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Scott Drexler Launches Videos On Facebook And Youtube

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020


Scott Drexler Launches Videos On Facebook And Youtube

Scott Drexler, noted for his participation in the Bunkerville Bundy Standoff of 2014, launches the creation of videos in which he explains his positions on various issues related to his run for Sheriff of Custer County, Idaho.

“I like to respond to what people are thinking and asking”, he said. “That’s the job of Sheriff and why I launched the series of videos so people can watch and interact with me on Facebook and YouTube. Unlike my competitors in this race, I actually want to hear what the people are thinking.” Drexler is no stranger to electronic communication and has been a member of Custer County Concerned Citizens from the beginning.

“Lets be realistic, people in our community are busy. The only time they really have to catch up on what’s going on is after supper on the computer. These videos are perfect for those busy people I want to reach” Drexler said. “But I want to be clear, this isn’t just me telling you what I think. This medium is all about getting feedback from citizens. I want people to respond with questions I can talk about and address. I started by answering obvious questions I thought people would like to know answers to. Where this goes is up to citizens. No topics are off limits.” Drexler stated.

Some of the questions covered in his videos include: The Bundy Standoff and if he has any regrets, the new County Jail, Crime, Being Labeled an Extremist, Federal Agencies, His Father as Sheriff of Blaine County, Protecting Citizens, the Corona Virus, his Background, the Idaho III%, Particulars of Custer County, and his views of the Constitution and Citizen Rights. You can find the videos by searching Scott Drexler For Sheriff on YouTube or Facebook.

Scott Drexler for Sheriff YouTube

Scott Drexler for Sheriff Facebook Page

If you would like to help the Drexler for Sheriff Campaign, donations can me made at the following places:

Scott Drexler for Sheriff
P. O. Box 949
Challis ID 83226




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