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Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof

BIG TECH does Not want you to know the truth!

Mike Lindell - Absolute Proof

Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof



 Removed by Vimeo 3 hours after it was posted/released on February 5, 2021. PLEASE SHARE THIS!  Also Removed by YouTube.

BIG TECH does Not want you to know the truth!

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3 Comments on Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof

  1. He who republishes a lie is as liable as the person who initially defamed the subject.

    Do you have legal counsel?

    I suspect Dominion will just shut down this site after it owns it and takes every penny you have.

  2. This means our Department of Justice, and every agent serving under the DOJ, are complicit in this Communist takeover and guilty of treason! This means their authority is null. They are our enemy and should be treated as our enemy. Why aren’t we at war?!!!

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