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Reclaim Idaho Knows All About Corruption…and Hypocrisy

Our initiative process wasn’t meant to be manipulated in this way.

Reclaim Idaho Activists

Reclaim Idaho Knows All About Corruption
…and Hypocrisy

by Brent Regan

The sheer hypocrisy of Luke Mayville’s recent op-ed accusing Republicans of corruption (very subtly titled, “Corruption, Corruption, Corruption”) is truly amazing. You see, Mayville – a New York City Ivy League professor who leads the group “Reclaim Idaho,” which was behind the Medicaid expansion initiative on the November 2018 ballot – has relied on hundreds of thousands of dollars from a corrupt California union.

Reclaim Idaho, despite its claims of being a totally grassroots organization, has close financial and ideological ties to a group called “The Fairness Project,” which is itself the brainchild of a highly controversial California union, the Oakland-based Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW for short). The Fairness Project has spent at least $16 million and counting on progressive ballot initiatives in California and many other states, including here in Idaho. In addition to union dues, the Fairness Project has received at least a half-million dollars from a foundation run by left-wing billionaire activist George Soros.

The Fairness Project spent about $547,000 in Idaho on paid signature-gatherers and consulting services to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot, according to campaign finance disclosure reports. It also offered its donor list to Reclaim Idaho and other supporters of Medicaid expansion, to the tune of about $850,000 out-of-state dollars, according to a political consultant who worked on the initiative campaign and was paid by the Fairness Project.

You may be wondering a California union is pouring money into initiatives in states across the country, and why a group like Reclaim Idaho would take a dime from such a shady group. It’s a very good question, especially when you read all the reports about the union’s boss, a man named Dave Regan (no relation to the author), being accused of alleged “ballot box blackmail,” of being a “ballot measure extortionist,” physical assault, intimidating a police officer and, most recently, sexual misconduct in the workplace. Even leftist labor activists in California are strongly critical of Regan, calling him a “bully” and worse.

The answer to why a California union is involved in so many out-of-state campaigns comes from union boss Regan himself. According to union meeting minutes available online, Regan says he wants to use “ballot measures as a tool to exert union strength” and advocated “similar tactics both within and outside of California.” He says he has a plan to “change the political landscape in California and around the country.” In other words, he wants to exploit our initiative process to gain power nationwide, including here in Idaho.

Reclaim Idaho is apparently more than happy to be the puppet of this corrupt California union boss. Last summer, at the height of the campaign season and in the midst of her own unsuccessful bid for the Idaho State House as a Democrat, current Reclaim Idaho Executive Director Rebecca Schroeder went to San Jose for the June 2018 SEIU-UHW Executive Board meeting to make a pitch for Idaho’s Medicaid expansion initiative. Two months later, the union gave the Fairness Project, Reclaim Idaho’s backer, an additional $3 million.

Given all this, it is beyond hypocritical for Luke Mayville or anyone else from Reclaim Idaho to moralize about “corruption.” In fact, given its ties to such a shady union, it seems that Reclaim Idaho owes the people of Idaho more truth and transparency, and less propaganda. Our initiative process wasn’t meant to be manipulated in this way. It’s time we held Reclaim Idaho accountable.


-Brent Regan is the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee Chairman

Links: Hour Primary/10113.2.pdf Hour Primary/10113.1.pdf


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6 Comments on Reclaim Idaho Knows All About Corruption…and Hypocrisy

  1. Thomas Jefferson
    It doesn’t surprise me that you know very little of the group that you support. Luke Mayville in a 7.22.17 article spells out his strategy. It is too bad you didn’t do your homework before becoming a volunteer. BTW, what gives you the right to spend other peoples money? Here’s a suggestion for you. First of all, get a real job. Second, you could choose to pay more on your taxes and Third, stay right here on the new site because you will be really learn what a non communist state looks like.

    “Mayville talked about the issues behind health care in the state and how Reclaim Idaho will address them. He designed a strategy to get people aware of and involved in the conversation, called “neighborhood teams” — 50 groups of five to 15 volunteers in communities statewide will “set very concrete goals that all have to do with tried-and-true, effective forms of voter contact,” including knocking on doors and making campaign calls.”

  2. Volunteers for Reclaim are nothing but sheep that have not read the Constitution or understood how government works. Hence, their refusal to let Elected Representatives do their job.

    They expect government to take care of them because they cannot do it themselves. Thus their belief in handouts and forced vaccinations.

    They do not know what is best for themselves, that is why they wait for government to tell them. Accordingly, this accounts for their belief in larger, more intrusive government.

    They spend their time on their ObamaPhones asking government how to live their lives, and for “Free Money” for not being willing to work for it themselves. That is also why they love the idiocy of #AOC.

    In other words, they are petulant children throwing tantrums, and telling lies because their Mommas never taught them any better.

  3. Bahaha. I’m a volunteer for Reclaim. Sheep Dog, we don’t have anything called neighborhood teams and I am not familiar with the next door app. I spit my coffee out laughing at this intell.

    That’s all the Redoubt is. A movement to dismantle government through lies, tax evasion, and corruption.

    Hey Brent, here’s Reclaim’s Sunshine Report! Too bad you’re illegally registered as a 501c3 while participating in lobbyist activity and we can’t view your contributors.

    Notice, no exchanges of funds. Not even the evidence provided supports the claims given in this hysterical hit piece. #TaxEvader #DarkMoney #RejectRedoubt

    • Required qualifications to be a “reclaim volunteer”

      A) Idiot

      B) Useful idiot

      C) All of the above

      Please choose only one

  4. Luke Mayville, a Columbia University graduate designed a strategy to get people involved in the Medicare expansion by devising a system called “neighborhood teams”. There are 50 groups statewide of 5-15 volunteers (or paid volunteers) that set concrete goals of contacting neighbors and friends to promote this expansion. Social media via a neighborhood app called Next Door is also in use. This is a boots on the ground strategy with personal neighborhood contacts. As a part of the Reclaim Idaho group, they also intend to influence elections by promoting the Democratic Party. Reclaim Idaho’s ultimate expansion is to turn Idaho blue.

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