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Evil, Cunning, and Ruthless – by Pete Ketcham

There is no longer any middle ground for compromise, nor chance of changing their attitude of hate and vengeance.


Evil, Cunning, and Ruthless

by Pete Ketcham


In a previous editorial I had stated the Democrats had adopted an agenda that was completely illogical, bordering on crazy, but it should be noted that in the execution of their agenda they have become evil, cunning, and ruthless. Coupled with their all consuming hatred for Trump and his supporters, they have become a toxic and dangerous group of people, capable of destroying our historical and constitutional nation.

Unfortunately Trump and the Republicans at times seem to underestimate the Democrat’s ability and dedication to destroy their opposition. Every move the Democrats make is calculated to support their agenda as exemplified by the latest House judicial hearing (kangaroo court) excoriating AG Bill Barr. It was completely naive on the part of the Trump administration to allow Barr to be set up like that. That hearing was designed to discredit Barr in preparation to discredit the forthcoming Durham investigation that will expose the Democrat corruption.

There are many other issues where the evil, cunning, and ruthlessness of the Democrats is evident, and keeping in mind the definition of cunning is “skilled in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion”. Some of these other issues are listed as follows:


Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, and others have become the domestic terrorist arm of the Democrat party. Although the Democrats do not publicly admit this, yet by their opposition to federal help, and restricting the police in their efforts to control the riots, they have tacitly approved and encouraged these illegal riot activities as they intentionally mislabel them “peaceful protests”. Some Democrat Mayors (such as in Seattle and Portland) have openly expressed their support for these rioters by meeting with them and expressing a sympathy for their “cause”

These dangerous riots are not just random, but are orchestrated by Democrat operatives utilizing the gullibility of young white and black people that have been thoroughly indoctrinated with a hatred of America by our education system. With the help of the Mainstream News Media (MNM) these riots are falsely being touted by the Democrats as being justified because Trump has used federal personnel to defend federal properties, and as labeled by the rioters the police are abusive pigs.

In blue states and cities law enforcement has been pushed back to a defensive position by the mayors & city councils who have placed restrictions on them and defunded them. The police force in these cities are shrinking by early retirements and resignations. In addition to all that, the liberal prosecutors refuse to prosecute the rioters who have been arrested. It is evident that these riots will go on indefinitely as long as Democrats hold controlling positions of power.

And lastly, part of the Democrat strategy is to create nationwide chaos, and blame it all on Trump. They believe they can use this strategy to win the upcoming presidential election, and in the process they have justified the physical danger they have placed citizens and their property in, as long as it accomplishes their goal..

Covid-19 Virus
The Covid-19 pandemic is neither the Democrat’s nor Trump’s fault, it is a virus that originated in China, but has become a tremendous talking point for the Democrats. They have repeatedly stated that all the deaths, job loses, business closings, and the overall economic crisis is due to Trump’s mishandling the pandemic response.

Mainstream News Media (MNM)
The MNM such as CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. They exhibit the cunningness I spoke of as they manipulate and falsify the facts in order to discredit Trump and his administration. They have also been very effective at covering up the illegal and unethical activities of Democrat officials. Overall, the MNM is the key to the success of the Democrat’s agenda, without the MNM the Democrats could never achieve their goals.

It has now become obvious that the leadership of the Democrat party have abandoned all pretense of honcunningesty, truthfulness, and belief in God. They have become totally vicious, deceptive, and will use any means available to defeat and destroy those who disagree with their philosophy, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

There is no longer any middle ground for compromise, nor chance of changing their attitude of hate and vengeance. By their actions, the Democrats have made it explicitly clear, they intend to destroy the God-fearing conservatives and the traditional form of our constitutional government. If they are not removed from their positions of power, they may indeed accomplish their destructive agenda.


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