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Conservative County Coalition (CCC)

The time has come for all these red counties to come together as a unified coalition

Conservative County Coalition (CCC)

Conservative County Coalition (CCC)

by Pete Ketcham

The Red counties in the US, far outnumber the Blue counties as verified by this last national election. But the population of the blue counties containing the major cities outnumber the red county population. Thus you have a blue state such as Oregon  who had 10 counties voting for Biden, and 26 counties voting for Trump, but its electoral votes went to Biden.

A Democrat controlled blue state such as Oregon, which has a Democrat governor and a large Democrat majority in the legislature has the capability to pass draconian gun laws, tax laws, election laws, and other illogical legislation with no viable conservative opposition.

Some of the red counties in Oregon have issued orders, declarations, ordinances, and other documents basically declaring they do not intend to recognize unconstitutional state/national laws, and executive orders. In this process of opposition, some counties have titled their efforts as Second Amendment sanctuary counties. These are good efforts, but these counties are basically working individually, lacking the impact they would have as as a unified coalition.

Proposed Procedure

It would seem that the time has now come for all these red counties to come together as a unified coalition, which would create a much more effective effort. The suggested name for this coalition would be Conservative Counties Coalition (CCC)

The primary issues that this coalition would deal with are:

1. Second Amendment,
2. Unconstitutional election laws,
3. Illegal immigration
4.Climate Change fraud.
5. and others.


It is recommenced that the conservative county commissioner contact their fellow commissioners in other counties concerning this issue of forming an effective united force. It is completely evident there are devastating illogical laws coming down from the Biden administration and state leadership, which makes It imperative this coalition is put together as soon as possible. The conservative counties are the last bulwark against the “insanity” of the liberal Democrat controlled State & Federal government.


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