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Runaway Jury in Bunkerville Retrial?

The jury could reasonably receive this case in a week to 10 days.

Runaway Jury in Bunkerville Retrial?

Runaway Jury in Bunkerville Retrial?

By Shari Dovale

The prosecution came to their expected final witness today in the Bunkerville Retrial in Las Vegas.

FBI Special Agent Willis continued the slow progression of presenting hundreds of repeated photographs in his attempt to define a timeline for the jury.

AUSA Myhre took him through extremely tedious testimony while the spectators and jury made every attempt to stay focused. Myhre does seem to have perfected the soporific art of direct examination.

Cross examination began late this afternoon with Rich Tanasi, attorney for Steven Stewart, walking the witness through to admission that the only time Stewart was seen holding his firearm above the concrete jersey barrier was after the BLM had left the area.

It was noticed by all parties today that the jury has made a fashion statement for the third time during this trial.

12 of 15 jurors came into the courtroom wearing red clothes. The defense asked the judge to question them, as there have been previous instances where they were unusually color coordinated. Once the majority were dressed in green, and another day they were dressed in blue.

The defense showed concern as the jury seemed to be dressed like a “team” and wanted them questioned as to whether they had already made up their mind on this case.

Judge Gloria Navarro had indeed noticed, as she was able to cite exactly the type of dress the dissenters were wearing. However, she opted not to question the jurors as she wasn’t sure how to ask them without embarrassment.

The one point that was noticed by the spectators, yet not mentioned by the court, was that the US Marshal sitting next to the jury box was wearing a dark red tie, perfectly coordinated with the jury.

Dennis Michael Lynch, the FOX News reporter that testified in the first trial, is recovering from a medical procedure that is keeping him from traveling. However, Judge Navarro has indicated that he will be allowed to SKYPE his testimony later this week.

The prosecution is expected to rest their case on Tuesday, August 8th, and the defense should begin theirs by Wednesday. The defense case is not expected to take as long as the prosecution’s case. The jury could reasonably receive this case in a week to 10 days.


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3 Comments on Runaway Jury in Bunkerville Retrial?

  1. Melissa : your fulminations are redolent of the “Government Trial Memorandum” published by Billy Williams, US Attorney in Portland. That’s what we forgot to bring at Bundy Ranch! our deer piss cologne! But surely you are tongue in cheek suggesting that we would threaten jurors ? I can state categorically that we would not. They are sacrosanct and inviolate, and besides, they are mere pawns in the sick game Navarro is playing. I certainly don’t envy them, sitting in that madhouse of a trial every day……..

  2. The judge actually allows open discussion and opinions and comments about the jury. Are not the jury in more dangerous position from repercussions if they decide guilty. So why are the jurors so poorly respected?? and why in open court are the jury gossiped about. This endangers their lives and their families lives from the big mean sniper Mcvey terrorists who scared the blm agents in full riot gear they could barely run away from the demons with the hunting rifles. With all the danger of repercussions in this case against sniper demons with hunting rifles and hunting gear minus the bright orange vest hunters wear. they demonized ranchers who graze cattle now they are demonizing men in deer hunting apparel who forgot their bright orange vest and deer piss cologne. If BLM is campaigning for tanks bullet proof vehicles, and rocket launchers to arm themselves against protestors and two hunting rifles Armed BLM “AGENTS” as law enforcement don’t know crap about poachers, what a park ranger really is, how to manage situations where protestors are protesting, how to properly id a person as a witness in a court proceeding, these guys are so off in their own little world of public land management they probably are having an affair with the sheep. and killed the cattle because they were a threat to their ewe. Seriously what little testimony I heard from the counter sniper agent – the smartest of the bunch they really are out there all by themselves with little contact with civilization. They hate big cities and 10 people protesting is cause for alarm so great they run and hide and escape back to their millions of acres of land where they are the boos with complete control over all of it. seriously folks these blm folks are in a class all by themselves when it comes to people skills and isolation madness. they don’t function like the rest of us. Carrying guns and being scared of hunting rifles and dressed up hunters they really did hinder a massacre of women children and horses that day only by the grace of god was it possible for the miracle to present itself.

  3. ‘Perfected the soporific art of direct examination” pungent turn of phrase ! These “Color statements” by jurors have occurred too many times to be a coincidence, but we might as well consult sheep’s entrails to divine the meaning.If that Marshal wears a red tie again today, perhaps joined by others,what will that mean? DML has certainly earned this moment in the spotlight, he was one crazy bastard to go out in front of us like he did, Can’t wait for his testimony. What are we courthouse gang to do when the jury goes out? We have to stay at the ready nearby,but it’s a HOT MF out there !

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