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Conduct Unbecoming….the Ugly, Angry Side of Sandpoint Community Liberals

BCRWI was informed that the Soros/Hillary funded activitist group “Indivisible Sandpoint” would be attending the meeting


Conduct Unbecoming….the Ugly, Angry Side of Sandpoint Liberals

By: Anita Aurit

On Saturday, February 25, the Bonner County Republican Women, Inc. paid for a meeting room at the Holiday Inn in order to host a town hall with Representative Sage Dixon. This meeting, funded by a private group, was graciously opened to the public.  This background information is important as the behavior of the “invited guests” unfolds.

BCRWI was informed that the Soros/Hillary funded activitist group “Indivisible Sandpoint”  (also referred to as 350Sandpoint) would be attending the meeting  and I had heard this as well.  When I arrived for the 12:30 meeting, there they were, pulling into the lot at the Holiday Inn with their “Kate” stickers on their cars.  They came into the building and attempted to enter the room with signs and other information.  They were advised to leave their materials outside the meeting.  Their response to this was rude and inappropriate.

It was an education to  watch the crowd. Those with the faces that looked like they’d been sucking on lemons were easily identifiable as the “Indivisible Sandpoint“ members. Those members who stood up to speak were more interested in pontificating and attacking than asking honest questions or engaging in actual conversation.

The Highlights:

“They had the nerve to talk about patriotism and Patriot Academy”
One agitator was complained that the meeting started “with a guy promoting the Patriot Academy”, this was disturbing to the individual and they name called people on the Board of Directors as “alt-right, Anti gay, pro life, anti LGBT”.   Had this individual come to listen rather than to cause trouble, they would have heard “the guy” giving the presentation, Brady Smith, son of local attorney Steve Smith, talking about what the academy does. I am sure Steve and Brady would be more than happy to address any questions this angry , uninformed person might have.

I have included a link to the Patriot Academy Directors and I’m sure they would be interested in this ‘Indivisible Sandpoint” member’s assessment of them. Here’s a quick rundown of the Patriot Academy Board:
Juan Ciscomani – A proud first generation American citizen, having immigrated from Mexico to Arizona in search of the American dream. After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Arizona, Juan served as a Legislative Assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives..and those are only a few of his accomplishments.

Mark Cole – With degrees from Baylor, Yale Divinity School, Notre Dame Law School and the University of Houston Law Center. And yes, he is active in pro-life and pro-family causes, serving with political action committees and directing various ministries.

Deidra Droupy Voigt -Was an Administrative Assistant in the Texas House of Representatives since 1999. She was previously self-employed for over 19 years, and elected to the Gonzales City Council six times and served as Mayor Pro-Tem for nine years.

Kathi Seay -Kathi a policy adviser to a Texas state representative and sits on an advisory council for the Texas Department of Health. She recently held the position of executive director for a statewide public policy organization.

Rick Green, Founder and President -A former Texas State Representative, a lawyer, and an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses. His goal is to help Americans to become salt and light in every area of life and to understand America’s godly history and foundation

Based on this person’s comment and the comments of others from this group, there is a clear attitude of anti-Christian bias.

We Don’t Care if You Paid for The Room-We Demand to Do What We Want

They were all so busy making their signs and practicing their booing that they forgot to do some due diligence on the venue of the meeting. This was put on by a private organization that had graciously invited the public. One man threw a little hissy fit, claiming he had never been to a meeting where he was told to behave. Evidently this gentleman has never been to a city council meeting. Each time, before there is public comment, the mayor instructs those speaking that they are to be polite, not to address comments to the audience or anyone personally on the council, they are told how long they have to speak and are cut off if they take more time. And, this is a good rule. The BVTWI President was more than gracious and allowed the angry folks much more than a one minute question and one follow-up question.

Latecomers from the agitators were angry and ugly because the room had reached fire regulation capacity. I am particularly fond of one of the agitator’s comments stating that “they” lamely stated people were not allowed in because of what happened at other meetings …this individual noted that they found the meeting highly entertaining. I would agree completely but for different reasons.

We only brought these sign s to “help you”

There is nothing I can say to add to the video clip of the gentleman telling us all how they were only “helping” by bringing their signs.  Isn’t that nice (insert snarky tone of voice)

“None of the Churches Would Help Me”

One woman stood up and told a tale of how she needed help when she first moved here and “none of the churches would help”. How very sad and  I wish she would have named “all “ the churches she went to. My own church hosts community dinners every Monday night, we go to a laundromat and pay for people’s laundry, we help those in crisis with bills, we buy winter gear and distribute it to the local schools, we did a giving tree at Christmas for community children, we do a summer carnival for community kids and parents, we send community kids to camp (no charge to the families) in the summer, we keep a food pantry stocked for those in the community who need it) and there’s much more. This is only one church in Sandpoint, I know many others doing wonderful things as well, for the community and with the money donated by the people who attend those churches, not government funding.

It makes me very sad to think that woman missed getting the help she needed and even sadder that she vilifies the community of Christians who spend  their own time and money caring for the community because that is what we are called to do. (Yes,” we”, I am a  Christian). I have  the blessing of volunteering my time and money for the good of the community and it is a privilege. How very sad that the hypocrisy of the left does not allow them to acknowledge the good done in Sandpoint and Bonner County by churches and in the name of Christ.

Booing the Idea of Helping the Community Yourself Rather than Having the Government Do It

When one of the agitators stood and pontificated about increasing Medicaid talking about “our tax dollars” Representative Dixon pointed out that there were people on the other side who did not want their tax dollars spent this way and that individuals could always contribute their own funds to causes that they believed in to help those in need. The agitators “booed” loudly. Evidently they are not in favor of private citizens giving their time and money to help others.

If You Can Open Carry Why Can’t We Bring in Green and Red Paddles?

The fact that this woman connected open carry and their propaganda in a private meeting was amusing. She was quite proud of herself stating later that. “There was an eruption from the Republican chairperson, a lot of verbal activity from the people in attendance.” The “Republican chairperson she refers to is the President of the Group, Victoria Zieschegg who is one of the most soft-spoken polite people I know. When maligning someone it’s really important to get your facts straight, Ms. Agitator.

Last Thoughts

I am amazed at the vitriol and the hubris of these people. Can you imagine what would have happened had some conservative “agitators” attended the Democratic rallies in the spring an summer and brought signs and disrupted those meetings?  Shows a distinct lack of class and genuine desire to have honest dialogue.  My mother always taught me that when I was a guest, as they were of the Bonner County Republican Women, Inc. you behaved with decorum and respect.

The “handlers” for these people have given them scripts and I must say they are none too impressive., you can see them all over the country where these angry folks gather to disrupt. Also, when you sit in a meeting looking like you’ve been sucking on a lemon, you identify yourself much too easily.

They may want to rethink arriving together with the “Kate” stickers on their cars, 1) it identifies them easily and 2) it identifies them with someone who recently ran a failed campaign, making them look like churlish children having a  hissy fit because they didn’t win.

Finally, the emails and Facebook posts I’ve seen from these people border on libel and slander. They should not assume that their gym, pizza, Facebook and other conversation are not being heard, read and reported.

And just what is it about liberals and pizza anyway?


Additional Video Clips:

7 Comments on Conduct Unbecoming….the Ugly, Angry Side of Sandpoint Community Liberals

  1. I have first hand knowledge about how the democrats invite people to their meetings. No one not in the clique could get in so my wife and I ran for the precinct positions and won. Several of the people present that were not precinct people told the rest of the meeting that they should not discuss anything in front of my wife and I. We attended several meetings for the two year period and filed again. So then they held a meeting and voted to not have their precinct committee people run in a public election that they would appoint their committee people. They are afraid to compete in an open election.

  2. I was there and and I can tell you that when they were told signs were not allowed there were several people who were extremely rude . There were also several people from the ” indivisible ” group who chose to ” boo ” when they disagreed with Rep . Dixon’s opinion . I would hope that in the future they will behave respectfully . We can disagree without the drama .

  3. The article did not describe the meeting with Representative Dixon at all accurately. It was respectful on both sides, no one was paid to attend by anyone, and hard political questions were asked and answered honestly. Rep. Dixon was thoughtful and even though many disagreed with his policies, there was no “ugly,” “rude,” or “inappropriate” behavior. I hope that the author of the article, and any who felt as she apparently did, will continue to try to join the conversation, rather than hiding during the conversation then saying untrue things about the people you disagree with. We’re all Americans, Idahoans, and citizens of Bonner County, and we all (I believe) want a vibrant and working democracy. Unless I’m wrong and those behind this article don’t want that, we have a bit of common ground.

  4. Thank you Mr Dixon and organizers for this respectful event. It’s unfortunate to read these ugly words about concerned constituents coming to a meeting to express their opinions and ask hard questions of their representative. Not all people who disagree with you know each other, and no one is being “Hillary funded.” I appreciated Sage’s honest answers and the conversations I had with the hosting Republican Women. I think you may have been at a different meeting than the rest if us. I look forward to more chances to speak about the hard, controversial, and crucial questions of our time. I hope you will join the conversation next time rather than threatening people you don’t agree with online, and calling them names.

  5. Wow, this opinion piece is so skewed that reading it makes me think I was at a different meeting. Apart from a few “boos” the meeting was respectful and a valuable exchange of ideas. Rep. Dixon was a consummate professional, and the attendees, while certainly emotional, were hardly ugly and angry. They asked some hard questions, and Rep. Dixon answered them to the best of his ability. This type of political interchange is exactly what is needed in this country. Calling everyone who disagrees with you “agitators” is a cop out. Also, don’t you think calling people names, and then fronting them for calling people names is hypocritical?

  6. I don’t know how the Republican Women’s run up there but yhe title of the group says it all” Republican Women.They all should have cards, all men attending are xard carrying associates and the meeting does not have to be opened.
    You keep allowing these people in to disrupt your meetings pretty soon you will lose members, people who do not care for the confrontations.

    • This was a Town Hall meeting with Rep. Dixon which we sponsored. . Rep. Dixon represents all the people in district 1 so it was open to all . We refused to allow them to bring their signs into the meeting .

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