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The Progressive Agenda

There are many more disastrous liberal issues that could be listed

Ethical agenda

The Progressive Agenda

The definition of progressive Is “ favoring new ideas, policies, and methods”, or “promoting social reform”, all of which could apply to the liberal left culture as reflected by the current Democrat Party. The reality is, the progressives have abandoned all ethics and honesty, and year after year corrupted, degraded and moved this nation out from under God’s protection and guidance.

This situation is pretty well known by the conservatives, but what is not so well known or accepted, is that it is going to get a lot worse. Although the conservatives have gained control of both houses and the presidency at times, the progressive agenda and culture has prevailed the last fifty years.

This progressive agenda and culture has now become so strong, that it has become unstoppable through the conventional political process. This fact has been proven out by Trump, who ( the best fighter the conservatives had) was unable to “drain the swamp”, and was fraudulently removed from office after a single term by the progressives.

Thus it now appears, that the Republicans may have lost the battle at the national level {and also in the large Democrat controlled cities), and may be forced to make their stand within the red (Republican) counties across the nation.

I had written a previous editorial titled “Conservative County Coalition (CCC)” that expanded on the concept of a coalition of red counties being formed throughout the states, especially in blue states. This editorial was sent out to numerous red county commissioners and sheriffs in Oregon, but the response at this time has been minimal.

It is now evident that the progressive’s agenda has created chaos throughout the nation, and the following are just a few examples of this:

  • The Border
    We have a total collapse of our southern border. Not only are illegal aliens poring across the border by the thousands, the cartels, drugs, criminals, and gang members are also poring into our nation. It is totally out of control.
  • Our Cities
    Our major cities are being overrun with drugs, homeless individuals, crime, and riots with the burning of police cars and buildings. The police have been reduced and defunded, and are now unable to keep the cities safe for the residents, resulting in citywide chaos.
  • Education
    Our national education system has been turned into a bastion of progressive ideas, abandoning the teaching of constitutional principles, honesty, logic, and love of nation.


There are many more disastrous liberal issues that could be listed, but it is evident that the situation is going to get much worse within the blue states and major cities, and thus it would seem that the rural red counties may be the last bastion of resistance to the progressive agenda.

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