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Exclusive: Rep. Scott Tells Us What She Believes vs. the Biased Media

Please consider signing the petition for President Trump to look into the Political Weaponization of Words. 

Rep. Scott Tells Us What She Believes vs. the Biased Media

Rep. Scott Tells Us What She Believes
vs. the Biased Media

by Rep. Heather Scott, North Idaho, Heart of the American Redoubt

I have been contacted by three different reporters within the last month with similar requests. All of them want answers to the same question of “what I really believe” and to get to know “how I form my belief system”.

Coincidence or not, no matter what I say or what I do, the media machine appears to be coordinating on their talking points and continues to use the words I say to put me deeper into their definition box and to label me as an “extreme terrorist”. Not only do they want to label me with their vernacular, but now they want to link my belief system to their labeled definitions.

I explain why they are doing this in my video which has a lot to do with the Department of Homeland Security and their lexicon of definitions. I just received a follow-up response (LINK) to this video from The Inlander’s reporter Dan Walters. He is currently contacting lots of different people in an attempt to publish an upcoming hit-piece article on me.

These “elitist” biased reporters believe their system of belief is superior to all others and are willing to stop at nothing to destroy those who do not agree with their own views. I think it is time to call them out for what they really are and for their dirty tactics used to try to eliminate elected officials they have trouble beating at the voting booth.

I also believe I have connected a few more dots as to why biased media like Walters are so fearful of folks that have different belief systems or views then themselves. After re-reading Walters’ questions (LINK) and talking to a “friendly” deep inside the media’s twisted network, I decided to make this official public statement on the tactics used by the biased media to silence and destroy those whose beliefs are different than their own. The following is an official statement:

The American Redoubt is becoming a refuge for traditional American core values including liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and simple living. It is not a hideout for racial supremacists, religious zealots, bigots, –phobics or “deplorables” as much of the biased media continually reports. Evil hides everywhere in this country, from the big cities to the rolling countryside.

Because of this ongoing media blitz attempting to degrade Idaho and surrounding freedom loving areas, I want to be clear that I, Representative Heather Scott, denounce and reject ANY AND ALL forms of racial supremacy and believe, as the late Lavoy Finicum stated, that “Freedom is Color Blind.”

To suggest that the American Redoubt, which occupies no defined space or has any tangible borders, is a hideout for racial supremacists and to drag freedom-loving Christians into their charade by using this false narrative is abhorrent.

I believe these actions by the biased media of directly and indirectly attacking conservative Christian citizens and labeling them as extreme right winged racial terrorists, constitutes one of the lowest forms of hate crimes imaginable.

This should not be tolerated by the public any longer. It is clear the biased media refuses to police their own. I believe the public needs to start openly shaming them until they do.”

Please consider signing the petition for President Trump to look into the Political Weaponization of Words. 

Petition: POLITICAL WEAPONIZATION OF LABELS: How Are Americans Becoming Unwitting “Domestic Terrorists?”

Lawmaker Flips The Narrative on The Media

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