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Our First Illegitimate President

2020 fraudulent election event is the greatest political crime in American history

Our First Illegitimate President

Our First Illegitimate President

by Pete Ketcham

For the first time in American history, an individual (Joe Biden) has been installed as president by illegal, criminal, and fraudulent voting activities. Not only is he Illegitimate, all his appointees, staff, and individuals that are in positions of power are illegal. Also all his executive orders, mandates, directives, and other documents are illegal and non-binding. For more details of this fraud, read a article on the The New American website:

Vote Fraud: Here’s the Evidence

Also in Mollie Hemingway’s book “Rigged” there are additional details of how this fraud was carried out.

The citizens of this nation are now currently being controlled by a criminal government, very similar to the governments of third world countries such as Venezuela, Cuba etc. who routinely maintain their power through fraudulent elections.

I don’t think most people realize how profound the impact on our constitution this 2020 fraudulent election is. We have crossed a line that can not be ignored, and must be corrected if this nation is going to continue on as a constitutional republic. But unfortunately, for the most part both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans have “moved on” to the next big political issue, which is the 2022 & 2024 elections, putting this fraudulent election in the rear view mirror.

But it remains, that if this 2020 fraudulent election event (the greatest political crime in American history), is not corrected, it will be fatal to the integrity of all future elections, for it has demonstrated that elections can now be successfully stolen in this nation without consequences.


There is presently an ongoing battle between the Democrats and Republicans on passing voting laws and procedures, with the criminal Democrats doing all they can to assure that future elections can be easily stolen, and Republicans trying to see that all future elections are fair and honest.

But in the meantime, the Republican leadership has failed the citizens of this nation by allowing this fraudulent election to stand unchallenged, resulting in the US being ruled by a illegal mentally deficient criminal president, and a hidden criminal cabal.

It would appear that we as a nation have now drifted so far from our original constitutional origins, that only God can return us to them, as it is quite apparent that the efforts by the conservatives/Republicans are not working.


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