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Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

The same consciousness which prompted Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge is still alive.


Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

(The Mental Militia) Note from Elias Alias, owner/editor:  Before viewing the videos below, please go to this website and meditate on what you’ll see there, and then see if you are impressed to do whatever you can to help the Finicum family. I can certainly recommend very highly LaVoy Finicum’s novel. I’ve read it and I love it. Buy this book at One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom.


Many of you have already seen the top two of the four videos below, as they were published on September  25 2016 Here. Of the four below, the bottom two are brand new, so please share.

The four videos below are not only credible, they are valuable as excellent “forensic analyses” of LaVoy’s last moments on earth. I am proud to post these videos at The Mental Militia, for they pose serious questions which challenge what the government has said about the assassination/murder of LaVoy Finicum. Such questions lead to yet deeper insight into the nefarious underbelly of some government agencies, such as the FBI.

This murder shows that the same consciousness which prompted the mass murders at Waco, Texas is still alive in our current law-enforcement community and must be addressed before yet more innocent Americans are squashed under the mechanical rollers of a berserk government. These four videos also show something which has not been said often enough, that being that we as Americans are entitled to ask questions about the activities of our government. The individual who made these videos has shown us *how* to ask questions, and that is a valuable gift to the freedom movement in and of itself. Thank you for viewing this very important work.

I would also like to thank our friend for sending the two most-recent videos to The Mental Militia and inviting The Mental Militia to be the first to post them on the Internet. This individual wishes to remain un-named, so we will honor that and respect the need for privacy. But we are grateful for all the good work which viewers will appreciate as they watch, and I personally would ask anyone reading here to please help these videos get spread around.

This page has four videos which were created by the same individual. They came to me in this sequence —

“Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum” (1)

“The Foam Bullet Used To Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum”.  (2)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Planted Gun” (3)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Two Shots That The FBI Lied About” (4)

Regarding the third video, there are serious questions about whether a gun was “planted” on LaVoy’s body after the law-enforcement agents murdered him.  If I recall correctly, various witnesses (who were with LaVoy that day) have indicated that he did not bring his gun with him on the trip.  There are questions about the gun claimed by the government to have been in LaVoy’s jacket pocket, including the question of ownership of that particular gun. I will verify two items of interest and enter my findings here after verification. Please keep in mind when viewing video number 3 that serious questions are involved, which is why our friend made the video

In video number 4 we find an anomaly in which two bullets penetrated the truck LaVoy was driving while passengers were inside that truck, but only one entry hole is observable in videos or photos.  To my knowledge no members of the public have been allowed to examine that truck. (Any reader here who can shed light on that one issue is requested to do so in the comment section under this article. Thank you.)

Our video technician friend has raised several other points to ponder. In that regard it is important to note that the FBI agents on the scene of LaVoy’s murder lied about firing shots, then lied again in trying to cover up the truth about having fired the two shots. Two, or maybe three, FBI agents caused the FBI to launch an investigation into their actions and their lies.  By starting that investigation the FBI has noted that at least two of their agents lied about these two shots in question.

The Mental Militia is very fortunate to have a good working relationship with the individual who has produced all four videos on this page. We send our respectful thanks and a grateful Salute!

Spend some time browsing around the Finicum family’s website. Buy LaVoy’s novel. Make a donation. Spread the word. Share this link. Help this American cowboy family defend their ranch against a vicious government encroachment. Click this link and you’re there. Thank you!

One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom



1 Comment on Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

  1. I spent 21 years as a California bay area lawman, 7 of those years as a Chief of Police. I am greatly disturbed by the shooting of Finicum from a tactical and legal standpoint. I have watched the drone footage as well as the excellent forensic video posted above. Let me begin by saying that these type of incidents are very fluid and very subjective. As a natural reaction, I tend to lean towards law enforcement’s version of an event. However, in this troubling incident, I see not only what I consider an unjustifiable use of force, but also a series of serious tactical errors which at minimum, reflects gross incompetence and at worse, may actually rise to the level of premeditated homicide under color of authority. I will briefly identify my points of concern:

    1) Warning shots or “compliance” shots are never permitted. The firearm is not a noise maker. When a shot is discharged, lethal force has been used. Lethal force, under Tennessee v. Garner U.S 471 and others, March 27, 1985 defines the legal conditions of use of force, as decided by the Supreme Court. Clearly, the shot/s fired at the first traffic stop and the subsequent roadblock, in my professional opinion, fail to meet the standard of Tennessee v. Garner.

    2) The roadblock of old school, using a police vehicle or other “vanishing point” instrument of obstruction, has been abandoned by every professional law enforcement agency in the USA for decades. That highly dangerous technique has been replaced with spike strips and the pit maneuver. I would argue that the type of road block used in this incident would rise to a level of lethal force. Additionally, the fact that the roadblock was positioned on a blind curve, in my opinion, indicates wanton disregard for the safety of the the occupants of the alleged fleeing vehicle. It also brings to suspect the intent of the law officers who positioned the block.

    3) As the alleged fleeing vehicle approached the roadblock three rounds were fired by law enforcement at the vehicle. Three issues/questions come to mind with respect to these shots..a) Why did the officers fire? If they claim a fear of bodily injury from the alleged fleeing vehicle, why did they create this perceived danger by use of the roadblock and their poor positions of cover? Were they, are they, tactically ignorant and poorly trained? Or did they cook up a contrived use of lethal force scenario? b) Again, most professional law enforcement agencies in the USA forbid firing at a moving vehicle c) Why would any reasonably intelligent police officer expect to stop an allegedly fleeing vehicle from hitting a fully obstructed roadblock by shooting said vehicle? Even if by some miraculous shot the driver was hit (which is highly unlikely based on the average police shooting as well the angle of deflection on the trucks windshield) what would cause any reasonable officer to believe that the vehicle would come to an immediate stop or change trajectory? Were the officers at the scene really that ignorant?

    4) When the alleged fleeing vehicle came to stop in the snow and obviously was not going anywhere, why did the officers on scene break from positions of cover to advance on the vehicle occupants? Again, this was a serious tactical error. It also escalated the use of force. In fact, once again, the officers on scene created a lethal force opportunity either by malfeasance or specific intent.

    5) Shots were fired by the FBI and an attempt was made to cover it up. Why? Could it be because the agents who fired knew that it was an illegal use of lethal force?

    Lastly, why wasn’t there an independent investigation of this shooting by an unbiased, out of state, law enforcement agency? For that matter, why didn’t the US DOJ conduct such an investigation using independent, special counsel?

    In summary, until these and many other questions are honestly answered, as a retired lawman, I can not agree with nor support the use of lethal force in the shooting of Finicum. While I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories as a general rule, I must admit, the shooting of Finicum appears to have been a gross use of excessive force.

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