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Liberty Candidates Win Big in Idaho

Liberty candidates are being elected to represent the people and we hope the leadership in Boise is listening.


Liberty Candidates Win Big in Idaho

by Shari Dovale

Election 2016 brought several heated races throughout the campaign season with many Liberty candidates prevailing.

Some of the most watched races included Representative Heather Scott of District 1 and the negative campaign run against her by the Democrats and their candidate, Kate McAlister.

Claiming intimidation late in the campaign with allegations of Scott supporters harassing democrat volunteers, few details were given on those charges, but the entire episode was investigated by the Bonner County Sheriff’s office. Voters in North Idaho were not persuaded by these unsubstantiated allegations and Scott easily won her bid for reelection.

More from North Idaho showed two contested races for Sheriff, with both challengers attempting write-in campaigns after losing their respective Primaries in May. Both candidates lost and the victors were Dave Kramer of Boundary County and Daryl Wheeler of Bonner County.

Other races around the state showed upsets. Republican Dan Foreman with a decisive victory over Democrat Dan Schmidt for the Senate seat in District 5, Benewah and Latah counties.

Mike Kingsley had a resounding win over Democrat John Rusche for the House seat 6B, in Nez Perce and Lewis counties. This is sure to upset the leadership in Boise during the next session.

Despite the sexual scandals exposed about Rep. Christy Perry of Canyon county this year, she won her reelection bid easily, as did her tryst partner, Jim Gutherie of District 28, which comprises Bannock and Power counties.

Republican Christy Zito had an easy victory in the Twin Falls area for House seat 23A against Democrat Mary Ann Richards.

Not every race was a victory, but many of them were close enough to bring notice to the powers that be.

Ballot measures included the Constitutional amendment HJR 5 which passed by a comfortable margin. This measure gives an additional authority to the Idaho Legislature that it already possessed, the ability to, basically, veto rules.

With some of the changes made to the Idaho House and Senate, as well as the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton this election, bring a resounding message that the American people are very disgruntled at the direction the Country, and the State, has been taking.

Liberty candidates are being elected to represent the people and we hope the leadership in Boise is listening.

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