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BLM & FBI Exposed or How the Bundy’s Got Released

Judge Navarro agreed to the release of the defendants because of the Threat Assessment Report.

BLM & FBI Exposed or How the Bundy's Got Released

BLM & FBI Exposed
or How the Bundy’s Got Out Of Prison

by Shari Dovale

The defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial are to be released from prison. Ammon Bundy is to be released on Thursday morning, Nov 30th. Ryan Payne will be released, with the coordination of Judge Anna Brown in Oregon, as soon as he provides Bond.

Cliven Bundy has been offered release but has refused it. Cliven will wait until the remaining defendants, including 2 more of his sons, are also offered release.

These defendants have been incarcerated for nearly 2 years, and though the judge just recently ruled against their pre-trial release, she has changed her mind.

What happened?

There was a sealed hearing this morning. The court discussed the false narrative that the prosecution has been perpetuating. I am sure they did not call it that, but nonetheless, it is what it is.

The government has been trying to get everyone to believe many false statements, beginning with Cliven owing more than a million dollars in grazing fees. As we showed, they never sent a bill for grazing fees to the Bundy Ranch, however, the fees for trespassing cattle was less than $9,000. They added their own administrative fees to it which brought the total to less than $300,000. Far less than the $1.1 million they have been repeating through their controlled and biased media.


Another falsehood by the government is the cameras placed strategically to surveil the Bundy Ranch during the days that lead up to the standoff. The prosecution continued to deny their existence, down to mocking Ryan Bundy months ago when he filed a motion for the release of that information. The prosecutors called it a fishing expedition at the time, then had to eat their words when their own witness testified to the existence of these cameras.

Attempting to save face, AUSA Myhre, and company, made every excuse they could as to these cameras. Claiming there was only a single camera, it was shown to be at least 3, and possibly 4, cameras recording the Bundy family.

Prosecutors claimed that these cameras did not exist.

The prosecutors then tried to say that, though these live feeds were streamed directly to the office of disgraced BLM Special Agent Daniel Love, no one was watching the extra large big screen TV. They also attempted to say that there was no recording of the surveillance, no one taking notes of the footage, and no one else could watch the video, all of which proved to be false.

Even Judge Navarro, who has continuously tried to help the prosecution, could not swallow that story.

There is also the tale of the government snipers. Though the information on the snipers was revealed in previous trials, the prosecution continued to call them false, and tried to say it was a lie by the defense. However, the release of more photographic evidence revealed the lies to come from the government.

The super-secret sealed hearing today, one of multiple such sealed hearings in this case, revealed more discovery that the prosecution has refused to turn over to the defense. It has been previously discussed how the government attempted to hide required discovery evidence by burying it deep in massive amounts of unrelated documents, including 2 full novels and unrelated medical records. It has been said that the amount of discovery is so massive that it must be accessed through a special website. At an estimated 4 terabytes large, it cannot fit on any one, or even two, computers.

However, even with these attempts, the prosecution continues to be caught hiding more exculpatory evidence.

Reliable sources have told me that the main reason that Judge Navarro agreed to the release of the defendants is because of the Threat Assessment Report.

The government has relied upon this report to justify keeping the defendants incarcerated. They have claimed all along that the Bundy’s were violent, yet no one has produced evidence of these claims.

The FBI did a Threat Assessment on the Bundy’s in the beginning that stated they were NOT a threat. The government has made every attempt to hide this report, yet it was finally revealed in court.

Additionally, this claim of the family being violent is what was used as justification for their overabundance of government agents during the impoundment operation known as “Gold Butte”.

BLM Deliberately Escalates Threat Level During Cattle Impoundment

As we shared previously from Deb Jordan, the undercover BLM agent, Robyn Kirkham, AKA Alex Branson, was making every attempt to get the Bundy family to react violently to the false narrative she was implying.

During the first trial in Las Vegas, Nevada against Bundy Ranch protestors caught up in a surprising show of force by Federal Law Enforcement, the FBI admitted on the stand that 1,000 FBI and other Federal officers were assigned to surveil the Bundy family and their closest followers on social media.  

One of those agents was Robyn Kirkham, a Bureau of Land Management Agent who under the direction of former BLM (SAC) Daniel P. Love, began her surveillance sometime in January of 2014.  

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham is also known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook”, contacted Bailey Bundy Logue in March of 2014 on Facebook. Bailey, who is the daughter of Cliven Bundy says that in those messages Agent Kirkham “aka” Alex Branson, tells her that she was involved in a group of “like minded” people in Cedar City, Utah and would like to help the Bundy family with protest they may be planning against the Bureau of Land Management’s upcoming cattle impoundment. She then ask if there are any plans coming up to protest —

The messages take on a more urgent feel after Kirkum tells Bailey Bundy that she is good friends with someone inside the Las Vegas Metro Police Department who is sympathetic to the Bundy cause.  She routinely alerts Cliven’s daughter, that her intel inside Metro PD is telling her “lots of cops” are coming down there, and that the BLM is starting to get “VERY” busy. At one point she tells her that her inside person is now advising that the BLM had an MRAP delivered to the compound.

So, the bottom line is: The BLM and FBI knew the family was non-violent, yet they lied about it from the beginning. The government used these lies to bring hundreds of agents to their ranch, commit atrocities against them, then incarcerate them for nearly two years.

Will the government be held accountable?

Crowd gathering outside Las Vegas courthouse after defendants release is announced. (photo: Greg Whalen Facebook)

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17 Comments on BLM & FBI Exposed or How the Bundy’s Got Released

  1. Violation of Brady Disclosure
    The term comes from the U.S. Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, in which the Supreme Court ruled that suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to a defendant who has requested it violates due process.

    Giglio v. United States
    Prosecution’s failure to inform the jury that a witness had been promised not to be prosecuted in exchange for his testimony was a failure to fulfill the duty to present all material evidence to the jury, and constituted a violation of due process, requiring a new trial.

  2. Well it seems that Prosecutor Myhre and his federal witnesses have lied so many times during this kangaroo trial, with the assistance of Pseudo-Judge Navaroo, that they now realize they are on the edge of losing the multimillion dollar farce that’s being passed off as justice in this mockery! The whole world is now seeing the results of a tyrannical and overreaching federal government that has gradually shredded the Constitution for over 200 years. This is exactly what our forefathers were trying to prevent when they penned that inspired document. I pray that We the People will not only recognize, but will also act!

    • @ to all of the above
      We need to keep the Buddy family in our prayers and in our hearts.
      I cannot see why not ask the good Lord above for proper earthly justice to be handed down through our court system.
      I beseech thee o’lord…..amen.

    • The UN Biodiversity Treaty was introduced at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Various onerous features of the Treaty, such as The Wildlands Project, were concealed from public disclosure. President George HW Bush refused to sign the document. On June 29, 1994, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved ratification. On September 30, 1994, the Senate withdrew the Treaty from the Senate calendar. Since that defeat, subsequent presidents have implemented the component parts of the Treaty using executive powers over over federal agencies.

      • @ world peace
        I will not cede U.S. sovereignty to any foreign force for any reason at any price!
        My point, look at G.B trying to get out of the fascist European socialist Union, keep fighting G.B. do not give up the good fight!

  3. Everything happening to the Bundy’s is a travesty due to an overbloated government and their greedy overreach into public and private lands. In accordance with our Constitution, our Federal Government was to cede all public lands to the newly formed states. This stopped happening around 1848 and at the very same time our judicial system stopped using Constitutional Law, leading to a very corrupt court system. Both of the aforementioned are unconstitutional acts and the BLM and the USFS should not exist. They are performing the dirty work of globalists and elitists.

  4. Cliven Bundy is one stand up dad and a great hero. I pray the Bundy’s will prevail and are soon reunited as a family.

    Our nation and its leaders could learn a lot from these people.

  5. And because Cliven Bundy’s cattle were NOT trespassing, the alleged by BLM charge for trespass should be deleted and the balance owed by Bundy -0-$’s.
    Now, BLM’s subjection of harm to the Bundy family, loss of time, harassment, threats, bullying, trespass by BLM agents and more, BLM’s indebtedness to the Bundy family is immeasurable.

    • Right on, the BLM and other Federal Agencies can never pay back the Bundys what they have taken from them with the intent to steal there property.

    • Read up on Wayne Hage, another Nevada Rancher targeted by the Feds, there’s a long list of Ranchers run out of business and off their lands,they were threatened just like the Bundys and the Hage family. Too bad the defense can’t show the Hage incident, it shows a pattern of violence by the BALm.And, the Hage family won.

  6. Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have excuses for not talking about this but what about the rest of the fake news experts?

    And what do the depraved frauds in Congress have to say about this travesty? Nothing, not one word.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you know the Republic has gone full banana when it’s learned that part of Congress’s compensation is a taxpayer provided slush fund that is used to pay off interns and staffers they molest.

    • “The practice of law can not be licensed by any state/State. Schware v. Board of Examiners, United States Reports 353 U.S. pgs. 238, 239. In Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925) “The practice of law is an occupation of common right.” A bar card is not a license, its a dues card and/or membership card. A bar association is that what it is, a club, A association is not license, it has a certificate though the State, the two are not the same….

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