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Scott Drexler Enters Custer County Sheriff’s Race

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Scott Drexler Enters Custer County Sheriff's Race

Scott Drexler Enters Custer County Sheriff’s Race

Scott Drexler of Challis enters the Custer County race for Sheriff today putting to rest speculation he might run. “After careful thought and consultation with friends and citizens of the County I have decided to throw my hat in the ring” says Drexler. “I’ve been looking for a way to contribute to the County and State and have thought about doing this for some time. The time has come.”

Having grown up in neighboring Blaine County, Drexler has had family ties to Challis since 1980. He lived in the Custer County area in the 1990’s, and now in Challis for nearly a decade. “I was drawn to this area because of family and its wonderful atmosphere” he said. Drexler is a heavy equipment operator and construction worker. “I have many great friends in Custer County, especially around Challis who know my background and what I stand for.” he said. “But as my campaign unfolds and this race heats up, I’m looking forward to speaking with more folks in Mackay and Stanley and sharing with them my vision for the enforcement of laws in Custer County.” Drexler said.

When asked ‘why you and why now’?, Drexler was matter-of-fact. “This is a unique and rural place – people are strong and independent. If you can believe it we don’t have a stop light in the entire County. The motto of the County is We Are What America Used to Be. The people of Custer County are quite liberty-minded. They appreciate not being heavily regulated. I feel the same way and will be a great fit as Sheriff. People like their guns, religion and traditional lifestyles. Me too. I’m right there with them.” he said.

Certainly, there must be detractors who note you have no law enforcement background. What makes you think you will be able to become Sheriff without any experience? “Well, I view that as a net positive. The level of public feedback to me about what’s going on with law enforcement has been tremendous. I hear from people all the time about what is working and what’s not.” said Drexler. “The fact that I am not a cop is the best endorsement in this race. I am listening to the people and they are telling me what is going on and what changes they want”. He then added “I am hired and work for the people, not the County, not the bureaucrats.”

This issue of Bunkerville Nevada and the Bundy Ranch Standoff is an issue which propelled Drexler into national prominence. With your misdemeanor plea of “Interfering with a Court Order” there are going to be detractors who say you are not cut out for this office. What is your response? “That is the defining issue in this race as far as I am concerned.” he said. “The whole world knows what I did and why – standing up to the tyrannical federal government to protect the little guy. If you wanted someone as Sheriff, would you want someone with my convictions or a career bureaucrat?” Drexler commented. “The jury came back with ‘you are innocent’ and that was with a system that had the deck stacked against me and the other defendants.

“One thing a lot of people don’t know is my late father was Sheriff in neighboring Blaine County, where I grew up.” Drexler said. “Dad was a 4-term Sheriff from 1965 to 1981 and was a Deputy before that. That’s a long career in law enforcement, and he was doing this as I was growing up. I paid attention to what Dad did, how he acted and treated people. I like to think that’s why I have such strong convictions about the law, treating people properly and why corruption of our system – like what I witnessed going on in the Bundy situation – is such a cancer on our Republic.” he said. “So you could say I am not going into this cold. The whole time growing up I had the best example teaching me how to treat people as Sheriff. That was a priceless life experience. I like to think I am a chip off the old block. I think Dad would be proud of me following in his footsteps and running for Sheriff of Custer County.” Drexler added.

“Being the County Sheriff is a responsibility I take very seriously and if elected, I am going to need the support of all the citizens. We all know most policing starts at the community level by being a good and helpful neighbor. That’s where I would like to start this campaign – to let the people know I don’t want to stand over them, I want to stand along side them and under the principles of the Constitution. Custer County belongs to all of us.” Drexler said.

Lastly when asked about his chances and what seems like a long uphill battle Drexler said, “Well if the people don’t support me, I won’t win. I will accept that. But don’t hold your breath. I’m getting a lot of community support.”

If you would like to donate you can do so two ways.  or checks can be sent to Scott Drexler P.O. Box 949 Challis Idaho 83226.

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