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VIDEOS: Liberty or Death Rallies – Washington

We are no longer the "silent majority," we are awakened and we are LOUD!

Liberty or Death Rally Against Left Wing Violence

Liberty or Death Rally Against Left Wing Violence

Two rallies were held in Washington State on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Between Spokane and Seattle, they were combined efforts supporting the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Liberty or Death – Rally Against Left Wing Violence

We the people have had enough. Our rights have been trampled for over 220 years. Washington State no longer listens to the people. 

We are the People! We are no longer the “silent majority,” we are awakened and we are LOUD! 

I-1639 is an illegal and unconstitutional initiative. We WILL NOT stand for it.


Washington 3% has partnered with Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer to bring us all together to demonstrate!

We present to you several videos from both rallies.

This video is an exclusive interview with Washington Rep. Matt Shea, just prior to the rally beginning.


The next video is the bulk of the Spokane rally. Most of the speakers are in this clip.

Liberty or Death Rally- Spokane

Guest Speakers:

Tadd Howard- MC and CO Founder of Spokane Conceal Carry
Matt Shea- WA State Representative District 4
Jenny Graham- WA State Representative Candidate District 6
Bob McCaslin- WA State Represenative District 4
Mike Fagan- Spokane City Council District 1 and Radio Host
G.R. Mobley- Author/ Constitutionalist / Radio Host
Matt Hawkins- US Senate Canidate
Jeff Stan- Founder Lightfoot
Randy Mace- CO 63rd Militia
Larry Haskell- Spokane County Prosecuter


At one point, we had a few technical issues, so Amy Patterson of Mystic Treasures in Mesquite, picked up and finished recording the final speakers at the Spokane rally.


Rep. Matt Shea was asked to interview with a freelance reporter intending to submit her article to Rolling Stone. In our continuing efforts to hold the Main Stream Media accountable to factual reporting, we streamed the interview. We can compare the article to the video later.


Melina Grace, of Liberty Angel, recorded the Seattle rally.

Liberty or Death Rally – Seattle

Guest Speakers:

1) Joey Gibson – Patriot Prayer/ US Senate candidate 
2) Matt Marshall- WA 3% Leader
3) Stewart Rhodes – Oathkeepers
4) Jered Gavin Bonneau – 5th Congressional District candidate 
5) Joseph Brumbles – 10th Congressional District candidate 
6) Shana Veillette – AP3%
7) Aryeh Rohde – Leader and Youth Constitutional Activist 
8) Aaron Babcock – American Historian 


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  1. Well, the Washington State Supreme Court just reversed the lower court’s decision on I-1639. It is back on the ballot. The best supreme court that money can buy is back at it.

  2. Well….it was Leah Sottile,an accomplished freelance. She was there with us in Vegas. Whether Rolling Stone picks up her interview is another question.

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