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Priest Under Attack for Speaking Against Covid

"It's time that we start to recognize that we are being lied to"

Priest Under Attack for Speaking Against Covid

What A Crock Of Rot!”
Priest Under Attack for Speaking Against Covid

by Shari Dovale

A Catholic Priest in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota has been under fire from the Globalists on the left, including the Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis, who has called the homily “inappropriate”.

The use of a homily to present medical or scientific speculation … could be seen as an abuse of the cleric’s position of authority to address an issue unrelated to the liturgical celebration.”

I don’t think this fits in with what everyone believes should come from the clergy. People have always wanted their spiritual leaders to guide them in the topics of the day, be it pro-choice vs pro-life, or if it concerns rebellion in Revolutionary War times. The clergy have always weighed in on a number of controversial issues.

Fr. Robert Altier is not shy in telling the truth as he sees it. He has spoken up on ethical issues in the past, including the school-based program “Talking About Touching” which was instituted by his Archdiocese and endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

This is another controversial topic, of which the Archdiocese thought it was appropriate for them to weigh in on, even if they denied that same right to this individual priest.

LifeSiteNews reported on March 6, 2006:

Rev. Robert Altier, pastor of St. Agnes Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been ordered by his bishop to cease posting his homilies on his website or broadcast his views on the radio. His offense has been his outspoken criticism of a program instituted by his Archdiocese, ostensibly to protect children from sexual abuse.

The program, Talking About Touching, has been widely criticized by parents and concerned clergy as explicit sex education and threatening to the innocence of children. Talking About Touching has, however, received endorsements from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion, anti-family advocates.

Father Altier has now taken on the controversial subject of Covid 19(84). He has done the research and has come to the belief that he must tell the truth to his parishioners, and anyone else that would listen.

“It’s time that we start to recognize that we are being lied to,” Altier announced.

Affirming his belief that government officials were in on the plan, he said “They put them into nursing homes on purpose because God was not cooperating with these people in their plan. There weren’t enough people dying.”

Altier used published documentation for his research, and said that “only 9,200 people have died”. These figures are supported by the CDC’s own website.

Did you buy the lie that you might get something, but you don’t know it, but somebody might get it from you… and grandma is going to die,” said Altier. “You are a murderer. What a crock of rot.”

It’s time we start to recognize that we are being lied to….This is all engineered. This is all an agenda. And it’s pointing in a certain direction. So far, like the good sheeple that we are, we’ve all put on our masks and we’re all staying six feet apart, but there comes a part where we have to draw the line.”

The priest said that for himself, the “line” would be refusal to submit to a vaccine. He encouraged parishioners to do their own research on the matter.


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