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Politics, Russia, and the Bundy Ranch by Terri Linnell

President Obama’s press secretary publicly stated it was a local issue, adding credibility to the standoff just being a protest.

Politics, Russia, and the Bundy Ranch

Politics, Russia, and the Bundy Ranch

by Terri Linnell

Clinton Watts, a former FBI agent, testified on March 30th, 2017 during the Russian Congressional Hearings last week regarding the potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. His testimony was riveting.

In late 2014 and throughout 2015, we watched active measures on nearly any disaffected U.S. audience,” Watts said. “Whether it be claims of the U.S. military declaring martial law during the Jade Helm exercise, chaos amongst Black Lives Matter protests, or a stand-off at the Bundy Ranch, Russia’s state-sponsored outlets of RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik News — characterized as “white outlets” — churned out manipulated truths, false news stories, and conspiracies.”

Bundy Ranch Standoff? Why was a spontaneous event mentioned in the Russian congressional hearings?

Now I, Terri Linnell, a wife and mother of 3, was at the Bundy Ranch Standoff on Saturday, April 12, 2014. A few days prior, on Wednesday, April 9th, I’d watched a video of an older woman (Ammon Bundy’s Aunt) being thrown to the ground while videoing a dump truck towing a back hoe away from a BLM roundup.

Curious, I then watched a video of the unarmed family screaming to the BLM agents, asking for a reason for the dump truck, fearing their cattle had been killed. Then I saw a man (Ammon Bundy) being tazed, with his wife pulling the tasers off. A dog was commanded to attack the wife, who was pregnant. Wow. I researched further.

The family’s cattle was being rounded up because they hadn’t paid their grazing fees for over 20 years. With my real estate background, I knew Cliven Bundy had created a permanent easement under Preemptive Land Rights or Adverse Possession. I packed my things and arrived at their Nevada ranch by 11am the next morning. I had no idea it was going to be a national event, big enough for the history books a mere two days later. What I can tell you all is there was no conspiracy. People saw the same videos I did and started showing up from all over the nation. This was simply a land rights issue, but the family was clearly in danger.

Over a year and a half later, on January 2nd, 2016, Ammon Bundy took over the headquarter buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon, to call attention to the Hammond family, another rancher who had legal problems with the BLM.

The Hammond father and son who had done their time and paid their fine were being put back in jail over a mandatory sentence requirement. I was a newly paid FBI informant and was asked to go to the Malheur Refuge in Oregon, aka the Oregon Standoff.

How this protest was conducted inspired people. All across the country people were starting to rise up to fix things, one of the more notable events was the Flint, MI Water Crisis which is still in the news today. During the protest, the media kept sounding the drums of white militia, avoiding filming the black people who’d joined the protest. I’d even gone into town and found the majority of the people supported the Hammonds and the Oregon Standoff. So why did the media refuse to tell the truth?

Mark Kessler

Let’s look back a couple years. In September of 2013 a Pennsylvania police chief, Mark Kessler, received national attention for calling for an armed march on DC on the same date another march peacefully was being done, which received no media. It later turned out, announced on national news, that Chief Kessler was actually working for the FBI for that protest.

Kessler had collected a list of Americans over 250,000 in the first week of his (or the FBI’s) website. It’s not a big step to realize the FBI can get the national media to do their bidding. Kessler mentioned Nancy Pelosi in a video, and her response gave it instant national attention. This was odd, since typically politicians don’t respond because they know by saying nothing, it’ll typically go away, gaining no ground.

23 days into the occupation of the Oregon Standoff, on January 26th, 2016 the FBI conducted a ‘routine traffic stop’ (as they publicly put it) and murdered LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy was one of the drivers of Ammon Bundy’s caravan as they went to a neighboring county’s speaking event. There was zero reason to pull the caravan over, nor had an arrest warrant been issued for any of them. Charges were pressed 8 days later while they still sat in jail, mourning their friend’s murder.

After the Oregon Standoff, later in 2016, I was told by the agent I worked with that the most elite FBI team, called HRT for Hostage Rescue Team, had orders signed by President Obama himself to deal with the protesters at the Oregon Standoff.

On January 4th, 2016, President Obama’s press secretary publicly stated it was a local issue, adding credibility to the standoff just being a protest. “The White House on Monday was careful not to label an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon as an act of terrorism, instead referring to the standoff as a “local law enforcement matter.” Please note, in the average video press people saw only this short part, whereas the written press discussed FBI involvement. This added credibility to the protesters, since the President felt it was just a local issue.

RussiaThe main problem with the FBI is that it wasn’t there to keep everyone safe. Had they done so as sworn law enforcement officers, they would have protected the protesters and helped protesters obey any obscure laws, as was their duty since the sheriff refused. Every protest has anti protesters and the volunteer security protected them, escorting them throughout the refuge, so no clashes occurred. This was in fact the duty of real police officers, who were nowhere to be found.

The fact President Obama himself signed the papers to place the FBI there is simply too incredible to believe. However, the Oregon governor, Governor Kate Brown, did in fact appeal to the President to hurry up and end the Standoff. She did not ask him to step in, she asked him to end it.

In two letters, which she made public Thursday, Brown told President Obama that she spoke with Jerry Abramson, his deputy assistant and director of international affairs, along with FBI director James Comey about the occupation. Brown wrote that in those conversations, she told Abramson and Comey the occupation must end peacefully and “without further delay from federal law enforcement.”

In October of 2016, right before I testified for the defense (the FBI didn’t know I was testifying), I was asked by the FBI how the ‘movement’ was VOTING. I answered they were voting on both sides of the isle… while notes were being taken.

Now one would naturally wonder why the FBI would care about how someone votes, let alone take notes, but they did. The obvious answer is this “law enforcement agency”, the FBI, has clearly entered into politics. They had done this to Martin Luther King’s civil rights marches during the McCarthyism era in the 70’s. (McCarthyism is where the FBI colluded with politicians with the mere accusation of being a communist to destroy political rivals.)

Is this an attempt at a cover up by FBI Director Comey so President Trump doesn’t look into the Bundy Ranch case? Although ‘McCarthyism’ does appear to be happening once again, this time they appear to be blaming Russia to cover up their own actions. The Russia hearings mentioning Bundy Ranch can have but one conclusion. The FBI has entered into politics.

Personally, considering President Obama signed the documents for this operation, Comey definitely knew. I would recommend President Trump tell Director Comey, “You’re fired!” and open a full criminal investigation. Comey deserves no less.

3 Comments on Politics, Russia, and the Bundy Ranch by Terri Linnell

  1. And PS…What if our founders had said “The Govt is treating us horribly..but there’s nothing we can do..can’t beat the Govt” ?..We HAVE beaten them – over and over ! The Bundy cows still graze….

  2. I was at Bundy Ranch, at Malhure.and was one of the accused – along with Ammon and Ryan – in the Portland trial. Terri doesn’t mention it, but she testified there – FOR THE DEFENSE ! Imagine it ! an FBI informant who testifies for the defense ! Needless to say her appearance was devastating to the Govt case, and she debunked their “Conspiracy” fable.. I feel compelled to address Bunny’s astonishment, as she seems new to this Lands saga….various out of control agencies have been on a war of conquest, ruthlessly chasing long established ranchers off their land. Their methods have been weaponized overregulation….threats and intimidation… chicanery, and if they think it necessary,armed goons. If this sounds like the Mafia to you Bunny, it’s about right. these federal outfits are little different than organized crime. The Bureau of land Management had used these methods successfully in Clark Co Nevada til there was only one ranching family left – the Bundys. Cliven – the Bundy Patriarch – had seen the handwriting on the wall and had said ” NO ! I’m not going to let BLM regulate me out of business…we will hold on to our ancestral way of life ! WHATEVER IT TAKES !”….I’ll pause for a moment here to ask Bunny…..Should those Rhode Islanders have burned the Gaspee in 1772 ? ….should those “Indians” have gone onto Griffin’s wharf and thrown all that tea overboard in 1773 ? Should Capt Parker and his men have allowed the Redcoats to pass in 1775 ? Should those real Indians have taken over Alcatraz in 1969/70 ? When the Govt is ruthlessly abusive, where do you draw the line ? In April of 2014, the BLM decended on the Bundys in a full on military invasion…hundreds of goons in full battle dress and ready for WAR ! machine guns….attack dogs….snipers…helicopters…surveillance cameras… a “No fly zone”…..All led by a BLM Special Agent who kept a trophy “Kill Book” listing his previous victims..Americans of true sight ( Jefferson’s phrase) saw, and came, and made history. There are times Bunny when we DO have to draw that line…times when the stakes are so high…our personal safety doesn’t matter…

  3. Wow! What a mess!! If they had a right to be grazing thier cows on the land or even if they didn’t have the right to. They should have taken the cows off insted of having a Mexican standoff!! Does anybody else not see the danger so many people were in because of this. Maybe the government was wrong. Probably so. Did he not care who got hurt if the law didn’t back down this time. And his son took over a government building!! Holy cow !!! How stupid ! If the government came to take my house that I own. Id be cussing them with my every breath AS I WAS LEAVING!!! I would never put my family in harms way because of a house and land. He didn’t even own the land!! What am I missing here ? Is there something Im not understanding? I know he was probably gonna loose his livelihood if the government took over the land. But noone can fight the government and win right or wrong you just cant fight them. He should have got his cows and went to court then figured out what he was gonna do. Just like everyone else in the world.

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