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Will Steven Myhre Show Up for Court on January 8th?

There is a difference between "saving face" and not showing your face!

Will Steven Myhre Show Up for Court on January 8th?
Former Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada, Steven Myhre (right) (Photo courtesy of Raja Dee)

Will Steven Myhre Show Up for Court on January 8th?

By Wendy Kay

Odds are not in Steven Myhre’s favor when it comes to the question of him appearing in court as lead prosecution attorney in the trial of the century against the Bundys and their co-defendants.  Why? You ask…let me explain…

Mr. Myhre was lead prosecution attorney in the US v. Chapman case spanning the years 2003-2008 and, just as in what is known as the “Bundy trial” taking place in the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada at this time, Mr. Myhre and his team has been accused of willfully withholding evidence from the defense team.

In the Chapman case, 650 pages of documents were withheld.  In the Bundy case that number is said to be 3300 pages!

In the Chapman case, the judge found Mr. Myhre’s actions “unconscionable” and that he had acted, “flagrantly, willfully and in bad faith.”  In the Bundy case the judge declared the withholding of the evidence was “willful”.

In the Chapman case, the judge declared a mistrial as a result of the Brady and Giglio violations and the judge in the Bundy case declared a mistrial for the same reasons.

Twenty days after the mistrial was declared in the Chapman case, the hearing for dismissal of the indictment was held and two new AUSAs were present…Mr. Myhre was absent!  On December 20, 2017 Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the in Bundy case and set the hearing to determine whether the mistrial would be with prejudice or without prejudice for twenty (20) days later, January 8th, 2018!

The similarities in the case are so numerous, this author was lead to question if Mr. Myhre and his team will again be absent.  There is a difference between “saving face” and not showing your face!


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13 Comments on Will Steven Myhre Show Up for Court on January 8th?

  1. Robert : While we’d love to see those people out picking cotton, a more practical use of your math would be in dollars. With the towering abuse and vindictive prosecution coming to light, it Seems like the Bundys would have em dead to rights in a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lawsuit.

  2. This is what happens when people fall asleep at the wheel. My God, look at us! This has to stop or we are going to loose our country!

  3. Well I have the answer, folks. Count up all the days innocent people have been unlawfully jailed, add them all up, multiply by the number of wives/husbands, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who have been affected, and that’s the number of days both Navarro and Myhre should spend incarcerated. On 2nd thought, add Dusty Harry and his sick cohorts. That’ll be even better than what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah!

  4. As far as Myhre, tell it to State of Nevada Bar Association.He is a member,and they have a complaints section. Unfortunately, the same protections that shield judges from political influence make the bad ones very difficult to get rid of. Navarro holds her judgeship on good behavior, that is, for life. Sessions is not her boss. This is as it should be, as we don’t want judges beholden to whatever political appointee that come along, but for Navarro, impeachment by Congress is the only recourse.

  5. I concur. Navarro is just as guilty however, and both she and Myhre should be disbarred for life. Talk about tyrannical, dishonest and deliberate malfeasance.

  6. Of course, Navarro started this trial working hand in glove with Myhre.It strains credulity that she didn’t know his past record of malfesance.It was only when the case started going sour that Navarro started distancing herself from him. Her excoriation of him before declaring mistrial was her CYA move, making Myhre the fall guy. I will actually be disappointed if Myhre doesn’t show….we can greet him as the guest of honor!

  7. He should not only be disbarred, he should be charged with obstruction of justice. This case should have been dismissed, it is very clear and Judge Navarro could easily see this whole case was setup that the Feds failed in it abysmally . Dan Love should be in jailed, members of the FBI should be in jail and the United States government should be sued for millions on the actions of the Obama Justice Department, that is still wielding power. They need to all be taken down.

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