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Navarro’s Counterfeit Court – Bunkerville Retrial

“The law does not recognize self defense against law enforcement officers.”


Navarro’s Counterfeit Court – Bunkerville Retrial

by Shari Dovale

The Bunkerville Retrial in Las Vegas has taken yet another turn for the worst. Judge Gloria Navarro allowed the defense to proffer several witnesses via SKYPE today. The testimony was taken out of the hearing of the jury so that she might determine if the testimony is relevant.

Included in this group was former FOX News reporter Dennis Michael Lynch, and a few citizens that were actually in the wash on April 12, 2014.

Each of the witnesses testified to the fear they felt that day watching the multiple law enforcement agencies point guns at them and hearing statements on the loudspeakers that the BLM had been given authority to shoot the protesters.

“If you move forward you can be shot,” Lynch said, reciting the message.

“I thought we might die in the wash that day,” Kenneth Rhoades testified.

The same testimony was repeated throughout the day. However, when it was all said and done, Judge Navarro said that this testimony was not relevant to the case so she will not allow it to be presented to the jury.

The BLM was allowed to testify to their fear of the protesters, as Navarro called them the “victims” in the case.

This is not the only misleading directions that Navarro has given in this travesty of justice. Navarro has ruled that all bad acts by the BLM, or any other law enforcement, will not be presented on the record. She feels that there is nothing relevant about showing this. She has stated that, “The law does not recognize self defense against law enforcement officers.”

Navarro has previously said that anytime a person is open-carrying a weapon and a law enforcement officer happens to see that weapon, then that is evidence of a threat to the officer and is considered assault. She reiterated that there cannot be excessive force for law enforcement. They are allowed to do as they choose, regardless of the law.

The law does not apply to those that enforce it.

Jess Marchese, attorney for Eric Parker, complained to the court that he has been stopped from representing his client. The defense “cannot give the jury the full picture.” Navarro practically mocked him when she said that she didn’t know what to tell him, as she cannot give him guidelines on how to represent his client.

Judge Navarro has ruled that the government can present any, and all, evidence they wish, including what led up to the standoff, and what the defendants did up to two years after the standoff. However, the defense is only allowed to present a limited scope of evidence concerning a 40-minute period on the day of the standoff.

This goes for the defendants testifying, as well. If the defendants choose to testify on their own behalf, they will not be allowed to tell the jury why they went to Nevada, but the jury is supposed to judge them on why they went.

Nevada is an open-carry state, meaning it is legal to carry a firearm within the state. However, the jury is not to be told this fact as Judge Navarro feels it might “confuse” them. But, the jury will be asked to convict the defendants of carrying weapons.

The defendants cannot tell of seeing the ‘First Amendment Zone’ set up by the BLM several miles from the wash. They cannot tell of seeing a grandmother thrown to the ground by law enforcement officers. They cannot mention the tazing of Ammon Bundy.

They are not allowed to talk of the BLM slaughtering and burying the Bundy cattle, or the lies the agents told about doing so. They cannot talk about Special Agent in Charge, Daniel P. Love, who is currently under investigation for his alleged illegal conduct.

Most of the defendants knew nothing about cows or grazing fees. They knew what they saw on the videos, both in the mainstream media and on the internet. The knew their neighbors were in trouble and they came to help. They understood the US Constitution and wanted to defend it.

Judge Navarro continues to recite her mantra, that the full story of the defendants is not “Probative” or “Relevant” therefore it is not admissible in this case.

Navarro, and the prosecutors, repeatedly state that they are very worried the defendants will attempt jury nullification. This seems to be the only option left to them, however, Navarro is cracking down hard against that possibility.

What everything comes down to is this: Judge Gloria Navarro is so invested in this verdict that she is willing to trample on every right these defendants have. She is willing to throw every citizen of this country under the bus to meet her own agenda.

Since the Constitution is not allowed in this courtroom, there is now a precedent set for the rest of the country. If the government, or the judiciary, chooses to deny any and all rights guaranteed by our BILL OF RIGHTS, they will be allowed to do so, because it was already approved of in this case.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has given his stamp of approval, when he praised AUSA Myhre for the job he was doing on this case. That very day, as soon as Sessions made his statement, the court doubled-down on the attacks to the defendants case.

Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, made the same types of statements when he visited Bunkerville recently. He gave his seal of approval on the entire land grab by the BLM, and by extension, this prosecution.

It falls to President Donald Trump to prove his campaign promises to look out for ‘We The People’. His administration has thrown out the Constitution and spat on the citizens. Will he allow this to continue IN HIS NAME?

These defendants have no other options. This dog-and-pony show is an exercise in going through the motions.

This is not a trial. This is a grand jury hearing where no defense is even allowed to be presented. The defendants have been thrown to the wolves by their own government. What happened to our Republic?

Roger Stone has written a new petition that he is ready to present to President Trump. Check it out here.


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6 Comments on Navarro’s Counterfeit Court – Bunkerville Retrial

  1. It seems obvious that any guilty verdict arising from this case will be thrown out upon appeal. The “judges” statements about “The law does not recognize self defense against law enforcement officers.” is certainly invalid and has been shown to be so in other cases around the country.

  2. This case is a perfect example of why I am convinced there is no such thing as a fair trial in the USA today. And if I ever got selected for jury duty I would say so.

  3. You know it is quite obvious the judge is going to railroad these men into very long prison terms so I would not hesitate to ignore her d*** instructions as to what I could say in my own defense. How could it get any worse? She is already trying to burn them at the stake so why follow her instructions to hamstring your own defense? No point in that. Tell the jury the unvarnished truth, talk about the Constitution, expose Navarro’s railroad kangaroo court and let the chips fall where they may. She is already doing her worst to them so why go along with it? There is nothing to lose. If I were on the stand I would simply tell the jury the judge is not allowing me a legitimate defense and this trial is a travesty. I would keep talking until they hauled me away. What is the difference anyway? Already in super max prison and the judge has done everything short of dismissing the jury entirely and ruling them guilty from the bench so who cares if she doesn’t like it? I mean if you are going to be burned at the stake why not tell them what you really think?

  4. The travesty that has been perpetrated in this trial and or trials staggers the imagination.
    The Sheep of this country perhaps feel the Darren touched or Untouchable if they stay still or over their head in the sand, they’re wrong.
    I fear to that many Within the Patriotic movement feel since Trump is in office that everything’s okay and we’ll get better I don’t happen to be one of those who feel that that’s the case, we have an embedded elitist group of individuals bureaucrats lobbyists individuals throughout this country that think that they’re untouchable. I believe that we’re far closely or Civil War now that we were perhaps even through Obama’s regime.
    Our judicial system is so corrupted that it virtually staggers the imagination, our founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see what is going on today. But until the Patriotic movement can come together, put aside Petty differences for the good of this country and its people A house divided will never stand.

  5. Pray there is at least one American on the jury who will not convict…and hang the jury.

    And the trials of the Branch Davidians after Waco should be an object lesson…the jury convicted on the lesser of the charges with the understanding they did not want the Davidians on trial to severely punished…but the Judge then gave them the maximum sentence for that lesser charge…meaning 40 years. If you on a jury don’t see the wrong then don’t vote to convict…period.

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