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The Great Takeover In The Dawn Of The 4th Reich

I cannot remember a time in history where there were so many evil people in positions of authority.

The Great Takeover In The Dawn Of The 4th Reich

The Great Takeover In The Dawn Of The 4th Reich


The people of the world, and especially the American people, are being taken for a ride down the river of lies, over the mountains of Tyranny, toward the chimeric vision of the global technocrats; it all ends in sorrow and chains If the people do not wake up and stand against this Insanity.

Modern-day despots that are calling for a “Great Reset”, talk about it as if it will result in a fun filled vacation that will save us all from the fake global warming and the invisible virus that has been used to manipulate economic destruction all over the globe. This has been done in an attempt to totally change society for total economic, social, and political control.

So, what is the “Great Reset” really? I believe that the “Great Reset” is really the Great Takeover. I define the Great Takeover as Institutionalized fascism, aided by technocracy and environmentalism, perpetuated by The World Economic Forum and their technocrats, 269 corporations, Soros, and tyrannical usurping elected employees from around the world, especially the United States. The end goal of this global coup d’ etat is the enslavement of the world with no way back. If these technocrats were to get their way, social, political, economic, and Government power will from here on, be centralized in a One World Communist Order. This was pure evil when Hitler wanted it, and it is pure evil now.

Britain’s WHO has already said that because of the lockdowns, world hunger will double by this year (2021). I cannot tell you how many people have committed suicide or lost their businesses because of this idiocy. So why overreact so much to an invisible enemy when we have had far worse viruses in the past? You must remember that with Far-Left Radicals the issue is never the issue, and the plans of these demons must be kept secret, as their plans violate Human Nature and would never be accepted.

But don’t they have some good ideas? NO. If their ideas were so good, they would not have to spend billions of dollars on advertising, violate laws, and ignore every Constitution ever written. No, their ideas violate Human Nature and therefore must be forced by bureaucracies. Look, they cause problems so they can solve them for us. This is about control, and slavery is never popular.

Technocrats believe that they are so well-trained and of superior Intelligence, that we are here to kneel to them. Most of us believe that if things are going well and there is no problem, we do not need to fix them, but Technocrats want to fix problems that do not exist,…even if they have to invent the problem first. These people want to control Nature, Human Nature, and blend technology with Humans; they want to replace God.

Most of us are wise enough to know that Nature is perfect and God’s work can not be improved on, but there has always been those who believe that they are superior to others and want to rule, funny thing is, that also comes from the same Human Nature that techno’s think they can control or change.

The future of the world rests with us, America. If we fail now, we will never see our children smile again, we will end up being the proles that George Orwell mentioned in 1984. We are the only country that still has any semblance of freedom. The world’s hope lies with us. We are living in a time that history will reflect on as the most important time in our country. We are living in a time that prompted our founders to articulate a 2nd Amendment in our Constitution.

More than likely, an attempt at forcing a vaccine is coming to further the evil overlords agenda and I urge you to educate yourself before taking it. In my opinion, this vaccine is not what it claims to be. There is evidence that it contains nanotechnology in order to track, surveil, and control you. It is said that it will also genetically modify you so that you can be patented. We must resist any effort at digitized currency as this is also about control.

Yes my friends, we are living in serious times and I cannot remember a time in history where there were so many evil people in positions of authority. War has been declared on us by tyrannical elected employees, the Lamestream Media, the World Economic Forum and other acronyms, Corporations, Communist and Jihadist Marxists, Soros, and many useful idiots.

Keep prepping, keep training, prepare for the worst while praying for the best. Be vigilant and hold your elected employees accountable. Let’s open up our country as this shutdown is illegal in the first place. We are in a corner and have no choice but to defend our Liberty and our lives. Prepare for war and hope we find another way. Most of all, Invoke God into your lives as we can only win this war against evil with him. Be blessed.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator SASO
Host, Trigger Warning AM 1600 KOHI


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