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Overwhelmed By Corruption  

It is only through God’s divine intervention will we be victorious.

Overwhelmed By Corruption

Overwhelmed By Corruption

by Pete Ketcham

In the past, many articles and editorials concerning the dishonesty, lies, and deception of the Democrat Party have been written. But stepping back and taking an overall look at the entire present national government, one can see corruption, like a thick fog spreading over an entire valley.

Admittedly there are some individuals in positions of power in this government who are honest, but the great majority are corrupt. The major reason for this overall corruption is that a political culture has been created that rewards corruption. This culture had been in a subdued existence many years, but was fully expanded when Bill & Hillary Clinton  took power in 1993. Since then, this fog of corruption has thickened and spread over the entire federal government.

As we all know, Trump (an outsider) spent four years in power attempting to eliminate  the rampant corruption (“drain the swamp”)  embedded throughout the entire federal government (encompassing elected officials and federal agencies), but was fraudulently removed from office and is currently being persecuted for his efforts. In essence this exclusive country club of corruption was not about to allow an unwashed outsider such as Trump to socialize with elitists such as them.

We now see the most illegal, corrupt, and unconstitutional (Democrat) president and administration in power since the Clinton administration. What they are now doing to this nation did not seem possible prior to the 2020 presidential election, but after successfully stealing that election and making the Republicans accept it, there seems to be no opposing force on the horizon at this time that can begin to slow down this culture of corruption, let alone stop it.

In the years to come the embedded corruption controlling the entire federal government (including the states) may eventually collapse by the chaos it is creating, but for the present we must continue the fight to save our constitutional nation by all the means available to us, and it is only through God’s divine intervention will we be victorious.


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5 Comments on Overwhelmed By Corruption  

  1. “We now see the most illegal, corrupt, and unconstitutional (Democrat) president and administration in power since the Clinton administration.”

    This is all way past the Clintons junk once you realize the many forms of fraud and deceptiion are all interconnected and all by the same people. The Mueller sham and all its tentacles, the virus sham and all its tentacles and the election STEAL and all its tentacles are all interconnected and part of the ongoing get TRUMP mania/coup. As well the ongoing lynchng of DJT are all created events and nothing more than control mechanisms and power grabs ! It was all foreseeable in 2020 and earlier and yes I wrote about it all prior in early 2020.—.html—.html

    As well they did not force the REPs on anything, they simply threatened to call them bad names and of course they caved in instantly as the usual REP SOP !

  2. This is an opinion piece, but the corruption started in earnest with the murder of JFK and RFK. It became exponentially more corrupt during the bush years, which began with reagan. It certainly ticked up another notch when the bushes installed the clintons to bring the democrats to the center and to keep the money for drugs/guns scandals going in Arkansas. It was the moment you could no longer deny we live under a one-party corruption. Proper attribution is required.

    • Yep, it is all interconnected and goes back to the Kenendy murders and that was the turning point. The 9/11 hoax and others as well. Then the election of BHO and his decade of crimes, then this election STEAL and all the events leading up to it like the virus shams and the Mueller Shams. All a series of massive criminality and deception ongoing !

  3. People nowadays use the phrase “Deep State”…but why do that?…the Communists have already coined a phrase to describe the strategy of pervasive Statism…it is called the “Class Dictatorship”….not one Dictator….but many acting as a whole class of people.

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