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BLM is Another Head on the Hydra of Corruption

They cannot underestimate the power of “We The People.”

BLM is Another Head on the Hydra of Corruption

BLM is Another Head on the Hydra of Corruption

by Shari Dovale

We continue pointing out the failings of the Federal government for a reason. A representative of our government recently testified in Federal court that they do not follow the Constitution. In fact, he had not even read the Constitution prior to that day.

This is why the government has grown so large and overbearing to its citizens – they do not understand that the Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is a perfect example. They are an unnecessary organization, and just one of the many heads of the Hydra of Corruption.

BLM agents actively protect their own, even at the detriment of the citizens. Standing up for the US Constitution, and the people of this country, seems to be a foreign ideology to them.

Here are two recent examples of the BLM corruption and power grab against the citizens.

BLM Ranger’s Gun Leads to Murder, then a Promotion

Kate Steinle

The BLM was not concerned over the murder of Kate Steinle, a young woman in California. Instead, they actually attempted to hinder the trial that concluded this week. It was more important to them that their employee not tell the truth of what happened to his weapon.

BLM Ranger John Woychowski was careless with his handgun, meaning that he did not secure it properly when he went out for a social occasion in San Francisco. That gun was then stolen and ultimately used to kill Kathryn Steinle.

The Federal government kept the narrative on the fact that the killer was an illegal immigrant and they believed that the ultimate responsibility for this crime is the City of San Francisco and its Sanctuary Status. The national debate about this tragedy centered around this issue.

While this is an important issue that should be addressed, what they are not wanting you to see is just as important.

Ranger Woychowski faced neither disciplinary action, nor criminal charges for failing to secure his weapon — a misdemeanor under California law, and against the BLM’s own policy. reports on the crimes the BLM agent committed:

“If the San Francisco Police Department and the district attorney wanted to, they could have pressed charges,” civil attorney Alison Cordova said in an interview. “From what we know, John Woychowski did not have his gun in a locked compartment in the vehicle. It was in a backpack, unlocked in the vehicle. That is not a locked compartment. It was a violation of criminal law at the time that it happened.”

Defense attorney Gonzalez says that wasn’t the only crime. Woychowski had a second handgun in the spare tire wheel well in the trunk of his car that Gonzalez says was also unsecured. It wasn’t stolen. Woychowski didn’t mention it to police investigators, and they didn’t ask, Gonzalez said.

However, the BLM did not discipline this man, or hold him responsible in any way. On the contrary, the actually promoted him 5 months later.

Even though he wasn’t criminally charged, Woychowski should have faced administrative discipline — such as a reprimand, suspension or firing, Gonzalez says, for violating BLM law enforcement policies in addition to state law.

The bureau does not like to tell the public the rules that govern law enforcement officers, saying they are exempt from public disclosure.

The bottom line is that the BLM did not hold this man accountable for his actions. In fact, they rewarded him. He was promoted to a supervisory position five months after Steinle’s death.

KQED shared this information obtained from an internal BLM email thread :

The email thread announcing Woychowski’s promotion starts with a message from Stephanie Clark, then the chief ranger of the BLM’s El Centro field office, sent just before 1 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2015. Its recipients include the BLM’s top law enforcement official in California, Special Agent in Charge Kynan Barrios, and the BLM’s chief ranger in the state, Salvador Nieblas. Both are based in Sacramento but worked previously in El Centro.

“I’m pleased to announce the selections of Ranger George Masner and Ranger John Woychowski as Supervisory Staff Law Enforcement Rangers (Field Supervisors) for the El Centro Field Office,” the message begins. Clark mentions that both men had in the past served as acting supervisory rangers.

“John is an accomplished Field Training Instructor and provides tremendous guidance to his trainees, El Centro Rangers, and peers throughout the nation; experience greatly needed as El Centro prepares the next generation of rangers.”

Supervisory Ranger Sal Nieblas, Ranger Woychowski and Field Manager Margaret L. Goodro, in 2011

Department of Interior, and BLM, Fight Subpoena for Steinle Murder Trial

Not only did the BLM not discipline this agent, they also made every attempt to protect him from having to testify at the trial. The BLM is arguing that they must give their permission before any of their employees can be forced to testify in a trial, which, of course, they are unlikely to do.

KQED, in an outstanding job of bringing these abuses to the public, tells us:

[A letter to defense attorneys] cites a federal case from 1951, and Department of the Interior regulations growing out of it, that generally prohibit federal employees from being subpoenaed to testify about their jobs or as experts.

“[I]t is the Department’s general policy not to allow its employees to testify or to produce Department records either upon request or by subpoena,” the letter says, citing U.S. Department of the Interior regulations.

The letter continues:

“While these regulations provide at § 2.80 (c) (4) that this subpart does not apply to ‘Federal, State and Tribal criminal court proceedings’ in fact, the Department will review your … Request and decide whether to deny it, or narrow the scope of any testimony or production allowed based on your written response.”

In a 24-page motion, the defense had to argue the relevance of this BLM Ranger testifying in court. The BLM should never have had any standing to potentially hinder that testimony.

However, it is the BLM policy, or so they state.

Except when it comes to a case of cattle impoundment gone bad in the Southern Nevada desert.

Bunkerville Standoff

Not only has the BLM presented the majority of the witnesses for the defense, they have been allowed to, shall we say… stretch the facts to suit their narrative?

It is the Department’s general policy not to allow its employees to testify or to produce Department records either upon request or by subpoena.

No one heard about this policy when it came to the Bunkerville trials. I guess that they will allow it if they can control the narrative and are not shown to distort the truth.

It has been exposed that BLM sharpshooter Alexandra Burke was ready to kill Eric Parker, yet Burke was allowed to get on the stand and cry from her fear of this electrician from Hailey, Idaho. When Parker took to the witness stand in his own defense, the Judge refused to allow him to contradict Burke’s testimony and impeach her.


How about BLM chief ranger Salvador Nieblas? This is the same man we mentioned above that promoted his agent 5 months after young Kate Steinle died.

Nieblas was also at the Bunkerville Standoff. It was this man that wanted the BLM to ignore the Sheriff even though the Sheriff had the ultimate authority in the county and this situation. Nieblas seemed happy to have his agents fully armed in their battle gear and ready to shoot unarmed protesters.

At about the 14:30 mark, you will hear Neiblas tell the other BLM officers to “Don’t take orders from that officer” referring to Sheriff Deputy Tom Roberts.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We will continue to shed light on the corruption of these overreaching, unnecessary government entities. The truth is coming out and the people will judge for themselves.

It is time the bureaucrats learned that they cannot underestimate the power of “We The People.” They need to remember their place, and it is not by dictating to the American people.


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