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Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam

Will we stand and get behind the man we elected?

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam

by Jim Boyer

I recently caught a piece of an interview in which an expert on Islam said they justified killing children because if they didn’t the kids would grow up and come after them someday.

It reminded me that in 2005 I was at a BBQ with other veterans where I met an Army officer who had done multiple tours in Iraq. While serving as a company CO he worked as a community liaison participating in joint council efforts with local leaders aimed at rebuilding infrastructure and restoring civility and security in Fallujah and Mosul.
The topic of our discussion shifted to our future, America’s future in the war against radical Islam. At the time most people had heard of Al-Qaida and Taliban, few had heard of Barack Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood. When he was asked how we could win the war on terror he flatly answered that we can’t. The jaws of people in our conversation cluster dropped in unison.

He explained that the radicals in Islamic culture train their children to kill infidels from the time they can walk. In Iraq he learned about the Islam practice of Taqiyya, or “dissimulation”, a controversial concept that allows Muslims to lie for the purposes of advancing Islam. He said it was futile to make deals, promises or contracts with the majority of their leaders and that hampers attempts to work with those inclined to be good neighbors.

In furthering his view he said [to win] we would have to search out the jihadists and not only kill them, but also their entire families including children in order to sever the lines of succession. And since we simply don’t have the heart for that step towards finality, we would continue to deal with useless political alternatives as the perpetrators of evil migrate into western culture and learn to use our laws, politics and generosity against us.
A dozen years hence, I am learning how right he was.

But, before we parted ways I asked him if he thought our position in this cultural conflict was completely hopeless. He said he believed that was true militarily, especially if America ended up carrying the burden of action. However, he said he had met a good many people who confided in him their opposition to the radicals and he did feel that if a truly non political leader could emerge in America with a direct delivery of truth and the leadership skills of Ronald Reagan there could be hope in changing hearts and engaging alliances by building a coalition of people in different faiths who would recognize the same enemy.

Subsequent to the recent Middle East trip and well received addresses given by President Trump it is entirely possible that we are at the precipice of discovering an apolitical leader with the potential to create a true coalition against evil. We are an integral part of the history unfolding before our eyes. However, from my own eyes I see the strongest enemy we face is actually the political left that is working to defeat the potential success of our President.

Looking back –


Long before President Trump secured the nomination I wrote that I hoped the 2016 election would become a referendum on the media.

Maybe, I am getting my wish. The self inflicted death by a thousand cuts, or fake news stories, seems to be taking its toll and waking people up who once accepted the headline of the day as factual.

With the triad of media, entertainment and academia massing against him, President Trump is being left to fight the forces that lurk in the depths of the swamp alone. There is no party to help him and no PACs to lobby for his agenda. It is up to the American people to use their initiative and energy to make it clear to him that he has our support.

Those of us who honestly seek success against world wide terror and peace in the Middle East must realize we have a strong opposition here in America. Like the Jihadists, our enemies do not wear uniforms. They walk among us and act like us, but they have amassed considerable respect and fear within their cultural cells.

Like the Jihadists, they employ their own form of Taqiyya and use their vast communication and education channels to spread half truths and lies. They seek to control the narrative in order to keep as many people as possible from recognizing the truth and believing we can make America great again.

This triad of social and civil anarchy that imparts so much influence is actually a distinct minority in our country, but you would never know it. Watching them promote their agenda with such arrogance gives people the impression that they are a strong authority supported by a clear majority. The problem plaguing those who wish for the return of a strong and unified America is our own passivity. We don’t burn cities, disrupt traffic or silence the speech of others. And like a microcosm of the terror war, our civility is seen by the left as weakness.

President Donald J. Trump stepped away from a life of luxury to stand up for our country. He is unwavering in his determination and unapologetic in speaking his mind. He has the respect of people all over the world who see his strength and resolve as a strong contrast to Barack Obama’s weakness and deception.

But, he must endure relentless slander and false allegations from the liberal media and gullible entertainers along with a less than supportive republican majority in congress in order to pursue his goals of peace and prosperity for all of us.

Now, the question for those of us who hope to preserve freedom’s promise for our children’s children is:
“Will we stand and get behind the man we elected, or will we let the liars in our midst and collaborators of those who would do us harm stall the agenda of honest hope and sincere belief in western culture and American greatness?”