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Clandestine and Abusive RV Park Meeting

Omodt & Bradshaw are worried that the letter from Bauer, would undermine their agenda to take the land

Clandestine and Abusive RV Park Meeting luke

Clandestine and Abusive RV Park Meeting

by Shari Dovale

They can say they followed all of the rules, but they have a way of twisting those rules to hide their antics.

The notice that was posted did not reference anything about the fair board, the fairgrounds, the RV park, the campground extension, the contested property, or the grant associated with all of the above.

Luke Omodt made it clear that regardless of all the head-fakes he threw out, including whether or not they have been following Open Meeting Laws (OML), etc. the only reason he needed attorney Bill Wilson was to counter a letter written by Scott Bauer, county attorney representing the Fair Board (FB).

“The office of the Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney,” Omodt said, “has written a letter to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.”

Omodt continued, “So at this time, it would give the appearance and perception that the office of the Bonner County prosecuting attorney is in opposition to the grant.”

So Omodt is only worried that the letter from the FB, and Scott Bauer, would undermine his agenda to take this land from the people that want a Justice Center.

In his mind, if Bill Wilson would write a letter on behalf of the BOCC, that would outweigh the Fair Board letter and put these men back in the game.

Wilson has to see the deceitful display he is being dragged through. The CommissionMEN have pulled the prosecutor’s office, and Bill Wilson, into their shenanigans and made them seem as co-conspirators. I wonder how the elected county prosecutor, Louis Marshall, feels about having the good name of his office sullied by this spurious conduct?

Luke Omodt has repeatedly made it clear that he only cares what the prosecutors office has to say when it will benefit him. He has bypassed them before, and will do so again. Mark my words.

However, he wants the often-disregarded prosecutor’s office to come to his rescue and tell the IDPR that the 2 commissionMEN have played nice-nice and followed the rules. He thinks that will get the extension passed and give them more time to manipulate the county and get their agenda passed the point of no return.

The Fair Board has already contacted the Idaho Parks and Recreation (IDPR) telling them that do not want this grant, and do not want to be forced to administer it.

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These 2 CommissionMEN refuse to accept that. This is their agenda and there is no way they will accept anything less than the FB genuflecting to them. In other words, the Fair Board is not allowed to say “No” to them or the CommissionMEN might just have to replace them with another group that will rubber stamp whatever these men want.

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During the meeting, Commissioner Williams questioned Wilson concerning how it appeared that these 2 men wanted Wilson to write a legal review without actually conducting one. Even Wilson questioned whether it was correct for him to be writing anything for this issue, to be attached to the grant extension request.

Their agenda towards this contested property is so important to these 2 men that, though Omodt started the belligerence, Chairman Bradshaw took up the mantle to treat the only female commissioner in a way his own mother would faint over. He was aggressive, combative, loud, obnoxious, and abusive, and you can listen to it yourself in the audio below.

It was embarrassing to hear him speak that way to anyone, especially a female and a colleague, in an official meeting on county time, paid for by taxpayers.

These 2 men did not like the fair board turning down their money and they are determined to make someone pay for this insolence. And Commissioner Williams seems to be the most handy target.

If anyone would like to weigh in on the deceptive practices and abusive behavior of these 2 men, all in the name of receiving this grant money, please contact the ladies in charge of the grant:


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  1. “Kiss my a**”, and “I don’t give a sh*t”. When is he going to drop the f-bomb? What disgraceful behavior to anyone and what is really going on here? Something stinks in Bonner County.

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