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WA3% Continues Community Outreach

“The Washington Three Percent organization is a community support organization that focuses on building our communities," ~ Matt Marshall

WA3% Continues Community Outreach

WA3% Continues Community Outreach

by Elysa Sanchez

Eight days after the Liberty or Death: Rally Against Left-wing Violence in front of Seattle city hall the patriotic Washington Three Percent (WA3%) organization has continued with normal operations, resuming normal community outreach efforts for deserving families and the homeless.

Matt Marshall, WA3% State Leader (photo: AP)

On Aug. 24th several members led by State Leader Matt Marshall, returned to downtown Seattle to pass out bags filled with food and hygiene essentials for the homeless. The group assembled the bags in the S King Street parking lot off S 6th Ave, then proceeded to the tent city under the I-5 overpass on James Street to pass them out. The 3 percenters also passed out the donations in front of city hall on 4th Ave, the scene of the Liberty or Death rally a few days before, and had enough left over to distribute in Prefontaine Place as well.

“The Washington Three Percent organization is a community support organization that focuses on building our communities,” said Matt Marshall, WA3% State Leader.  “We are also a pro human right organization and support the entire bill of rights, which includes the right to bear arms. Last week we were at City Hall hosting a peaceful demonstration in support of our Second Amendment. We were met with mostly peaceful counter-demonstrators, and a few violent ones.”

A few days after the homeless outreach campaign in Seattle, the WA3% drove to Monroe, WA and delivered a brand new Xbox 1 to a hardworking young man named Ethan.

13-year old Ethan comes from a low-income family. His mother worked all summer and couldn’t afford summer activities. Though he was stuck in his apartment most of the summer, he kept a good attitude and did what he could to help his mother. One of the 3% members decided to surprise them both with an Xbox1 which included several free games and a free 1 year subscription to Xbox Live.

This effort was led by 3%er Will Murphy along with Z1 Leader, Christopher Rainey. They were joined by several representatives of WA3% Zone 1, which includes most of the counties north of King County. Ethan was stunned and delighted by his awesome gift and the generosity of strangers. The funds for his Xbox were donated by WA3 percenters, with all funds being collected within 17 hours of announcing the campaign. Ethan celebrated by taking pictures with WA3% Zone 1 in the driver seat of a tricked out patriotic Jeep Rubicon.

Ethan’s mother Ciji said, “Words cannot fully express my gratitude for the generosity you all have shown me and my son. It’s times like these that I am reminded that my faith in mankind is for good reason.”

That same Sunday WA3% members from Zones 2 and 3 went to Shelton, WA and built a wheelchair ramp for WWII veteran Wally Erickson formerly of the Army Air Corps. This group of WA3% was led by Rob Burwell, WA3% Z3 Leader. Erickson’s wife Wende was so overjoyed by the help she and her husband received from WA3% she could hardly process what was happening.

“I am not used to receiving such help from so many and I feel like I’m on the outside looking in on a dream come true. Everyone was so nice, so kind, so friendly, so willing and did such excellent work and always telling me it was their pleasure and delight.” said Wende.

In the months to follow WA3% will be preparing for their upcoming rally Liberty or Death 2: Rally Against Left-wing Media Bias. The rally will be held at Victor Steinbrueck Park in downtown Seattle on Western Avenue. Speakers will include 17-year-old Aryeh Rohde who gave a rousing speech at the previous rally condemning political violence, Matt Marshall Leader of WA3%, Shari Dovale of Redoubt News, and many more. The theme of this rally will be combating the slander and lies from mainstream media who are determined to defame patriotic Right wing groups with baseless accusations of racism, homophobia, Nazism and bigotry.

“Media leading up to the Liberty or Death: Rally Against Left-Wing Violence was egregious. We were smeared, labeled white supremacists, and called Nazi’s. The labeling of our members is part of the disgusting identity politics that plague our Nation. Fun Fact: only 1 journalist reached out to me for comment prior to our August 18th Rally. Yet over a dozen articles were written about me and the WA3%.” – Matt Marshall, WA3% State Leader

All who oppose the dishonest media and the spreading of fake news are encouraged and welcome to stand shoulder with WA3% and other groups who work hard everyday to give back to their communities and build a network of self reliant Americans who are strong, brave and prepared to fight government tyranny.


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