They repeatedly stated “this isn’t going to happen”, or “there are no plans to do this” which brought responses such as “Then why are we here?”

SandpointOpening the meeting Stanley Norman, a former Methodist Pastor said, “We have no agenda beyond good conversation”. He then passed the mic to a woman named Lynn. Names were not included on published handouts I found and if they were announced by last name, I didn’t catch them. Lynn introduced a husband and wife team of Pastors from Boise representing the international GloCal Organization. GloCal is a contraction of the “think global, act local” idea. It is the phrase that the social justice movement in the U.S. has adopted as a moniker for their one world objective of erasing all borders and implementing a form of socialized international government.

The presentation began with Pastor Laura giving an intro in Indonesian which set the stage for contentiousness as the audience responded with yells of, “Speak English!” She followed by asking for a peaceful discussion and gave the real objective away when she said, “This problem will not be solved tonight.” Much of what followed for the next hour was a mixture of sermon and reading selected Bible verses illustrating the need to accept strangers and refugees.

Upon commenting that Jesus himself was a refugee, Pastor Nick was reminded that Joseph and Mary were actually traveling from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem to report for a census by order of the Governor. Trevor Treller who made the point had traveled from Coeur d’Alene to attend the meeting and convey his concern about crime perpetrated by immigrants. He challenged Pastor Nick to talk about the sexual assault by 3 Muslim refugees upon a five year old girl in Idaho Falls and was ignored.  The Pastor repeated the claim that vetting is intense and effective. Significantly, another Muslim refugee was arrested last week in Pocatello for the sexual assault an 8 year old boy.

Power point programs and videos, unable to be seen and heard throughout the room, were shown on a small screen to emphasize the good intentions of humanitarian efforts. The theme was to disparage the idea of America’s “closed culture of “Ethno-centricity” and promote “Ethno-mutuality”, or one homogeneous world with no cultural differentiation while at the same time catering to any culture that is not western or capitalistic. One slide detailed an extensive vetting process that seemed to be built on a concept rather than actual practice. It was explained that refugees receive housing, money, education, food stamps, medical services and cultural counseling followed by a claim that this is only for a period of 8 months.

A person in the audience yelled, “Why are you showing these videos if they aren’t coming here?” The Pastor answered, “It is for education. Refugees have incredible gifts to offer”. The crowd responded with numerous comments and yelled out questions. Police intervened to calm things once again.

An audience member stood and asked for all people opposed to the idea being presented to stand. Of the 150 people in the room only about 6 did not stand.

After repeating that this event was for education only and not to bring refugees here, the program moved to a Q&A session where written questions were read rather than taken directly from the audience.


Q&A –

Q: “Schools are full, where are you going to put them [the children]”

A: “We are not bringing people here”


After this answer the crowd got noisy again and was told, “If you aren’t respectful we may quit”.


Q: “Who takes care of these people after their assistance runs out?”

A:  “Data shows that in the long run they provide a net contribution to the tax base”

Q: “What organization funds the relocation and training?”

A: “Resettlement organizations assisted with government funding”

Q: “Does it [assistance] apply to all immigrants?”

A: “Refugees are forced to cross a border, immigrant doesn’t share that definition.”

Q: “If they have to work in 3 to 8 months why has their unemployment been extended to 2 years?”

A: “Data says they contribute to the tax base after 18 months.

Q: “Are these families or are they men of military age?”

A:  “Mostly families and former interpreters”

Q: “Where will they work, we don’t have a strong market [here]?”

A: “They will be trained for all types of jobs”

Q: “Are they Muslims and do they follow Islam?”

A: “2/3 are Christians”

It is common knowledge that less than 1% of all refugees are Christian and with that response from the Pastor the crowd erupted. The police tried to calm things down and the moderator [Lynn] took the mic to say, “This meeting is over”.

The audience exited the hall but continued the conversations on the lawn outside where Congressional candidate Michael Snyder from Bonners Ferry responded to questions from potential supporters. Snyder who opposes resettlement proposals said he has local campaign teams active throughout the panhandle and will be spending a week setting up an office in Boise from September 21 to 27. He commented that he advocates a position of strong conservatism and is in favor of “draining the swamp”.

After the audience left the building the doors were closed and the organizers stayed inside accompanied by a Sandpoint police officer. After a time some of the crowd dispersed and they came out with the officer who escorted them to their vehicles in the lot. As they came down the stairs a woman from Priest River who identified herself only as Brooke told them, “This won’t be allowed we will stand up to you.”

The reply that came from the gentleman who had only come for a peaceful discussion was; “We’re not asking you, you don’t have a choice, it’s going to happen.”



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34 Comments on Refugee Resettlement in Sandpoint? (with Video)

  1. My wife and I are looking to move to Sandpoint, sometime in the next 2 years. I’m glad to see the people there are pushing back against unwanted “re-settlement” of so-called refugees.

  2. This meeting appears to ignore the wishes of We, the People. Why are we bringing these foreigners here, anyway ? We do not want this here, or anywhere. This is insane.
    A financial burden of the community, using resources intended for Americans, not to mention, this is totally unnecessary. This is intentionally undermining our society, and the globalist lefties know it. This is a sham. Bought time we, the people fight back, because the idiots doing this are traitors, not to mention out-of-towners. Enough of this crap ~

  3. Here is a wake-up call written by Robert Spencer today over at

    This is only one of the wonderful “cultural enrichments” that Muslims bring with them when they seeded into the United States as poor “refugees.” Thank your public officials for force seeding these 7th century savages into Idaho!

    “Italy: Polish Man Beaten Unconscious and Wife Gang Raped on Rimini Beach, African Migrants Suspected,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, August 26, 2017:

    The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

    A young couple from Poland were subjected to a “brutal and beastly attack” by four men suspected to be African migrants on a beach in Rimini, Italy.

    The 26-year-olds were taking an evening stroll on their last night in the popular tourist spot when they were set upon by four men, Wiadomości reports.

    The young man was beaten unconscious by the gang, who then subjected his partner to multiple rapes in front of him. Both were also robbed.

    The Polish consulate in Milan say they are providing every assistance to the couple, who were both hospitalised following their ordeal.

    Italian authorities have described the “brutal and beastial [sic] attack” as an “act of cruel aggression”, and called on the public “to cooperate with the police forces informing each and every element that may be of use in the investigation”….

    The number of foreigners living in Italy as residents has rocketed by 25 per cent from 2012 to January 2017, and by an astonishing 270 per cent between 2002 and 2017 — statistics which may herald a significant and possibly irreversible demographic shift.

  4. They will move along once it’s perfectly clear they are, and always will be, outsiders. A prime example is Kalispel, Mt…more than 3/4 of their refugees moved on after retraining and “benefits” ceased. The other 1/4 appear to have assimilated.

    • Mrs. Jones,
      “The other 1/4 appear to have assimilated.”
      Really? Don’t be fooled or mislead by the Muslim “refugees” or apologists for them! Muslims never assimilate, they are a trojan horse, driven and compelled (brainwashed) by the teachings of their evil Koran (supposedly what the angel Gabriel told Muhammad to tell the people) and Hadith ( traditions of their so-called Prophet of Doom -Muhammad) to dominate all non-muslims…you are a kafir!! The lowest form of life, lower than pigs, dogs, and feces! But don’t take my word for it, it is in the evil Koran!! All Muslims are at war with the kuffar in perpituity until they have subdued us! ! Their “refugee” travel to America, known as Hijra, is jihad, yes jihad against us!!! Stealth jihad! Appearing to assimilate and be untruthful is a technique of jihad is called Taqiyya, sacred deceit where Muslims are expected to lie and fool you to advance Islam!! Never believe or take at face value anything a Muslim says or does as being honest or true! Assume the worst, double check everthing because they are inveterate liars, cheaters, and worse! Rather than “”assume” their intentions, better to stop them from being “seeded” into your community in the first place!

    • Mrs. Jones,
      Let me add to my previous response to you. You say that “they will move along once it is perfectly clear they are, and always will be, outsiders.” Really? Not true! They will stay the course and weather whatever you throw at them…all the while playing the role of the “victim!” Muslims love to play the “victim!” You will be accused, even if they have to make it up and lie. You will be tarred and feathered if you even look at them the wrong way! You will be called every name in the book including Islamofauxbic, racist, bigots! They will call the 1-800 hotline number to the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood (MB) front group known as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who has hundreds of attorneys on retainer who will immediately take up their case against you and defend them in court (another form of jihad they use against us is known as lawfare) CAIR claims to be an human rights advocacy group, but that is their cover, they are a stealth jihad organization of the MB with very, very deep pockets. Both the MB and CAIR are “protected” by our own federal government who aids, abets, and facilitates their anti-American operations all over America. No, they will not move along, this is an assumption that is totally counterfactual!!

  5. This comes from one who lives near a big city which has been thoroughly “seeded” by the NWO: don’t let the invaders in. In the city it’s difficult to shop because the employees at many big-box stores barely speak English. They have destroyed the school system because so much time and resources must be spent teaching them English. The only immigrants I’ve had positive experiences with are Egyptian Christian Coptics. Many have opened small businesses, their values are very compatible with my own Judeo-Christian beliefs, they work hard, and say America is wonderful.

  6. Howdy Ron. Good points! The Armstrong’s were probing your area to see if there would be pushback…and fortunately there was considerable pushback from your large pocket of resistance in Bonner County. I only wish there was the same pocket of resistance down here in the Boise area, but unfortunately Mayor Bieter has drank the Leftist cool-aid and has rolled over and allows the feds to rub his belly and has even turned Boise into a Welcoming City for Muslim “refugees.” My guess is that the Armstrong’s will either double-down in your area or take the path of least resistance and go to another part of Idaho where there are no pockets of resistance pushing back against the seeding of Muslim “refugees.”

    Unfortunately, the United Nations mandated (dictated!!) Refugee Resettlement Program pipeline that Muslims are transported through as they arrive from their originating countries is being controlled by the U.S. Department of State in lockstep with the United Nations. In other words, our constitutional governors cannot tell the federal government that they do not want these Muslims being brought into their states. The Muslims are being force seeded into all the states across our union and processed by a variety of taxpayer paid contractors (they are paid by the head…by the number of Muslims they process. So, there is a huge monetary incentive for them to process as many as possible.) who then process and integrate them into local communities. This is all being mandated by the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations (UNHCR). This has been going on slowly and quietly for over 30-years, but under the Obama Administration has dramatically increased in tempo, sense of urgency, and increased numbers!

    According to the State Department, and our public officials (plausible deniability?), Idaho does not have the authority to deny the Muslim “refugees” from being brought into the state or even know the numbers of Muslim “refugees” who are earmarked to be seeded – because it is a federally-mandated and secretive program!! According to our elected officials, they claim that they are being kept in the dark on this program, in terms of how many Muslims are being seeded and what communities they are being surreptitiously seeded into…and so their hands are tied! Your best resource for very specific answers and details is Ann Corcoran over at:

    If all the citizens of Idaho knew what I know about Islam, they would all be mad as hell about Muslim “refugees” being seeding into their communities without their knowledge, and marching with their pitchforks and torches against the program and the anti-American public officials who are facilitating it.

    Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant about Islam and the existential threat it poses. I don’t mean this as a put-down calling them ignorant, it is just that they need knowledge! Islam is purposely meant to be difficult to understand because in this way most people won’t realize how dangerous it is until it is too late! On top of that, we have the Leftwing mainstream media and our own government…both of which are apologists and facilitators for Islam, telling everyone not to worry, that Islam is a “religion of peace” that has been “hijacked by a few radicals from within!” That Muslims “are all moderate and good people” and that that “Islam is one of the great Abrahamic faiths” of the world and we should only be concerned with the “radicals within who do not represent the true peaceful Islam!!!” Total bullshit and propaganda that most people are too ignorant to realize is a false narrative based on lies and distortions, so the average American tends to believe the propaganda being pumped out on a daily basis. The best source of knowledge that I have seen yet in my over 35-years of studying Islam is Dr. Warner’s body of work on Islam over at

    You asked if we were going to be invaded? The Muslim threat is not your classic textbook military invasion, so no it is not an invasion; rather, it is a stealth jihad, or as Islam refers to it as “civilizational jihad.” Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam and is political, not religious. This means that rather than affect Muslims, jihad is waged against non-Muslims (kafirs) on all levels and on all fronts. Stealth jihad is both violent and non-violent full-spectrum warfare which can be of the sword, the spoken word,or the written word. Muslims would like you to believe that jihad is a benign concept that is only non-violent and pertaining to their personal individual struggles to be a better person, but that is bullshit propaganda. All forms of jihad, including stealth jihad, are warfare against the non-Muslim kafir!

    I have written many letters of correspondence to my elected district representatives and the state governor demanding that they push back and stop these Muslims from being seeded into Idaho, but the only responses I ever got back were boiler-plated platitudes, generalities, lip service…all promises and no action! That is why it is so important for We The People to wake up and smell the coffee! To create pockets of resistance and push back as hard as we can to stop the Islamization of Idaho! And most importantly, to vote these elected politicians out of office if they are not protecting and defending our Idaho citizens from the Islamic threat and replace them with God-Fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots who will!

  7. So, with all of this, I can’t tell from either article – are we going to be invaded, or not?
    I get the part about the fake Christians wanting to seed our area for take-over (long term thinking) – but, what I don’t see, is a straight answer: Are they coming, or was this just an attempt to see if there was going to be resistance?

  8. Additional comments to my previous post:

    A “training session” on refugee resettlement? Bullshit, their not so hidden agenda to seed Muslims into Bonner County is obvious! Nick and Laura Armstrong, co-directors of the Boise-based “Glocal Friends Program Resource Team” are two ignorant and misguided do-gooders who are attempting prepare the seeding groundwork by ostensibly ”training” you about all of the advantages of the wonderful “cultural enrichment” and benefits that you, and generations of your family, will enjoy from these poor and needy Muslims…in other words giving you all a sales pitch on the “value added” by taking these Muslims into your communities. Let’s get one thing straight, Islam does not provide “value added” or “cultural enrichment” to non-Muslims…period! Simply put, the Armstrong’s are intent on doing whatever it takes to seed Muslims, disguised as “refugees” into Bonner County! The Anderson’s are either totally ignorant about Islam, but mean well, and are just misguided, OR they do understand the Islamic threat they are attempting to import and don’t care…either way, they are a threat to all Idahoans…their organization and others like them need to be shut down! I’ll just bypass the chase and cut to the kill, the Armstrong’s are apologists for Islam, aiding and abetting the Islamic agenda to wage immigration jihad (Hijra) into Bonner County! Moreover, the Armstrong’s were sponsored by the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force and “follow ~ a community?” Really? I would argue that by sponsoring the Armstrong’s, the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force and “follow a community” are accomplices to these efforts!

    The Global Friends Program Resource Team online brochure ( ) states:

    “BUILD BRIDGES, WAGE PEACE. Many of the people who come to Boise as refugees are Muslims coming from majority Muslim countries and they experience a unique sense of isolation from their community of faith. GCP desires to help build bridges of understanding between the Muslims and Christians in Boise and ‘wage peace’ as we get together to share meals and serve the community together.”

    Islam only builds one-way bridges and does not wage peace.
    Islam provides only the three following choices to non-Muslims (kafir):

    1. One either converts to Islam.
    2. One chooses to become a semi-slave (dhimmi) under the brutal yoke of Islam without any rights or privileges.
    3. If one does not accept the first two choices, Islam brutally kills you!


  10. As a fellow Idahoan, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, a retired federal law enforcement officer, and one who has been doggedly studying the Islamic modus operandi and threat matrix both personally and professionally for over 35 years…thank you for pushing back, taking a stand, and fortifying the northern part of our American Redoubt against those quislings, foreign and domestic – both in and out of office – who would willingly seed these Muslim “wolves in sheeps clothing” into beautiful Bonner County.

    The 1400-year history of Islamic predatory conquest makes it clear that Muslims are not “immigrating” (Hijra) to Idaho to assimilate; rather, Muslims are specifically being seeded to dominate and wage stealth jihad against us…this we know.

    There are untold numbers of un-vetted and undocumented “refugees,” primarily Muslim males between the ages of 18-35 (military fighting age) being seeded by elected officials under the color of law into unwitting communities all across Idaho at taxpayers expense…without even conferring with the local citizens!! Where were the referendums? Where were the town hall meetings? Where were the surveys sent out to the community in order to get the opinions of the local Idahoans? Why were the petitions against Muslim “refugees” and letters to the governor not acted upon? None, nada, zip, zilch, zero, …our own elected officials too busy cutting deals with the feds and bypassing “We the People” to be bothered!

    Muslim “refugees” are being seeded into our communities surreptitiously in unmarked contract aircraft and buses under the cover of darkness at zero dark thirty!! Then they are turned over to contractors who “integrate” them into unwitting communities and provide these Muslim “refugees” every form of welfare (food stamps, housing, transportation, school for their kids, monetary stipends, healthcare, etc.) imaginable on the financial backs of Idaho taxpayers. This is apparently a concerted effort by federal, state, and local officials to seed Muslims who harbor an incompatible totalitarian Islamic theocratic cult of personality, masquerading as a legitimate religion, into our Idaho communities without their input!

    In accordance with the core tenets of Islam, regardless of what Muslims say and do to the contrary (Muslims are allowed by their doctrine to trick and deceive non-Muslims – kafir), Muslims will only swear true allegiance to their moon god Allah. Muslims consider our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as all of our local and state laws, to be what they call “Jahjiliyya,” or pure ignorance. Why? Because Muslims do not believe that our man-made laws have precedence over Allah’s Islamic law – known as sharia.

    It is important to note that Islamic history also warns us that the path of Islamic conquest is always the same:

    1. Infiltrate the host, by whatever means necessary. e.g. Refugee Resettlement

    2. Establish a mosque/Islamic center, which is in reality a military outpost in enemy territory (dar al Harb – the House of War) from where they plot and plan against the host. That is why all mosques/Islamic centers should be put under constant surveillance by authorities as they pose a national security threat.

    3. Create Muslim enclaves/hostile no-go zones ruled by Islamic law – sharia. In lieu of state and federal law.

    4. Rapidly grow the Muslim population with a high birthrate (4-6 times the indigenous birthrate) to increase their numbers, political power, and influence. According to Islam, Muslim men are permitted to have up to four wives and as many sex slaves as their right hand possesses. A Muslim man can get engaged to a female when she is 6-years old and marry her when she turns 9-years old. It is permitted because their Prophet Muhammad did it!

    5. Claim perennial victimhood at ever opportunity – especially after a terrorist attack committed by Muslims…and claim that now the Muslims are the victims! Muslims will always warn of some “backlash against Muslims!” Let me say that again, Muslims attack and brutally kill and then those same Muslims are claiming to be the “victims!” Happens every time! Along with being the perennial “victims” of the very attacks that they commit, the Muslims will make every effort and go out of their way to then attack, character assassinate, marginalize, and render “radioactive” anyone who speaks out against, or stands up against Islam, and tells the truth about the dangers and existential threat posed by Islam, e.g. Muslims will use ad hominem attacks; accusations of being an Islamofauxbic (not a typo), racist, bigot; and threats of violence, etc. Muslims cannot handle the truth, have thin skin, and get triggered easily at anything that does not fit their Islamic theocratic worldview…even if it is the truth about Islam.

    6. Resist host authorities and customs e.g. domination not assimilation. Advance the Islamic agenda against the existing legal structures.

    7. Exploit our own Western laws (aka lawfare) to advance the Islamic agenda of conquest, such as hiding the totalitarian theocracy of Islam behind the shield of our First Amendment religious freedoms! Operate influence operations against federal, state, and local political organizations and infiltrate these same organizations, especially the White House as was done successfully under the anti-American Obama Administration. Run for political office and use this political platform and stature to work to undermine and destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights from within, a little at a time. File lawsuits to intimidate and financially destroy anyone who speaks out against Islam, even if it is the truth! Speaking the truth is the new hate speech. Muslims are using our own systems, laws, and rights against us! The same systems, laws, and rights that Muslims would not afford us if we were living in an Islamic controlled state!

    8. Once the Muslim population reaches approximately 2% of the general population, the Muslims begin to dramatically increase their demands and attempt to control local communities by way of fear, intimidation, terrorism, violence, and any other legal and extralegal means available. Look at what has been happening all across Europe, e.g. Barcelona! Paris! et al. As the Muslim populations increase in any given community so does the intimidation, threats, hatred, violence, brutality, rapes, acid attacks, hate crimes, beatings, roadside bombs, vehicular attacks, knife attacks, etc. against the indigenous non-Muslim citizens – all in a concerted effort to advance the Islamic agenda.

    9. Institute Islamic law – sharia. Muslims have stated that they intend to eventually destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights as they build the United Islamic States of America. Islam is not in a hurry, they have been at this for over 1400-years, what is another decade or two or three? Islam is like rust…it never sleeps! Muslims know that if they just keep pushing and making their demands, increasing their numbers and influence, that over time, they will eventually prevail! History has proven them right…Western nations that Muslims have immigrated into eventually succumb and become Islamic states. Does anyone doubt now that Germany is not going to become an Islamic state? The UK? Belgium? Only Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary are pushing back. Cultural suicide in Western Europe on a massive scale is happening right before our eyes…and American has been in the crosshairs for many decades…Idaho is in the crosshairs too, albeit on a smaller scale. Either we, as Idahoans, draw a line in the sand now to stop Islam from gaining a beachhead or else there will be a much high price to pay later…in blood…because something tells me that Idahoans will not easily get down on their knees facing towards Mecca and pray to Allah. I am confident that real God-Fearing, Liberty-Loving, Patriotic Idahoans will gladly sharpen their pitchforks, light their torches and fight on their feet rather than die on their knees! Muslims coming to Idaho to dominate should feel afraid…very afraid! As should those who seeded them here!

    The Muslims that are in Idaho now are only the vanguard of a proposed massive influx of Islamic jihadists that are being placed here by our elected officials! This is just the beginning, wait until there are hundreds more, thousands more, tens of thousands more…along with all of their extended family members that they will eventually be able to petition from their home country!! And you better believe that the Muslims that are already in Idaho will petition their extended family to come to America! Another concern is that many of these Muslims are unhealthy and bringing with them all, along with a totalitarian mindset, many emotional and medical problems, at a high rate of incidence, …and many diseases and illnesses that are typically associated with Third World countries. These health problems will place a massive burden on our local healthcare providers and system…all paid for my Idaho taxpayers! In a matter of decades you will not be able to recognize your Idaho cities and towns once they begin to turn into Islamic enclaves. If there was ever a time to stop the Islamization of Idaho, it is now…otherwise, it will be exponentially more difficult to dislodge them the longer we wait! Islam is like a cancer…if not destroyed early on it does not get better with time! Islam is also like an onion, the outer layers are the pretty and beautiful propaganda layers intended to deceive and incorrectly lead the ignorant Westerner into believing that Islam is just another one of the wonderful and great Abrahamic religions, all warm and fuzzy, the religion of peace, COEXIST, and that Muslims just want to be our friends and assimilate into our Judeo-Christian American culture! This is total bullshit and could not be further from the truth! Don’t be fooled by the false outer layers of the onion that are designed to deceive you into dropping your guard! The truth about Islam is that the further down you peel back the layers of the onion, the more unpleasant, ugly, violent, hateful, and morally repugnant and demanding it becomes!!

    The entire Muslim “refugee” pipeline needs to be shut off and shut down as soon as possible and those Muslims who have already been seeded into Idaho over the past years need to be either deported back to whatever shithole of a failed Islamic state that they came from – or at a minimum monitored very closely, for reasons of national security.

    Our own public officials, at federal, state, and local levels have already sold America out decades ago by allowing the United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program, by way of our own State Department via private contractors to seed Muslim “refugees” into our unwitting communities all across America and Idaho. The United Nations Refugee Resettlement program, for decades being aided and abetted by our own elected officials and Department of State, needs to be shut down immediately and completely!

    For those of you who want to learn more and stay up to date on the issues of refugee resettlement, let me introduce you to Ann Corcoran, a fearless patriot who has been taking the fight on this topic to our enemies foreign and domestic by way of her excellent website and her “must read” book “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.”

    The best resources that I have found yet to educate yourselves about the true Islam, not the mainstream media and leftist propaganda that Islam “is a religion of peace” bullshit, are available from author William Warner, PhD. over at and his study materials are the best available, easy to read, and very reasonably priced.

    Be forewarned, Muslim “refugees” in Idaho are a Trojan horse…a ticking time bomb, and an enemy within! I will leave you with these profound words that were spoken over 241 years ago…it is time to decide…Islam poses as great, if not greater threat, to our constitutional republic than King George.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    Samual Adams
    “Father of the American Revolution”
    Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776

    I salute you all!

    Mr. Smith
    Eagle, Idaho

  11. I find it odd that a police presence was there, especially after the events when the “ministers” were being escorted back to their cars. These people are obviously encountering resistance and are putting police in place prior to their events. We’re moving into very deep waters.

  12. Be aware that church got paid a lot of money to bring in terrorist. They are lying it is a invasion force.

  13. God bless you all and keep fighting! Never, never, NEVER give up! This is YOUR home. Don’t let outsiders and communists tell you how to run it. Don’t let their guilt manipulation make you invite disaster into your community, disaster from which they profit handsomely via government funding (aka, your taxes!).

  14. Islam throughout its 1400+ year history has been a serial murderer of entire peoples and cultures. It has no place in a free society. Islam is a totalitarian supremacy masquerading as a “religion”. Look to the events in Europe. Then consider the possibility of the same happening here on a much wider scale.

    The so-called “refugee resettlement” advocates are in it for but two things: money, and to inflate their already overweening sense of a completely unearned and unwarranted smug moral superiority. They will all be held accountable on the Day of the Settling of Accounts.

  15. This is insanity. These people they call refugees do not assimilate, have any respect for our way or values of life, and ultimately you will see things like rape, violence, to acid attacks go up, and we just don’t need that crap here.

  16. As a Bundy Ranch vet, Sugar Pine mine vet, Malhure demonstrator and as one of the seven acquitted along with Ammon and Ryan In Portland,I have been fighting an out of control Fed.I’m presently in Vegas supporting our guys in the Bundy et al Trials. This Refugee threat however nearly overshadows the threat posed by an all consuming Federal Govt. It appears to be the next front in our fight to preserve our culture and our rights as Americans. As Paulina has said, we have to make sure this doesn’t happen here. Will there be a place for good Americans in the USA ? It’s up to us……..

  17. America used to send missionaries to other countries so that the people living there could make their own countries better. …then came the globalist installed socialist tyrants who ruined the economies.

  18. So my question is… Bring them here then what? How do you propose to know what is happening in Europe will not happen here? Same people, same places of origin, same idealism… IT WILL HAPPEN HERE. I say no. It is too late for Europe & GB, but not for us. It is unfortunate but this particular group with these particular beliefs cannot melt into our society as their religion is their government. You cannot have two completely separate forms of government operating under the same borders there will eventually be upheaval of one or the other in a less then peaceful way-as we are witnessing in the EU. We can’t even have two parties under the same government get along lately… this is ludicrous. People need to make sure this does not happen here.

  19. Those who push “social justice” are Commies and therefore have voluntarily accepted the punishment their murderous idols never received, IMO!

  20. So, we are expected to be aware and sensitive to THEIR culture. I wonder how sensitive they would be to OUR culture in THEIR land? Go over there and then come back and tell us how that works out for you, provided you are still ALIVE to come back!

  21. The manipulation is astounding! I would be recalling every politician in office in that county, to tell them, NO this isn’t gonna happen, because We The People who pay for this SAY it’s not gonna happen. END OF STORY!

    • In all fairness to the County Commissioners, they were not involved in this and two of the three have spoken against it in the past, I don’t know where the third stands on this issue.

      • So what is Glocal’s track record ? Have they successfully conned other communities into taking refugees ? This would be an important and eye-opening line of investigation, particularly getting a firsthand account of what happened when these refugees were dumped in a community. By the way Bret, your Ms Dovale has been a welcome addition to us courthouse gang, a sharp lady..

  22. So, the last sentence of this article indicates that the organizers were lying to you. This is the strategy of those who believe in the doctrine of “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”. For the Soviet Communists, the end justifies the means means lie and lie and lie all that you need to in order to achieve your end. In this case, the GloCal people lied to the crowd about refugees coming to the community and then showed their true colors upon exiting the building. Get the people to lower their guard, then bring in the refugees when it is too late to do anything about it.

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