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Are We Being Played As Fools With This Virus?

This virus is being used as a means to entirely restructure our country

Are We Being Played As Fools With This Virus?

Are We Being Played As Fools With This Virus?

by Karen Schumacher

It is really laughable.  The United Nations (UN) has successfully discovered something more ominous to frighten us than the demise of the world through environmental degradation.  When was the last time as much emphasis was placed on our environment being destroyed?  That there are threats to our water security?  Or that wildlife is dying right and left because we humans are robbing them of their wilderness to roam freely?

Nope, their new scam, a virus, has exceeded any hopes they had in using the environment to achieve their agenda, scaring us to death that catastrophic doom is upon us if we don’t immediately change our ways.  No need to wait for world destruction by 2040.  Brilliant!  What is happening currently was all laid out for us last fall with Event 201.  While the existence of the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus is real, that it originated in China, the motives and methods behind its spread are still unclear.

However, the hidden motives behind this virus are the same.  Starting with Agenda 21 in 1992, never ratified or adopted by Congress, implemented through an executive order in 1993 which embedded “sustainable development” into all federal legislation that trickled down its oppression onto states, and now with Agenda 2030, the objectives are the same.  What a long, struggling road it has been for the UN.  Beginning 28 years ago, using the environment to frighten and force us to change, just wasn’t fast enough for them.  But this new virus plan, threatening more immediate death, has scrambled everyone to bow to their whims.

Everything is tied to the UN, everything.  Every issue that every patriot group works on is tied to the UN.  Now with COVID-19 everyone is focused on sorting out truth vs fiction, just another brilliant distraction.  Who is feeding us all the countering information to the truth?  The UN partners, corporations, foundations, and sadly, even our own government.  So desperate are they to shut down the truth, censorship is rampant.  For every truth that is put out about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and masks, UN partners slam those truths with contradicting information.  The UN is predicting rising infection numbers, new virus threats, shortages, starvation, and that pesky Center for Disease Control (CDC) World Health Organization (WHO) partner is forecasting a dire double flu season this fall  The list of Covid-19 symptoms has grown so any physical malady can be automatically construed as related to COVID-19, and even if symptoms are absent we are still guilty of its spread.  Let’s just face it, gloom and doom persists and this will continue until the necessary changes for The Great Reset are in place, fed to the public as the “new normal“, and outlined in the World Economic Forum (WEF), “Accelerating Digital Inclusion in the New Normal Playbook“.  Read it folks, this is the direction you are being taken, a new form of government.

Oh, because the virus scam is working so well, add in the forecast that it will continue to just get worse, especially if you don’t comply, it will be your fault.  But, in truth, it won’t matter how many people wear masks, socially distance, or do all the other bizarre recommendations passed down from the UN to Dr. Fauci and fed to us.  It won’t matter how much we comply, the future is set because the virus has been working so well to advance agendas with all of those plans laid right out there in front informing us.  Yet, in spite of all this gloom, the UN says we are globally happy, happy, happy.

And don’t forget those vaccines.  Agenda 2030 has a specific goal to meet just for that.  In fact, all sustainable development goals are integrated with vaccines.  There are also other vaccine advantages that will contribute to enhancing one’s identity, which fits into the digital scam.  Or, perhaps a CoviPass would be better as it provides “control” over ones personal information, has already been shipped out to countries for use, and is impressively providing its “…technology to work with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program.”  Luckily, in true capitalist form, choices are available for people to decide how they want to be tracked such as with  iRespond, Simprints, onfido, Clear, Yoti, IDnow, or iDenfy.

Think about it.  Just as with the environmental scam, this virus is being used as a means to entirely restructure our country, from our form of government as a Republic, to education, healthcare, how we socialize and vote.  Even our first amendment rights and freedom to assemble in worship have been removed.  How can a virus have so much power to change a system that has been in place for over two centuries?

It is because it is not a virus causing this, it is the UN through WHO and its partnership with CDC, along with all of its other partners, using a virus as a tool.  Are we going to allow this to happen?  The goal has always been to force us into a digital world, online education, telemedicine, even our economy in which the Federal Reserve is already participating.  As part of forcing us into a cashless society the new ploy of coin shortages is being thrown at us.  Maybe it is just the start of removing cash from society that will coerce us into a digital economy.

Don’t you see?  Nothing has changed, the end game remains the same.  The UN is still executing the same agenda on us only this time they have discovered a more efficient and expedient tool, one that can threaten imminent death rather than waiting for years, and results in more immediate manipulation of your behavior.  It’s working far much better than the environment scam, is far quicker in eliciting panic, which is probably much to their glee.  Our government is already working on manipulating us to take the vaccine.  This does nothing more except to pit us against each other.  We all have the same enemy and it isn’t a virus.

In the background the same UN objectives are happening, only more rapidly.  A digital world is being built through 5G, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather all the necessary data to track us and what we do, eventually having the ability to control all resources along with monitoring consumption and production.  Infrastructure for these goals is being put into place as they keep us tied up with arguing about whether face masks work, what is being censored, or if studies and doctors support HCQ as a treatment.  The UN is behind this push for this pandemic which “…has renewed and anchored the role of digital government…”.  All of this is being executed regardless of concerns about the safety of 5G.

Everyone is running around putting the brush fires out, but the forest is rapidly burning to the ground.

Does it not become tiresome to read the same information over and over?  How many articles need to be read to understand the Gates Foundation is evil, that some anarchist group is part of a larger Marxist plot, that we are to be chipped, and that Soros is behind all of it?  The WEF, Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, corporations, other foundations, and the UN continue to be in charge, it is all documented.  This test run of a virus was all previously documented, and we are now being told where they intend to take us.  It must be taken seriously.  Now is the time to stop reading repetitive information and start addressing the true core of the problem and what needs to be done to stop it.

What is the solution?  Can our state legislature take some action to stop this agenda in Idaho?  Will the governor aid in the protection of our state even though he has joined with the Western Governors Association with implementation through its Reimagining the Rural West Initiative?  What actions do Idaho citizens need to take?

Our Constitution is not going to protect us as this agenda excludes its protections and the players have no intention to consider it as seen by the rights already being impacted by this virus.  It is clear that if immediate action is not taken, our near future is written out for us to see.  This will become our new Constitution, a technocratic world of “experts” managing our lives through technocracy.  Yes, we are being played as fools if we do not take action to end this tyranny.


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