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Idaho S1159: Ballot Initiative Reform

We elect representatives and in doing so we delegate some of our power to them.

Ballot Initiative Reform

Ballot Initiative Reform

My first reaction was in opposition to SB1159, the ballot initiative reform. How dare the legislators take power from the people. However, after speaking with various people about this issue, I knew I had to do my own research. I went back and forth whether I support raising the threshold required for Idaho citizens to get a question on the ballot.

After much thought, and considering our culture and political system as a whole, I can say that I am in favor of these proposed amendments. Basically, this bill would require future ballot initiatives to include a financial/funding report and to gather more signatures from rural counties.

First of all, we are a republic, not a democracy. We elect representatives and in doing so we delegate some of our power to them. Mob rule is a dangerous thing.

Secondly, we all know the left understands how to manipulate emotions, is well organized, and heavily funded. Frankly, conservatives are not. We can’t even gather up more than a dozen people to fight a burdensome school levy on the local level. Reclaim Idaho has figured out how to use the existing system to push their own agenda in a state which strongly elects Republicans. They certainly have plans to move onto another socialist issue.

There is one other thing I noticed. Reclaim Idaho states that the government wants to end “the right to take matters into our own hands”. Does anyone else find this ironic, when the left is all about having the government provide education, healthcare, living wages, etc., essentially taking all matters out of our own hands?

Kathy Rose


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1 Comment on Idaho S1159: Ballot Initiative Reform

  1. Kathy your first response was dead on: “How dare the legislators take power from the people?” Your later rationalizations have some merit but consider this. What if the left takes the power away from the right? What if you’ve removed the last vestige of citizen input? Think about it.

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