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Lawmaker Flips The Narrative on The Media

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Lawmaker Flips The Narrative on The Media

Lawmaker Flips The Narrative on The Media

by Shari Dovale

There has been multiple media attacks on Washington Rep. Matt Shea over the biased, unofficial report the Democrat leaders in Olympia forced on the taxpayers. Over $100,000 later, they still have not come up with any proof of their outrageous allegations against this man.

As they continue their attempts to smear his good name throughout the Main Stream Media (MSM), they have extended their net to include anyone that was (inadvertently or not) mentioned in the Rampart Group’s Wikipedia-sourced report, specifically Republican elected officials.

Since the goal of the Marxists Media is to make conservatives look as damaging to the public as possible, is it any wonder that no one wants to talk to them? How about when the narrative gets flipped back on them as they get caught in their own sleazy web?

The latest is an attempt by leftist media to scandalize and disgrace the good name of an Idaho legislator, Representative Heather Scott. She saw through the narrative and brought her findings to the public, shining light where the Democrats fear to tread.

A left-wing radical columnist was named as contacting multiple people in his attempts to get someone to talk dirt on Rep. Scott. This author can attest to it as well, as he contacted me during this time asking me to speak about Representative Scott as pertaining to my interview with her here: Exclusive: Idaho Rep. Scott on Liberal Media Attacks

Scott tells you in the video of the Federal Government’s definitions of extremists. She references the DHS Domestic Extremism Lexicon.

Pay close attention to some of the wording used in this official government document, and who they are labeling as domestic extremists:

media lexicon


Then look at the last part of the Lexicon and notice how they are asking you to spy on your neighbors and turn in your friends:

Scott is my House Representative in Idaho. She lives in my district and I find her accessible whenever I need to talk to her. The only time she may not be easily available is while the legislature is in session, as it is now.

As busy as Rep. Scott is, this issue is important enough that she made time for me when I asked her about this reporter. Please read her full report here:  Exclusive: Rep. Scott Tells Us What She Believes vs. the Biased Media

“The American Redoubt is becoming a refuge for traditional American core values including liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and simple living. It is not a hideout for racial supremacists, religious zealots, bigots, –phobics or “deplorables” as much of the biased media continually reports. Evil hides everywhere in this country, from the big cities to the rolling countryside.

Because of this ongoing media blitz attempting to degrade Idaho and surrounding freedom loving areas, I want to be clear that I, Representative Heather Scott, denounce and reject ANY AND ALL forms of racial supremacy and believe, as the late Lavoy Finicum stated, that “Freedom is Color Blind.”

To suggest that the American Redoubt, which occupies no defined space or has any tangible borders, is a hideout for racial supremacists and to drag freedom-loving Christians into their charade by using this false narrative is abhorrent.

I believe these actions by the biased media of directly and indirectly attacking conservative Christian citizens and labeling them as extreme right winged racial terrorists, constitutes one of the lowest forms of hate crimes imaginable.

This should not be tolerated by the public any longer. It is clear the biased media refuses to police their own. I believe the public needs to start openly shaming them until they do.”   ~ Representative Heather Scott

This writer has recently addressed the seriousness of the problem sometimes called “label lynching” in the article HATE SPEECH: The Weaponization of Language

The Social Justice Warriors of the Democrat Party (Socialists) had a beautiful thing going, in their minds. Call everything Hate Speech and make people afraid to voice their opinion.

If someone disagrees, call them Racist, or Homophobic, or Islamophobic. If that doesn’t work, then it would be time to get serious and (pardon the pun) pull out the big guns. Make accusations that cannot be substantiated nor easy to prove right or wrong. Put everyone on the defensive. Make them afraid to speak up, for fear of being labeled some Anti-Politically-Correct term-of-the-day.

The antagonists in the MSM are continuing with their attempts to control the populace by making everyone afraid to speak their opinion. They do not want the common people to have a voice, and this is a direct attack on the grassroots, Middle America. They seem to believe that, by using these methods, they can control what you think, and ultimately how you think.

Representative Scott is correct in her desire to get this issue before President Trump. She is asking for everyone to read and sign the following petition, for just that purpose. They are also asking folks to share the petition, as they need to generate quite a lot of attention.

Petition: POLITICAL WEAPONIZATION OF LABELS: How Are Americans Becoming Unwitting “Domestic Terrorists?”



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