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Moving Toward A Turbulent Election

We have less than 90 days left to live under somewhat normal conditions before “all Hell breaks loose”

Moving Toward A Turbulent Election

Moving Toward A Turbulent Election

by Pete Ketcham

Last month in my editorial, I had written the following concerning the results of the forthcoming election:

“The riots and violence we are presently seeing indicates a possibility that increased violence could proceed from the results of the coming November presidential election.

In all probability, regardless of who wins this coming presidential election, the losing side will not accept the results, and will accuse the winner of voter fraud. “

Since then President Trump lit a fuse of speculation last week when he stated that he considers mail in ballet voting to be rift with fraud and incompetence on the part of the people who oversee the voting process, and that perhaps the election should be postponed.

From that presidential statement, the issue of voter fraud will now be a “front and center” issue till November 3rd, and leaves most of us wondering what is actually going to happen when the election has taken place.

As you may well know, there is a plethora of opinions by various pundits, and the following is some of the issues that could arise:

It is pretty well settled that Trump does not have the constitutional authority to change the date of the election, it is reserved for congress to do so, and both sides of the isle have stated they will not allow Trump to change it.

Mail in voting is much slower to count, so there is a possibility the election will not “be called” on election night, and could possibly take several days to call the winner. If this does occur, there could be violent riots (BLM & Antifa), radical opinions stated by the liberal news media, and bold public statements by the Trump administration in the interim period while the votes are being counted. Over all this could be a very tumultuous period of time.

Vote recounts normally occur in individual state precincts, but can be a state wide recount of all the precincts within that state. This occurred in Florida in 2000 between Gore and Bush and delayed the final results by weeks, and was finally settled by a supreme court decision. The atmosphere that prevailed back in 2000 is not close to the volatile atmosphere that exists today. What will prevail this year if there are multiple calls for recounts of various states by the losing party could be a political storm of hurricane proportions in the states where the recounts occur. I would anticipate that precinct headquarters would be overrun by hostile vote recount “observers” accompanied by riots in the streets, and even when the vote recounts are completed they still may not be accepted by the “loser”.


It would seem we have less than 90 days left to live under somewhat normal conditions (even though we are presently experiencing chaos in multiple cities) before “all Hell breaks loose” after the initial election results are presented.

I realize this is a grim forecast to look forward to, and I hope I am wrong in my outlook of the future, but from what is happening today in our political and social arenas I am not optimistic that we are going to have a peaceable election.


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