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Gun Rights WIN In Oregon!

Over 60 percent of municipalities in the United States have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances

Gun Rights WIN In Oregon!

Gun Rights WIN In Oregon!

by Shari Dovale

After years of battling Bloomberg and Everytown over gun rights, Columbia County Oregon fought for and passed both the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance (SAPO) and the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) to guarantee your rights in their county.

The county commissioners were not happy and proceeded to pull liberal dirty tricks from their grab bags and sabotage the citizens of the county. Rewriting both bills and combining them into a single bill with no teeth, or consequences, they found a way to get the new bill in front of a judge.

The county officials then asked a judge to declare their new law invalid. This was the basis for the legal battles that brought the help of the Gun Owners of America and other groups.

Today, it has been announced that the battle has been won for the citizens!

From Gun Owners of America GOA:

In an effort to undo the will of their constituents and attack the right to keep and bear arms, the Columbia Board of County Commissioners — with support from Everytown for Gun Safety — sought a court review of the citizen-passed SASO.

However, the court ruled that the Columbia Board lacked “a justiciable controversy” and sided with GOA and GOF. Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President of GOA and GOF responded:

The Columbia County Commissioners and Everytown for Gun Safety tried to diminish the credibility of Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances but failed to show any actual controversy before the court.

As over 60 percent of municipalities in the United States have passed SASOs, this case marks a huge victory for not only gun owners in Columbia County, Oregon, but Second Amendment supporters nationwide.


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