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Oregon’s Attorney General Targeting 2 SASO Counties

The state’s position is that they can compel the counties to enforce laws while allowing places like Portland to choose to ignore laws.

SASO Counties

Oregon’s Attorney General Targeting 2 SASO Counties

by Oregon Firearms Federation

 Oregon’s anti-rights attorney general has now added Yamhill and Harney Counties to her list of targets.

Both counties have Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances, and now, as in Columbia County, Oregon’s AG has filed suit against them.

Oregon’s AG, along with Bloomberg’s “Every Town For Gun Safety” and the county of Columbia, sought to have Columbia County’s Second Amendment ordinance overturned, and as you know, they failed.

But with the limitless resources of New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg and your tax money, all three of them are appealing our victory.

Now Ellen Rosenblum is using your money to attack similar ordinances in Yamhill and Harney Counties.

In an ironically worded press release, Rosenblum said:

“Gun safety laws exist to help keep guns out of dangerous hands and keep people safe. A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way. The laws of Oregon remain fully in force – and fully enforceable – notwithstanding these invalid ordinances. No officials should be frightened out of properly doing their job by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits. Although today’s lawsuits are addressed to only these two Oregon counties, other counties have enacted similar illegal ordinances. These actions will hopefully send the message that we are prepared to preserve the rule of law across our state.”

This will be an interesting battle given Oregon’s forceful efforts to thwart immigration law and its legalization of hard drugs.

Once again, the state will be using your tax dollars to attack the rights of Oregonians while they work overtime to protect criminals.

As you are aware, these battles are insanely expensive. Our victory in Columbia County came at a high cost and now we are not only fighting an appeal of that victory but witnessing the crushing boot of the state coming down in other counties.

You can see the AG’s suit against Harney County here.

You can view the AG’s suit against Yamhill County here.

What counties in Oregon and around the country have been saying in these ordinances is that they will decide how to prioritize their law enforcement budgets, no differently than Portland refusing to cite people for traffic violations or rioting.

The state’s position is that they can compel the counties to enforce laws while allowing places like Portland to choose to ignore laws. The hypocrisy is blinding, but the anti-gun left will stop at nothing to eliminate your right to protect yourself and your family while ensuring that criminals walk free.


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