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Democrats: A Purpose Without A Party

Bonner County, Idaho, where closed primaries are the rule is no exception.

Democrats: A Purpose Without A Party

Democrats: A Purpose Without A Party

Opinion/Editorial by Jim Boyer

Voters should learn to look past the screen of deception to recognize what the new democrat party is really about, what it stands for and where it would take America if given the chance to govern once again. A dictum its adherents follow is, “Think Globally, Act Locally”. This bumper sticker mantra would indicate that their universal objectives can be realized by observing local politics and strategies.

Bonner County, Idaho, where closed primaries are the rule, is no exception. Here, the national liberal effort to stop the Donald Trump inspired trend of improving American prosperity and security is in full effect.

Led by the fringe group ‘Indivisible’ which is the new name for the Occupy movement, the democrat party has chosen a path of social anarchy in their desire to gain control simply for the sake of gaining control. (Sidebar: Why do liberals change the name of their organizations so often?)

Since candidates on the democrat ticket have no articulated objectives on which to campaign, the new party leaders are attempting to unseat successful republican office holders through deceptive moves such as recruiting selected liberals or undefinable ideologues and running them as republicans.

One such local effort is an attempt to unseat popular 3rd District Commissioner, Dan McDonald. McDonald is a business man whose life is rooted in doing what he says. True to that value, he has been steadfast in keeping every campaign promise he made. What politician comes to mind that can say that? At the top of that list is the noticeable streamlining of government, divesting the county of unneeded and surplus equipment, improving customer service in county offices and reducing the county budget by $9 MILLION in his first full year in office.

In an effort to stop this trend of serving the citizens, the radical left is backing a candidate who is unable or unwilling to define her objectives and has a checkered past as a small-town mayor who pushed the purchase of potentially undevelopable property for public use at highly inflated prices.

As a tactical move, her backers are publicly urging liberal followers to change their voter registration in the hope that Carol Kunzeman can defeat Commissioner McDonald in the primary election. The strategy with which she apparently agrees is to be able to keep their own democrat candidate who also has an ambiguous campaign message out of office.

Signing on to this strategy and leading by example is Sandpoint’s ultra-liberal big spending mayor, Shelby Rognstad. Rognstad illustrates the moral character that we have come to expect from the democrat left and those they promote and support. I suppose if their scheme goes awry, the mayor can charge that Russians did it.

Even in their published strategy, the true liberal intent is undefinable. Is Kunzeman willing to be used as a straw candidate only to be tossed aside if she manages to win the primary? Or is it possible that the Occupy folks plan to continue to support her against a liberal former councilman who has always been a fellow traveler? Either way, to bolster her lack of purpose and integrity she is attempting to rush to the front of the anti-smelter effort and support the idea of giving control of our local wilderness lands in the Scotchman Peaks area to the federal government. Coincidentally, the democrat guy supports the same.

Maybe the reality is that the Occupy folks have no confidence in the declared democrat candidate, or their ability to control him if he is elected in November. Thus, they are uniting in their effort to keep him out of the race by recruiting a malleable place holder.

As confusing as it seems, all indications are that the message to take from the left is an extension of Nancy Pelosi’s urging to pass a bill to learn what’s in it. The local left-wing campaign is obvious: “Elect the candidate we’ve chosen and we’ll tell her what to do later”.

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