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The Democrats Have Seceded From The USA

We recognize Donald Trump as our legally elected President.

The Democrats Have Seceded From The USA

The Democrats Have Seceded From The USA

by Shari Dovale

To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”.
~ Nelson Mandela

There is no humanity in a society where people are confined by a denial of independence. I am not referring to correctional institutions, but the personal private homes of this country’s citizens. The formerly free Americans that have now been stripped of their humanity by those they have elected.

The current “pandemic crisis” is just a tool. A means to the end. The goal for the globalists that are behind this act of sabotage of the human race is pure power.

These elites believe they have succeeded in destroying God, the family unit, and all forms of independence. They are establishing their parameters for a one world currency, and one world order.

They have instituted a class system that divides the government and the workers. They have rewritten history to suit their agenda. They have implemented a surveillance state where no people are free to enjoy their God-given rights and civil liberties.

George Orwell understood this, and predicted the current political climate all too aptly in his novel “1984”, which you can read free online at this site: The Complete Works of George-Orwell

War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.’
~ Motto for Ministry of Truth, 1984

The phrase shows the goal of the government to achieve total power of the minds of it’s citizens, also known as Doublethink.

Doublethink is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in one’s mind simultaneously.

“The Party” develops this ability in it’s citizens by undermining their individuality, independence and autonomy and by creating an environment of constant fear through propaganda. In this way, the Party breaks down their ability to think rationally and makes citizens accept and believe anything they tell them, even if it is entirely illogical.

The concept of Doublethink, though not specified in these terms, has been in use throughout the history of every Totalitarian government regime. Consider the examples in our own current political culture:

  • Sin Taxes – The idea that raising the cost of things that are bad for you (such as cigarettes and sugary drinks) will alter the behavior of the consumer, yet raising the level of minimum wage will have no significant impact on the economy.
  • Supporting FREE SPEECH, yet enacting HATE SPEECH laws.
  • Fighting for the Equality of Women, yet banning them from Identifying as Women.
  • Common Core Math, where 2+2 can equal 5.
  • Leading from Behind.

Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.’ ~George Orwell, 1984

As stated previously, their goal is pure power. There are many calls for Revolution, yet the power-hungry Liberal elites have manipulated the masses to believe they need a Revolution against the “Bad Orange Man” and his followers.

Che Guevara used the same tactics. He achieved his Revolution, along with Raúl and Fidel Castro, and deposed the Batista regime in Cuba.

“If I were asked whether our revolution is Communist, I would define it as Marxist. Our revolution has discovered by its methods the paths that Marx pointed out.”
~Che Guevara

Guevara was a brutal murderer that cared little about humanity. However, he is held up as a hero to the Progressive ideologues and Democratic-Socialists. Another example of Doublethink.

The current Marxist-Democrat-Socialist Party would like you to do their bidding and kill off the masses that are infringing on their goals. They promote Revolution from behind the scenes.

Consider the “Defund the Police” movement, the “Autonomous Zones” and the “Mostly Peaceful” protests. Shootings in Portland have more than doubled in 2020 from the previous year. This does not lend itself to the myth that defunding the police is a good idea. Yet, the Extremists in the Democrat party continue to promote the fallacy that we can send social workers to control crime.

“Send Social Workers Instead Of Cops!” Ends Tragically As First Social Worker Killed By A Violent Client In Seattle

The Communist/Marxists have gone too far to return. There is no turning back at this point.

Consider the current Presidential election in our country. The proof of the sabotage and fraud is overwhelming, yet the extremists in the Main Stream Media would lie to you and say there is none. This fraud has become the pinnacle of their overthrow of our Constitution and system of Government.

It is not an attack on one man, though he is the legally elected President. This is the deliberate eradication of our way of life, of our freedoms, of our civil liberties.

The Democrats Have Already Seceded From The United States

The current Democrat-Socialists, the self-described Communists, the Political elites, and all of their followers, wish to form a new government and country.  They have already made their moves towards this end. That is called secession.

They consider the US Constitution a “living, breathing document” that can be, and should be, changed according to their whims. They want complete Democracy and do not recognize our current Republican form of government. They wish to re-write history and live off the government coffers.

They can have their beliefs in their own world bubble. We do not begrudge them their fantasies.  They are free to live in their New World Order, with their Oceanic-mindset.

We say: Let Them Go!

The Patriots, on the other hand, have not given up on our Constitution and will continue to defend it. If the Marxists choose to leave us alone, they can slink away to Commi-fornia, or some other Leftist Regime and we wish them the best. We will not join them.

We recognize Donald Trump as our legally elected President. We recognize the Constitution as the Law of the Land. We shall not waiver in our defense of our civil liberties.

The Communists have walked away. We, however, intend to stay.


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