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Game Over for the Bonner County RV Campground?

The grant extension was denied

Game Over for the Bonner County RV Campground?

Game Over for the Bonner County RV Campground?

by Shari Dovale

The Bonner County RV campground project has been pushed and pushed by the two CommissionMEN for months.

Regardless of what the voters wanted, regardless of what the Fair board wanted, regardless of the negative effects on the county, they decided it would happen because THEY wanted it to happen.

And as both men made clear, they are the rulers of the county and what they say goes. They answer to no one.

Or do they?

The state gave them a slap in the face this week when the extension they sought, for the grant to pay for the project, was denied.

This notice came shortly after a special meeting was held that same day accepting opening bids for this project.To be clear, this does not mean the project will not be brought back to life by these men. The letter plainly states that there are a number of unresolved items. The county would be allowed to resubmit an application for another grant if they are able to resolve the current issues.

What will the two CommissionMEN do?

Redoubt News asked each man the following questions:

With the extension turned down, where does that leave the county/fairgrounds? Is this project on or off the table? Are there any other plans under consideration for that property?

and received the following email responses:

Luke Omodt:

Good question. There are no other plans for that property that I am aware of.

(Notice that he did not respond to whether or not the project is off the table, and did not acknowledge any other plans, such as the proposed Justice center.)

Steven Bradshaw:

Good questions.

(No other response)

These men have continued to be as ambiguous as usual, leaving the people they are supposed to represent with more questions than answers. So is it Game Over, or not?


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3 Comments on Game Over for the Bonner County RV Campground?

  1. Seems only appropriate the same questions be asked of all three Commissioners and perhaps the Fair Board and new Director as well. They are all stakeholders. To only ask the Commissioners Bradshaw and Omodt seems more like biased reporting, no?
    Let’s get all sides of the story.

  2. Appears to be an o going trend to not answer pertinent questions put to the two men on the BOCC. It also appears to be a trend to ignore and degrade the third person on the board who is duly elected to her seat as well. Said treatment is painfully close to gender abuse if it isn’t considered such and is definitely malfeasance in office which could and should be dealt with via Article VI, Sect.6 of the Idaho State Constitution.
    Both male BOCC commissioners seem to demonstrate a bravado in meetings that they lack in the public sector and in one case, their other profession and I stand as and have personal evidence of said lack of bravado in the public arena.

  3. Well, maybe they can put a nonbinding question on the November ballot. Ha. The people will only get a say at the November 2024 election.

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