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Todd Engel’s Sister Speaks Out On Sentencing

Todd was the one on the bridge begging for help from the ones in a law enforcement uniform.

Todd Engel's Sister Speaks Out On Sentencing

Todd Engel’s Sister Speaks Out On Sentencing

by Shari Dovale

Todd Engel was sentenced yesterday for his part in the Bunkerville standoff of 2014. Judge Gloria Navarro sentenced him to 14 years in Federal prison.

Engel was convicted of what Navarro described as two “lesser” charges consisting of Obstruction of Justice (for his time on the bridge above the wash) and Interstate travel in aid of extortion ( for traveling from Idaho with intent to aid in extortion).

However, Engel was sentenced to charges of which he was not convicted. Navarro specifically referenced assault among other charges when determining his sentence. Engel questioned this during his time to speak. Navarro stated that he did not understand the justice system, in which they have a different standard for sentencing than during trial.

Navarro said, though the jury was “hung” on the remaining charges and the prosecution chose not to retry him on these charges, this did not make him “innocent” of the charges. Therefore they used these additional charges to determine the sentence.

This means that you can be indicted for a multitude of crimes, get convicted for a single crime, yet be sentenced for the other crimes as well, if the judge chooses to do so.

It is another gross miscarriage of justice.

Engel’s sister, Kelli Cooper, had this to say after her brother was sentenced:

Judge Navarro would not let family speak yesterday so I will speak now and forever until this wrong is made right.

Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform throwing an unarmed, defenseless woman to the ground.

Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform grinding a mans face in the gravel for simply taking pictures by the side of the road.

Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform pointing weapons at unarmed women and children.

Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform making fun of the protesters physical appearances and picking out which ones they were going to kill first.

Todd was the one on the bridge begging for help from the ones in a law enforcement uniform. The same ones who testified under oath that he was “helpful.”



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16 Comments on Todd Engel’s Sister Speaks Out On Sentencing

  1. God Bless all the patriots that stood tall when it was needed in both Bundy’s and the Hammond’s cases.There is a letter out addressed to Jeff Sessions re: Jerry Delemus I’m sure you could squeeze Todd’s name in the same letter.. Lets break the hold the libs have on all of us.

  2. First of all, thank you Sally for trying to do something constructive to help. Neil Wampler is just plain rude. He wouldn’t change a thing because he didn’t spend two years in prison and he’s not facing decades in prison! He didn’t lose a thing! He just likes the notoriety and popularity contests.
    Navarro was wrong to sentence Todd to all that time. She forgets that the (real) P3s are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!
    She can’t say that just because he wasn’t convicted doesn’t mean he’s not guilty! That is wrong on so many levels! He is innocent until PROVEN guilty and that was not proven! Let’s work on a pardon for him. My prayers are with him and his family.

  3. Neil and B.J.,
    I want to say thank you for your thoughts coming from two that were present. I love you guys.

  4. This is nothing short of Stunning! Hi to all my fellow P3 and us supporters! I am just now getting caught up on the latest! It was good to meet some of you, at The Hammond BBQ! Love and Prayers to ALL! Todd, I am praying for you! That’s crap, and this is another appalling decision by Navarro! Ugh! Smh … I’m sorry!

  5. I would like to offer some help. Gov. Sandoval has the power to pardon. Let’s mount a campaign to get Todd pardoned, much like the Hammonds were pardoned. We have BIG Beautiful postcards that can be made available to mail to Gov. Sandoval. Go To and see some of the ones we’ve already sent.

    • Gov. Sandoval would have the power to pardon if this was from a State court. This is Federal court and the pardon would have to come from President Trump.

    • Sally…Thanks for taking time away from the Great Cause of 51 to offer help, but Shari is right – you are barking up the wrong tree with Sandoval. I do wonder why, if you wanted to go to bat for someone, you didn’t help John Duarte, a textbook case of fed abuse right in the heart of Jefferson territory ?

  6. As long as judges are allowed to put their fingers on the scaled of justice, tipping it to the side of corrupt government, we are no longer a union of free States under a constitutional republic. We are slaves under the tyranny of federal dictators.

  7. Americans are bearing witness to just how perverted our justice system has become. The cancer of Socialism, Communism, Progressives has been eating away at our foundations for many years. Obama took this slow growing disease and fed it steroids, put all of it on a fast track.
    Obama’s real legacy has nothing to do with the iran deal, health care or any of the usual suspects. BHO’s real legacy is his seeding radical deep state operatives, traitors, in every SINGLE Federal agency from middle management on up AND flooding the country with illegal aliens and refugees of very dubious origins.
    Correcting this, if at all possible, will take MANY years strong and deliberate steps. President Trump will have but 8 years to get this done…perhaps his 18-20 hour work days will see this accomplished. FOR SURE, he will need all the support we can give him.

  8. I wonder if Ammon ever feels the smallest twinge of guilt for all the heartache and misery he has caused so many people?

    • He caused? Wake up. We all made our own decisions. Ammon forced no one to do anything. He struggled mightily to make our protest peaceable. Any display of weapons beyond our state open carry laws was prohibited. I was there and took photos of Todd on the freeway— never for a second did I believe he was showing aggression or defiance. The judge is once more perpetrating a great injustice. All you critics who were not there should butt out; my opinion!

    • You have no idea Joe….I was at Bundy Ranch with Ammon, at Malhure with him, was in jail with him, and was tried – and acquitted – with him in Portland. Do you suppose I know him better than you ? First off, Ammon did not want to go to Harney County. he resisted any suggestion to leave his home, but prayer and meditation brought forth the command : Help your neighbor..try to right wrongs. As BJ states above, we all were there voluntarily, but we were all inspired by Ammon’s undaunted courage and unshakable faith. Our unbroken string of victories since Bundy Ranch – capped by Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds – shows that we were right in everything we did. Heartache and misery ? Quite the opposite…there’s nothing quite like making history ! Its been the most inspiring and enriching time of my life. I wouldn’t change one moment.

  9. “This means that you can be indicted for a multitude of crimes, get convicted for a single crime, yet be sentenced for the other crimes as well, if the judge chooses to do so. It is another gross miscarriage of justice.”

    Agreed. Next stop the U.S.S.R.’s Article 58 where they can convict anyone at anytime for anything.
    “The article was used for the imprisonment and execution of many prominent people, as well as multitudes of nonnotable innocents.”

    That is a salient point…everything the Soviets did to their own people was LEGAL under their own law. Law is no protection when the laws are bad.

  10. In Andrea Parker’s report, she stated that the prosecution declared that “We are a nation of laws, and not a nation of men”. This really stuck in my craw. As I tried to chew on that, it became crystial clear to me that it is just the opposite. We are nation of men and of people, and all government power is derived from the people. The law is subservient to men. The law is a servant to protect our inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. When the law is placed on pedestal over men, we are in deep trouble. It is the same as when the lawyers tried to entrap Jesus by asking him how someone can obey the law of the Sabath. Jesus said, “The Sabath is made for man, not man for the Sabath”. The law was made for man, not man for the law. When the law is unjust or misused, then the rights of the man prevail.

  11. This is our judicial system that The People place their trust to be of sound mind and knowledge of the law. “It is wrong for a judge to favor the wicked and condemn the innocent.” Proverbs 18:5

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