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The Great Unwashed Of Bonner County

Certainly nothing speaks "small government," or "constitutional conservative" more than the government telling you how YOUR "castle," shall be constructed.

The Great Unwashed Of Bonner County

The Great Unwashed Of Bonner County

As quoted in an article that appeared in the CDA Press on Sunday 9/30/18;

“Fillios, said his wife did more than 1000 appraisals in Bonner County but won’t do them anymore because there’s too much substandard construction.” Brooks stated, “If you don’t want building codes, move somewhere where they don’t have any, like Bonner County and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.”

Just who are Fillios and Brooks, you may inquire? Mr. Fillios is a Kootenai County commissioner and Mr. Brooks is running unopposed for an open KC commissioner seat in November. Oh, and both happen to be real estate agents. In fact, Mr. Brooks primary campaign against incumbent Mark Eberlein was coincidentally funded by an Idaho Realtors PAC. The article written in Sunday’s Press edition revealed the soon to be certain revocation of the “opt out,” building permit process in Kootenai County. The “opt out” ordinance was adopted by commissioners Eberlein and Bingham in the spring of this year. In the primary election held shortly after adoption of “opt-out” both Commissioner Bingham and Eberlein lost their elections. Mr. Fillios opposed the, “opt out” provision from inception and Mr. Brooks has on many occasions voiced his intent to rescind “opt out,” when he assumes his position on the Commission in 2019. To be fair, it should be noted that Mr. Brooks fairly and squarely won the primary election against Mr. Eberlein by a margin of a couple hundred votes. Clearly, a majority of the voters felt that a commissioner who has filed personal bankruptcy on more than one occasion would be an excellent choice for steward of their hard earned tax dollars. No doubt they were impressed by his financial acumen. Mr. Brooks also writes a weekly “consumer advocate” column for the CDA Press. He is apparently the “go to” guy for scams and cons. I have been told that if there is a way to “game” the system, Mr. Brooks knows ALL the tricks! Why I bet even the creditors he stiffed in both of his bankruptcies even read his well written articles for tips and tricks. Mr. Brooks states that he is a “constitutional conservative,” and “small government,” advocate. Certainly nothing speaks “small government,” or “constitutional conservative” more than the government telling you how YOUR “castle,” shall be constructed. I think Mr. Brooks put it ever so eloquently when he stated… “if you don’t like it, move to Bonner County where they don’t have building permits and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.” What an incredible wordsmith! Now there’s a chamber of commerce slogan for ya!

Then we have Mr. Fillios. Mr. Fillios is originally from New York, a state that never met a restriction of liberty it didn’t like. He points out though, that he lived several years in New Hampshire.  You know.. “live free or die.”  Apparently Mr. Fillios subscribes to the Rachael Dolezal theory of osmosis. It’s very similar to the “little train that thought it could,” theory. It would seem that Mr. Fillios believes that his residency in New Hampshire transformed him from a liberal New Yorker to Jed Clampant… just a good ol’ country boy in the big city!  A friend of mine who built his own home recently told me that he thought the only reason Brooks and Fillios opposed “opt out,” was they feared it would hit them in their coin purses. Balderdash, I replied. Why I have several friends who are realtors and the last thing on their mind is “how can I make a buck off of this deal?” Oh sure I replied, 99% of realtors and lawyers give the other 1% a bad name. But as a one time realtor myself, I can vouch for that 1%!  I should mention however, that I was a horrible realtor. In fact, the group asked me to resign after only a few months. The sales manager put it best… “Brian, he said, as long as you continue to be honest, forthcoming and compassionate, there is no position for you in this company.” By gosh, he was right! I resigned on the spot and became a firefighter. Now the only smoke that blows up my nose is from lumber! 

So what does any of this have to do with Bonner County? Well, clearly Mr. Fillios and Mr. Brooks do not hold the domiciles of Bonner County … sniff, sniff… in “high” regard. They might say that Bonner County is so, so… how do I put it?  Bourgeois!  In fact, I doubt either of these fine gentleman would soil their Birkenstocks with Bonner dirt!  And who could blame these two elite of the elitists?  The truth is, I have a confession to make. Several years ago I was once one of the Bonner County “unwashed.” But in my defense, I was just a young hayseed! Foolishly, I was mesmerized by the deep blue depths of Lake Pend Oreille and the pristine waters of Priest Lake.  And how many countless hours did I waste away atop Schweitzer Mountain in speechless gaze of God’s creation?  Of course, what young man would not be intoxicated by the forests, rivers and streams of the Bonner County mountains? Oh sure, Sandpoint is constantly in the national news for it’s bucolic lifestyle….So what!  And yeah, Bonner County doesn’t require building permits, but rather gives “the unwashed” the freedom to take responsibility for their own life. But be honest, wouldn’t you much rather give Kootenai County $2000.00 or more for the privilege of building in the “Kingdom of Kootenai?”  And while my freedom loving friends bemoan “King Fillios,” and his soon to be queen, Brooks….  I look forward with great anticipation as these two fine RINO’s rule “their” land and we ungrateful heretics!


Your humble servant,
B. Jefferson


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  1. Who owns your ” property” ?
    I can say with absolute certianty, you don’t !
    Until We resume our Lawful standing and rebut all assumptions, presumptions, revoke all adhesion contracts, licenses, unregister everything, legally “They” own you. Its in the name/NAME .
    Want to know more ? Want out of the chains of slavery ? Want to take back your birthright and inheritence from our Creator ?
    We should talk . We must end this fraud .

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