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Who’s in Charge of the Anarchy? by Pete Ketcham

The mayors and city council members of these cities appear to be totally ineffective concerning this issue


Who’s in Charge of the Anarchy?

by Pete Ketcham

It is now firmly established that two of our major democrat west coast cities, Portland & Seattle, as well as two eastern democrat cities, New York & Chicago, are under constant attack by a group of violent anarchists who control a section of these cities when they riot. There are other cities that are suffering the same violence, but these four illustrate the overall crisis of anarchists being able to control certain sections of a city.

The anarchists under the label of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa have firmly established “their territory” within these cities. Despite all the police do to try to put an end to these violent riots, the anarchists continue to show up night after night spray painting buildings, burning buildings, breaking in and looting businesses, assaulting police with bricks, rocks, lasers, and beating up anyone who opposes them.

The mayors and city council members of these cities appear to be totally ineffective concerning this issue. The only significant thing they have done in response to this ongoing anarchy, is to pass legislation to defund their police departments????

In addition to these actions that favor the anarchist’s agenda, the rioters know that it is “no big deal” to get arrested as they will not be detained nor will they be prosecuted, as most of the DA’s are liberal democrats. This is illustrated by the newly elected Multnomah County Oregon DA’s statement declaring that the rioters (which he calls peaceful protestors) have a right to “protest”, and will not be prosecuted. All this is an encouragement to the anarchists.

So far the law abiding citizens of these cities will not take any action on their own to counter these protests (but in some cases have started a recall effort of the Mayors) as long as the anarchists confine their riots to the downtown commercial areas, and not penetrate the residential areas. If the rioters do start to invade the residential areas (which is a likely prospect) the situation may change as the neighborhoods are forced to come together in mutual defense, or watch their neighborhoods become a war zone.

It is pretty certain that these riots will continue on into the future unabated as it is evident the city police can not stop them, and the liberal democrat mayors and governors will not call in the National guard, nor will they allow the federal government to lend assistance

Thus due to their success so far, these anarchists groups are going to grow in size, areas of operations, and violence, especially in response to the November election results. There is a good possibility that the expansion of these riots may completely overwhelm the police. It now seems evident, that if these groups are ever to be brought under control, it may require deadly force, nothing less has worked thus far.


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3 Comments on Who’s in Charge of the Anarchy? by Pete Ketcham

  1. Could the Dems in these cities actually WANT chaos and mayhem ? Are they smiling inside to see a reign of terror engulf their domains ?…Otherwise active and commanding officials seem strangely paralyzed…With the armed agencies of the State at her disposal, Kate Brown has done nothing but fiddle – while Portland burns….There is no other explanation – we’ve come to a point where radical leftists in high places seek to destroy our society, our economy, our lives, our liberties, our happiness….Only precursors..The riotous mobs in Seattle and Portland are just a warm up..We may have to play by the rioters own rules before we have quelled them..This old antediluvian says…There may be snow on the mountain, but there’s still fire in the furnace..

  2. What integrity do some anarchist’s have when they use products made by global corporations? What they need is a good taste of their own medicine. I would respect them if they as much as possible made and used things by themselves…probably engaging in a lot of agrarianism and husbandry…to whit, they would be so busy they would not have time to protest, burn and riot.

    Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

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