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Democrat’s Blue Insanity by Pete Ketcham

Yet another insane project in California being implemented by these blue state political morons...


Democrat’s Blue Insanity

by Pete Ketcham

What we are now seeing in blue (Democrat controlled) states and cities is beyond logical explanation and reasoning. Democratic legislative control coupled with the lawless street riots (looting, burning, occupation of areas) will bring these states and cities down in chaos unless there is a complete removal of the Democratic leadership by the sane and lawful citizens occurs.

When I think of blue states, I think of California as a typical example with it’s insane liberal illogical policies that have been enacted over the years. I have wondered many times how collectively stupid California state and city legislators can be as they come up with “solutions” to problems, which logic indicates could never have worked, and in fact created more additional problems in the attempt to implement their “solutions”.

In particular I am reminded of the “high speed train to nowhere”, an illogical effort to construct a high speed railroad between Los Angeles and San Francisco that wasted billions of tax payer’s dollars, disrupted miles of property along the unused right-of-way, and became a bureaucratic fiasco of a magnitude never seen before.

There is now another insane project in California being implemented by these blue state political morons, which is called “Project Roomkey”. This is renting 15,000 hotel/motel rooms for the homeless to prevent them from contracting COVID-19. This has turned into a indoor homeless camp with all the filth, drugs, and mental illness you find in an outdoor camp. The people running these homeless hotels/motels will need to be wearing hazard suites, and the owners will need to completely refurbish their buildings if they ever want to return them to a normal use, that is, if they are able to evict their homeless “guests” See  San Francisco’s failed experiment of homeless hotels is a cautionary tale

But the most illogical and damaging policy these blue Democrat Governors, Mayors, and city council members is their response to the criminal anarchy that is occurring daily in their cities. These politicians are literally abandoning their police, rejecting federal help, and encouraging the mob’s unlawful activities by the following:

  1. Defunding the police by reducing their budget, and moving assets to other agencies they mistakenly think can replace current police functions.
  2. Removing police liability protection (immunity) and implementing illogical “Rules of Engagement” for the policeman, so that in the performance of his/her duties in the apprehension of a criminal, the policeman could very well end up in jail for excessive force. Thus policemen are retiring early and others are just quitting the force, at a time when they should be increasing the force in order to deal with the growing anarchy in the streets.
  3. Some mayors are marching with the mobs, and kneeling in support of the Marxist BLM movement, thus encouraging and emboldening the criminal mobs that are tearing their cities apart.
  4. In Portland as of 7/19/2020 there have been 50 straight days of riots (not protests), and the largest concern/objection the mayor and city council members have is the presence of federal law enforcement personnel protecting federal property. They literally seem oblivious to the damage the rioters are inflicting on the police and local businesses.


There are other issues that could be listed to show the lack of common sense and logic that is contributing to the collapse of law and order in these Democrat controlled cities, but the question remains, why would these mayors adopt such disastrous policies that could destroy all law and order within their cities, and also possibly remove them from office?

I can only conclude that there is a collective insanity that is spreading like a virus throughout the blue states controlled by Democrats, going far beyond just plain stupid.

At some point, the citizens may finally get tired of the disasters and chaos they bring down upon themselves by repeatably electing Democrats, and change their vote to Republican, that is if there is anything left to vote on.



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1 Comment on Democrat’s Blue Insanity by Pete Ketcham

  1. The big mistake that people make is to think that dems and repubs are vastly different. They are not! Whether left wing or right wing, the wings are on the same bird. Insanity and corruption run rampant in both wings. Ron Paul is constantly pointing out that the parties are not that different on the fundamental issues. Both parties get us into illegal, endless and immoral wars. Both parties raise the national debt. Both parties let the federal reserve go without an audit. Both parties build more and more prisons and both parties destroy the constitution. They are totally united in the same cause: corruption.

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