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Schaeffer Cox: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

The message is simple, “If you don’t want to be like Schaeffer Cox, shut up and sit down."

Schaeffer Cox: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Schaeffer Cox: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Seven years ago today, I was ambushed by masked Feds, and taken out of the world I knew and loved, and banished to this one. A world so ugly I could never have dreamed it up in my most horrifying nightmares. That’s how I know this is real; because my mind could not produce a dream this evil.”   ~Schaeffer Cox

by Loren Edward Pearce

A beautiful spring day, I decided to go on a hike to some waterfalls near my residence on this Easter weekend. I drank in the natural wonders all around me.

But, as I lay on the ground next to a gurgling stream, the words of Schaeffer resounded in my head. The pain behind his words cannot be measured. We, who are on the outside, enjoying Easter Egg hunts, family gatherings and all the God given rights to freedom, can only grasp a tiny fraction of what Schaeffer is going through.

The Bundys and the other political prisoners, some who have been made free and others who remain in the iron grip of a corrupt government, have a better idea of what Schaeffer is going through. But, even they have not been where Schaeffer is today, seven (7) years later, only having seen his family once.

The pain of Schaeffer is made even more excruciating knowing his roots and his background as an Alaskan resident. Schaeffer, like many Alaskans, is an outdoors man. He has led and been part of numerous expeditions to Mt. McKinley, Alaska’s highest peak. Schaeffer has spent many months alone, living off the land, surviving in the Alaska wilderness and appreciating all that nature and God gives us.

You see, this is what corrupt individuals in government want, that any would be freedom fighter, any person who, like Schaeffer, would try to rescue us from the non-constitutional, corrupt government and who are a threat to their corrupt power base, that they count the cost of fighting corruption and that they avoid the pain that Schaeffer is going through by staying low profile.

The message is simple, “If you don’t want to be like Schaeffer Cox, shut up and sit down. Watch your sports, go to your movies, do family activities, but don’t rock the boat or you will end up like Schaeffer and many others.”

The story of Schaeffer Cox can be researched on the internet. Please do so. Like the Hammonds, and others, Schaeffer was convicted by a jury. For a lot of Americans, “end of story”. If a jury convicted him, then he has had his day in court and justice has been served. He deserves what he got.

But for those of us who attended the Bundy et al trials and witnessed the mind boggling level of corruption in the Navarro and Brown courts, the suppression of defense evidence and the lying and fabrication of false evidence by the prosecution, it is easy to see how juries can be deceived into falsely convicting an innocent person.

One pro-Schaeffer Cox site states as follows:

The federal government became interested in Schaeffer when he began giving public speeches which taught liberty and denounced corruption in the government.  He was a visionary and a movement leader.  He not only identified the problems within the government; he took the initiative to correct these problems.  Schaeffer ran for the Alaskan House of Representatives in 2008 and was the Alaskan delegate for the Continental Congress in 2009.  He started the 2nd Amendment Task Force, Peacekeepers Militia, and Liberty Bell system in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He taught others how to build these community supports in their hometowns across the country. 

Government officials became concerned and took action to silence Schaeffer.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent in agent provocateurs to spy on Schaeffer and attempt to get him to agree to commit an act of violence for which they could arrest him.  Schaeffer never did agree to their plan but he was still sentenced for conspiracy to kill federal agents.  They accomplished this by not allowing evidence to be brought before the jury that would have proved him innocent. The court also did not explain to the jury what was required to convict on conspiracy charges. The uninformed jury ruled with a guilty verdict.”

Free Schaeffer Cox – Legal defense fund

The same tactics that were successful in convicting Schaeffer, were attempted in the Bundy et al case, and only through vast efforts by supporters, such as Redoubt News, was there enough pressure brought to bear that prevented the corrupt federal team (federal judge, federal prosecutors, federal agencies) from having success with the jury, this time. 

The overwhelming challenges are:

  1. The corrupt government knows that once someone is put in prison, they are muzzled, politically castrated (made impotent), humiliated, demonized, discredited and most importantly, insignificant by being “out of sight and out of mind”.
  2. A lack of people with power and authority who care. As I look around me at members of congress who have the power to make changes at the federal level, I can only think of one, out of the 500 plus members, who seems to care about people like Schaeffer Cox. Senator Rand Paul. His father, Ron Paul, embraced many of the same positions as Schaeffer but he is no longer in a position to directly sponsor constitutional strengthening laws. If I am wrong, and there are others besides Rand Paul, then please, I beg you, send me the good news of who there is that actually might make a difference and turn this country around.
  3. Fear. None of us want the same fate as Schaeffer. None of us want to risk enraging the corrupt power brokers who have the power to throw us into a hell hole, like Schaeffer. People will think twice or not at all, of ever going to the rescue of people like the Bundys and the Hammonds, or other worthy causes, knowing that if they do, their fate will be a hell hole in a for profit, privatized prison.
  4. Resources. The federal government, after many decades of unconstitutional laws and actions, has built up an invincible power structure, where money is no object and where no instrument of force is too big or advanced to protect their interests. Along with the advantage of “money is no object”, is the power to control public opinion, to spy on the people its supposed to protect, and to keep tabs on every movement of people who might resist their corruption.

Schaeffer had exculpatory evidence, evidence that was not permitted by the court. We know that the letter by Wooten, the BLM whistleblower, revealed the lengths a corrupt government would go to in order to defeat the Bundys et al. To buy the government narrative that Schaeffer was an unhinged terrorist who deserves to be in prison is to ignore what was revealed in the Wooten letter and the lengths that corrupt government is willing to go.

Schaeffer Cox tried to expose the corruption and the same departments that Schaeffer Cox accused of corruption sent in numerous provocateurs to try to switch his efforts off of exposing corruption and on to violent vigilante-type actions. Schaeffer cox, who believes in non-aggression and voluntarism, can be heard on multiple undercover recordings telling the provocateurs, “No, I’m going to pull a Ghandi, NOT a Rambo” and “if we turn violent, people will see us as the bad guys.”

As we celebrate Easter, and the message of the One for whom Easter is about, let us remember that Jesus never allowed the individual to get lost in the crowd. Jesus never allowed the individual to be “out of sight, out of mind”.

For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

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  1. Schaeffer Cox, to me, represents the best of America. He is a shinning example of our younger generation and makes me proud to be an American. Thank you Schaeffer Cox and may the will of Jesus be done.

  2. Schaeffer was being asked to speak to groups of patriots in the lower 48. He was a knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. His message was spreading.

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